Getting to sleep in as a mom is a forever unfulfilled fantasy so when my husband offered this morning to get Juliet ready for school and do the drop off for me so I could (for once) sleep in and hopefully rid this cold, I thanked him as profusely as my fatigued body would allow and felt comforted in knowing I had already done most of the prep work by laying out Juliet’s school outfit the night before.  Fridays are easy for us.  All J has to do is get dressed and go ‘cuz (hooray!) the school feeds her breakfast.

I slept in like a baby only to greet her back at home at the end of her school day in complete horror.

Apparently, my baby lived everyone’s worst nightmare and spent the whole day WITHOUT PANTS ON!! In a New York minute, she went from an award-winning ‘best-dressed’ baby (thanks for the recognition, Gymboree!) to a ‘what was she thinking?’ fashion DON’T.  Totally embarrassed for her at the thought of her walking around all day without freakin’ pants on, I gave my well-meaning hubby a much – needed fashion lecture on the difference between tights and leggings.  “Tights are NOT pants… haven’t we had this discussion before?” I asked in disbelief as I recalled another day when he dressed her in tights and a top and then  pranced her all around Michigan Ave in Chicago. Below are the frightening pictures my husband happily texted me of J hanging out in the Disney store (notice again, no PANTS on, only TIGHTS).  This was the first regretful nap that I took which allowed my very sweet but clueless husband to dress J and take her out.

PicMonkey Collage

Realizing that I need to start a new hashtag, #tightsarenotpants similar to the viral #leggingsarenotpants, I stood still, shocked and confused as to how anyone could style such a horrid outfit.  Not only did she NOT have any skirt or pants on, she also clashed like chimes on a drum.  And wasn’t matching the most basic of styling goals?  What was he thinking?? I could understand if Juliet did not have much of a wardrobe to choose from but this is what he had to select from!

kids closet

He could have chosen a myriad of different options while veto-ing my knee-high sock selection (which he attributes to having sparked his on-the-spot, mini-makeover).

styling kids

This sparkly blue, pom pom sweater by H&M (that I found on sale for just $7) would have looked designer with the rainbow themed selections that I styled with it on the right.  On the left, it ended up looking like some thrift store find crumpled up haphazardly with random layers and colors.  Is he blind?!?  How did my baby end up looking like such a hot mess when I perfectly laid out an entirely coordinated outfit for her the night before?

Oddly enough, his reaction to my fashion inquisition was pride.  He was simply proud to have gotten her out the door on time and still to this day defends his selections.  “That outfit was fine,’ he stubbornly replies.  This defense and denial is what has left me no other choice but to blog about his ridiculous styling result.  Is this a #mommyfail or a #daddyfail??  Readers, please chime in!  For now, I’ve determined that I’m NEVER sleeping in AGAIN.





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I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to sample many of Kidville’s class offerings.  They offer the cutest assortment of enriching classes with some of the most engaging and sweet teachers around!  Wiggle Giggle which is what Juliet has tried out this fall semester for instance offers a really fun environment for Juliet to explore, get creative, sing, and dance.  It’s their mixed age version of the run wiggle paint and giggle which is a pre-nursery program engaging toddlers through stories, ball play, manipulative toys, block exploration, art and sensory play.


The beginning of the class begins with a welcome song and free play with a different rotation of toys every week.  Being such the expert at sorting boxes that Juliet is, I like to challenge her by asking her to follow a series of specific instructions.  “Can you find and put all the stars in first?”  “Can you count and find all the circles?”  “Now find all the blue shapes and put them in.”  Since she can count, identify all the shapes and listen to directions really well this is my way of keeping her stimulated.

kidville IMG_0457

Next came the nubby balls – who knew they could have so many uses!  The Kidville teachers encouraged rolling, bouncing, tapping on the head, balancing on them and sharing while discussing its texture, color and quantity.  In doing so, the teachers really end up teaching the other grown-ups how to take an ordinary object and get the most educational value out of it!    IMG_0460 IMG_0462

Next came puzzles, scarves and painting.  Juliet tried her hand at the puzzles and paints.IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0466  I always try to incorporate art into her every day and Kidville helps me do that!  IMG_0468

The blocks are a popular hit amongst all the kids.  And they’re one of those toys that grows with your child as he/she develops.  Juliet shows so much more dexterity when handling these than she did as an infant.  And oddly enough she just loves cleaning these up!IMG_0469 IMG_0470

The obstacle course is really where you get to see your child’s physicality develop.  I’m still so in awe when I see my baby jumping and running so well.  Wasn’t it just yesterday when she could barely balance her head on her shoulders? IMG_0472

For more pics and video of Juliet enjoying Kidville, check out my Instagram and follow me @fabgabblog as well as @fab_kids! 

Enter below for a chance to win free tickets for you and 1 child to a future Kidville FIDI special event.  They’re having a great one on November 20th!

kidville fidi

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!


Hello Kitty brings smiles to everyone.  And Juliet happens to have been gifted a lot of Hello Kitty dolls, coloring books, stickers and play sets.  So when HP asked me to participate in their HP Social Media Snapshots Sampling program I jumped at the excuse to throw a Hello Kitty themed play date for Juliet and some of our closest girlfriends!  To really make the most of their latest HP Envy printer and new sticky back photo paper, I organized a styled photo shoot with my photographer friend Suzanne from Gotham Love (also mom of one of Juliet’s besties,  Harper (pictured on the right below).  Together, we were able to get some great shots and print outs to memorialize this fun time.

hp social media snapshots




photo credit – Gotham Love

I found all the soft, fuzzy Hello Kitty sweaters at H&M and had each momma style their child’s own look.  Aren’t they all just adorable?


SAMSUNG CSC photo credit Gotham Love

hello kitty princess

It was like Hello Kitty and Sanrio took over my living room and dining area!  Wouldn’t walking into this room make any girl giddy?



SAMSUNG CSC I simply decorated with what we had:  tutus, banners and lanterns from the Target Oh Joy collection, Sanrio dolls and themed activities for the little girls.


hello kitty party




The glitter coloring book and polishes were a favorite for my daughter.

toddler activities

And the Japanese treats and Hello Kitty themed desserts were a hit amongst all the sweet tooths.

hello kitty treats

SAMSUNG CSC Juliet and I spent the afternoon baking these cupcakes together! SAMSUNG CSC Because I always like to try and add in an interactive game or ice breaker to my parties (see the princess themed truth game I created for my Princess in Training event here).  I created a short, Hello Kitty quiz and challenged the moms to compete for a Hello Kitty goody bag.

hello kitty game

Question 1)  Name as many Sanrio characters / Hello Kitty friends that you can

Question 2) List all the ways you can say ‘hello’ in as many languages as you can

Question 3)List as many kinds of cats as you can

One point was given for each answer and there was a mad (almost futile) rush to brainstorm answers with tired mommy’s brain.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the thought that this might have been the most challenging mental excercise they’ve had all week haha


play date nyc

Everyone also went home with a Hello Kitty treat bag a nerdy glasses necklace and print outs from the super fun Snapshots (found exclusively at Staples) “Small gift, big smile” after all is the Sanrio motto!

hello kitty treats

These 4×5 inch photo sheets are like the modern-day Polaroid print out.   Print directly from your smartphone or tablet using photos from your camera or different social media sites and they’re ready to stick anywhere – in your scrapbook, on the wall, within a greeting card, within a locker, on a dorm room wall…the possibilities are endless.   The best part is that HP Social Media Snapshots won’t damage your walls and they’re reapplicable!

 myprintly social media snapshotsI’m definitely planning to incorporate these fun print outs to my future @fab_kids events and my daughter’s birthday next year!  It’s such a fun and easy way to create your own DIY photo booth!

Now through November 30th, HP Social Media Snapshots are Buy One Get One Free when you use the following link and click “redeem now.”


To see all the pictures from my other past special events, themed play dates and styled photo shoots check out the newly created photo share site! And like fab kids on Facebook and Instagram!

Finally, to see how easy it is to wirelessly print photos on an HP Envy 5660 printer like mine, see below.

Disclosure: This is a paid post. I received a HP Envy printer, ink, and Snapshots paper in exchange for writing this post and hosting this play date.   All opinions are 100% my own.



fab kids halloween

Now that I’m a mom, Halloween is an extra special time to enjoy with my toddler.  She loves dress up, and so do I so our week is filled with fun festivities and non-stop costume changes.  See my 8 easy, no-sew, make-at-home, costume ideas in my previous post for some shots of what she has worn through the years.  Or here for our matching flapper costumes for the Gymboree 1920’s Gatsby themed party.

Last year’s Fab Kids Halloween party was so much fun, I just had to host it again and luckily, Gymboree Tribeca was on board to be our venue sponsor.  And they gave away terrific raffles for the event!  By tagging #gymBOOree on social media posts and by following @gymboreenewyork and @fab_kids, guests would be entered to win free tickets for Gymboree’s next event.  Plus those submitting emails would automatically be entered to win a free month of classes and open play valued at $260!




The kids had a BLAST climbing, sliding and soaring through the air.

gymboree new york

It really brought out the superhero in everyone! soaring

These pictures make me laugh out loud remembering all the giggles and funny party moments!

ny kids

gymboree new york party


Since everything is padded, and kid-safe, the parents can sit back and enjoy the show!

mom costumes

fab kids nyc

Though it’s so hard to resist playing right alongside the costumed kids.

parents parents2

Sometimes you just have to jump right in!



We don’t blame you!

If the kids needed a break from all the action, they could getaway into one of Gymboree’s side rooms and make some creepy crafts.  Here are the BOO-tiful ghosts that were stickered, an easy task for toddler hands to create on their own.  (Hey, ghosts need to accessorize too!)



Or you could pamper yourself with some free face-painting and a mommy and me mani thanks to Fun Faces by Brenda!



fun faces by brenda

Next door to all this action was our video room where guests got to do their thang in front of the camera (dance, act silly, and act out their costumed character) in front of event sponsor, Jessa Flynn Productions. 

IMG_2982 fab kids halloween party

Jessa masterfully, records, edits and then magically produces a perfect 15 second snapshot to upload to your Instagram!  How perfect for an @fab_kids party and all our Instagram followers, right?  Go check out her site.  She has the most moving music video captures of newborns, families and special occasions!  We were so lucky to have her.

And if all this worked up an appetite, a dessert bar and food station awaited you!  What’s a Halloween party without some tricks and treats?

a Designing dessert bars is one of my favorite creative outlets.  I love picking a theme and the process of taking stock of what I already own, figuring out what I need to purchase on a tight budget, and then creating something out of nothing.  Call me crazy but it’s one of the most fun challenges ever.   I went with a black white and orange theme because Gymboree had orange walls already, and because I already owned a lot of black and white (see my black and white themed blogger bash and last year’s Haute Halloween party).

I found these free black and white Boo printables here.

And I re-used my $1 banners found at Target before my black and white blogger bash.


Not sure you can see in the photo above but the pail of wine says, “in case you came for the BOOs.”

I think it’s important to offer some healthier snack options for kids at parties so I made sure to add in baked goldfish crackers (front, right), caramel flavored rice crackers (front left), and mandarin orange snack packs in real fruit juice.  See my earlier post for more healthy Halloween party snack ideas.

healthy halloween party snacks

The Jack O Lantern faces were drawn on with a black sharpie pre-event and other orange colored snacks were added in.  I’m a stickler for sticking to theme colors!!  Check out my other dessert bars here.


The pumpkins are topped off with Halloween hats from H&M and the pumpkins are leftovers from last year’s Haute Halloween.


The second station featured baby oranges made to look like pumpkins (just me getting crafty with a Sharpie again!)


The banana ghosts with chocolate chip faces were a Pinterest fail for me.  They would NOT stand up!c

These ghosts on a stick however, were a win for me and a last minute idea.  I was trying to figure out how to re-use these striped Target $1 vases that I used for my black and white blogger bash and there really are few treats long enough to be visible while sitting in something so long.  But I had the straws and this ended up being a popular treat amongst all the kids!  I just added the Boo printable with tape to coordinate with the theme.halloween party food

These custom rice krispy treats and Boo cookies were made by Angela’s Sugar Fix.  She took my idea and ran with it!  If you’re a baker yourself and are up for a challenge, the Instagram printable for this dessert was found here.  Angela is just the sweetest, the easiest to work with, and full of creative ideas and beautiful presentation options.  I’d highly recommend her for your next NY party!

SAMSUNG CSC The Halloween decor consisted of items I already had in my house.  The pillars, I’ve used over and over at all my parties (and each time I top with coordinating papers) and the skull lanterns were a freebie from another mom.  I just placed them on top of a goblet and upside down bowl that I already owned.  The paper products were found on sale at TJMaxx.  I’m a Maxxinista after all! SAMSUNG CSC The banners are items I’ve used at past parties.  The white one which I made from scratch can be found at our toddler white party.  SAMSUNG CSC And that polka dot linen is actually my daughter’s crib blanket!


Near this area, Julia Tzu, world-renowned dermatologist from Wall Street Dermatology was on-site to answer everyone’s beauty questions and to give away a raffled free consult and distribute to everyone, a goody bag.

julia tzu

Between all the event sponsors and Fab Kids, we filled out the goody bag pretty well!  Here’s what was inside for those of you who missed the party (shame on you!)

goody bag

If you’d like to join us next time, message me with your email and like Fab Kids on FB! 

And if these pictures aren’t enough for you or if you’re curious about our Fab kids events and themed play dates, check out our new Fab Kids photo share site!

Thanks to everyone who came out and BOO-gied down with us!  Seeing old friends and making new ones is the best way to celebrate any occasion in our book!

kids halloween party DSC_3985 DSC_4012


veronica and j




make at home costumes

Halloween for us is a fun-filled whirlwind of non-stop costume changes and back-to-back festivities.  It’s a blast cuz we love dressing up and getting creative.  Here are some make-at-home kids Halloween costumes that I’ve created from things already in J’s closet costing me $0.  These are all easy DIY costumes that you could try at home too.

1). China doll

china doll

Accessorize a qipao with a Chinese takeout box and/or matching Chinese fan and layer a matching dress or tutu underneath for extra warmth and flair and voila, you’ve got a costume!  I just happened to have these crazy baby wiglets (which are all the rage in Asia) to help complete the costume-y look.

easy toddler costumes

2).  80s Aerobics Instructor

My tiny dancer already has a collection of leotards, tights and leggings so all I had to do was cut up a sweatshirt, make a sweatband (with two old white socks tied together) and have her carry a blow-up boombox (a take-home gift from a friend’s birthday party).  Let’s get physical!!

3).  Bride

This year we also re-used J’s baptism dress (can’t believe it still fits, only shorter)!  I bobby pinned extra tulle that I already had to her hair, topped her off with a tiara, and gave her flowers to carry with something blue and tada, she’s a baby bride!

easy kids costumes

4).  Doll

Her recital costume topped off with a sparkly bow and matching shoes made for a cute doll costume. But you could take any frilly doll-like dress (try vintage styles) and convert it into a dolly outfit.

easy kids costumes

If I had more time I would have loved to have made her a wind-up attachment like this.  But alas, mommy was too worn out from planning and executing the BOO-tiful Halloween Bash from the night before to DIY this.


You could also have used makeup to draw in long dolly lashes and rosy cheeks but again, this mom ran out of energy. baby doll

5). Rainbow

rainbow costume

I couldn’t keep a straight face when I dropped of J at school like this. She was the fluffiest, frilliest ball of awesomeness.  We basically piled on all her tutus and accessorized with matching tights, socks, bow and flag.  Tutu Cute!

6).  Coco Chanel

If you’re a die-hard Chanel fan like we are, perhaps dressing like Coco Chanel is for you.  Think quilting, Chanel-like chains, pearls, white and black and classic silhouettes.  We happen to have a Coco doll which we replicated with a quilted white dress.

coco chanel

7).  Anna Wintour

For the Haute Halloween party that I hosted for fab kids in NYC, J and I both dressed as Anna Wintour.  This was a fairly easy make-at-home costume as well.  anna wintour costume

For more on how to dress like Karl Lagerfeld, Andre Leon Talley and other fashion icons, see my earlier post about Haute Halloween costumes!

8).  Nerd

nerd costume IMG_0796

Think bowties, suspenders, pocket protectors, and black-rimmed glasses plus add some back-t0-school accessories and you’ve got an easy DIY costume.  Check out all the nerdy fashions from my back-to-school play dates in NYC here!

And stay tuned to see all the details from this year’s Halloween bash!









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You wouldn’t think it but without having ever tried them, even babies instinctively know that those colorful treats handed out at Halloween are delicious and drool-worthy.  And short of refusing to trick or treat, or giving into kids’ determined demands to eat all the candy in sight, there’s not much a parent can do except to limit the candy intake, ration the good stuff (for another day or for the parents to gobble down when the kids are not looking) and distract with other healthier options.

As a party planner who loves throwing Halloween parties for my toddler and her friends, (see last year’s Haute Halloween here), I’m always looking for ways to incorporate some healthy options into the mix!  Here are 6 healthier Halloween treats with festive looks that will keep kids coming back for more:

1).  Jack O Lantern oranges

Create mini Jack O Lanterns with a Sharpie and some tangerines

halloween for toddlers

This shot is actually my own from when I was designing a food station setup for this Monday’s upcoming BOO-tiful Halloween Bash.  These treats are fun, portable, and double as adorable displays.  I got so addicted to making these crazy pumpkin faces that I couldn’t stop and kept looking for more orange items to draw on. I’m like this when I get a hold of a glue gun too!

healthy halloween treats

2. Mandarin orange snack packs

If you find yourself on a roll like I did, continue on with the Sharpie and make funny faces with snackable oranges (preferably packed in 100% fruit juice).  My toddler loves this stuff! And they’re great to take on-the-go as well!

toddler halloween snacks

I love the idea of fruits as Halloween treat replacements because they’re still sweet and surprisingly can be decorated to fit your Halloween decor!

3).  Banana ghosts

Bananas can be halved and then given a face with some chocolate chips (in 2 sizes)!  I plan to add this to my Halloween party table too.

banana ghost

You can also create a pure white version of this banana ghost by freezing the sliced banana, rolling it in melted white chocolate and coconut shavings and then add raisins.


4).  Apple mouths

Apples can be turned into bloody mouths with some almond slivers, and jam (or use nut butter!).  Just make sure to douse your apples in lemon juice first to make sure they don’t turn color too quickly.

healthy halloween snacks

5).  Pumpkin snack tray

Create a snack tray in the formation of a pumpkin!  Here are some fun ideas.

halloween snacks

6).   Pudding Monsters

The Chirping Moms gave me this ghostly idea.  Turn a pudding cup upside down and add eyes for a fun and festive treat!



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healthy Halloween snacksAnd if you live in New York, please join us this Monday for a BOO-tiful Halloween Bash at Gymboree Tribeca!  (Tickets are sold here.)  We have some exciting beauty related sponsors (free face-painting and mini manis anyone?) creepy crafts, Instagrammable videography, bootiful treats in the ghostly goody bags and of course tons of costumed minifashionistas!  Follow Fab Kids on FB for all the updates, details and news.





Leather, leather, I love leather!  It instantly ups the cool factor on any outfit.  You could be wearing the most nerdy, frou frou or preppy fashions but when you add a leather item, tada! edgy!  The same effect holds true for kids fashions.   See what I mean with my daughter’s outfits below!

leather kids jacket


masala baby kids fashion

masala baby

When J and I attended Petite Parade Kids Fashion Week last weekend, we had no idea that her black leather jacket would be so fitting for the Laer runway show.  kids leather jacketLittle J was excited to see all the models strutting in similarly styled leather jackets.  Check out all the adorable looks!

laer kids fashion

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: A model, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: A model, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: A model, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: A model, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: A model, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: A model, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

There were some really unique, fashion-forward colors for the boys too!

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: A model, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: A model, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

laer petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015

Any of the above styles could really be unisex.  I know J could rock any of those easily!

The runway show finale reminded us that these mini-me leather jackets are a fun, fashionable way to do some twinning (the brand also makes adult sized leather jackets)!

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: Models, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: Models, wearing designs from laer*, at petitePARADE / Kids Fashion Week, NYC October 2015 at Spring Studios on October 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Petite Parade)

I’m definitely planning on copying this street style!  Stay tuned for more coverage of the cutest fashion shows in the world – Petite Parade Kids Fashion Week!

baby tutu


I’ve created monthly Fab Kids meetups and themed playdates and have recently made them open to the public and fans of my Instagram page, @fab_kids.  (Check this page out for more nerdy fashions!)

nerd party

Our 2nd nerdy playdate in the park was held this year at Elevated Acre, a little-known rooftop park with a great view of the East River, South Street Seaport and Brooklyn.

Photo1-10Sort of a secret plaza, it was the perfect place for the kids to run wild and have a private park all to themselves.

elevated acre IMG_8345 IMG_8346

Here are the kids in their nerdy gear.  Don’t you just love the suspenders, bowties and glasses?

nerd party  back to schoolThe kids enjoyed being able to run free and enjoy a little picnic playdate.  And I supplied the kids with some back-to-school stickers, crayons and papers (along with toy school buses) to keep them occupied.

nerd party

Of course my daughter ended up accessorizing herself with the stickers (as shown below).  Check out all the nerdy details!  (see school bus on J’s hair clips, glasses and crayons on her friend’s outfit and our nerdy photo props)9.28-001 Some of us moms got in on the nerdy fun too!IMG_8337back to school party back to school playdate

The book swap was simple.  Everyone brought in at least one book to swap and trade in for another.  First come first serve so the first person to arrive received a number 1 and was the first to be able to choose a book.  It’s a great way to re-use, and recycle during this back-to-school season.  Kids outgrow and get bored of items so fast.  So when they’re able to trade in and pick out a new book to read, it’s fun for everyone!IMG_8356

Everyone received a nerdy necklace (shown above) for attending and in the end, new friends and some adorable memories were made.

geek chic IMG_8309

nerd costume

My little J thanks everyone who came out to play!

nerd costume  IMG_8386

If you’re in the NY area, we’d love to see you next year!  Like our Facebook page for all our event invites and news and follow us @fab_kids on Instagram for daily fashion inspiration from super stylistas around the world!


Here’s the post with last year’s picnic playdate nerdy pics!



blogger bash

I firmly believe in women supporting other women and had this vision of gathering mommy bloggers who cover fashion in NYC together for an inspiring networking session.  The vision came to life last week when these beautiful women came dressed in black and white to match the event’s theme.


Upon arrival, guests delved deep into meaningful conversations with the icebreaking opening question, ‘what is your blog’s greatest highlight and challenge these days.”  We mixed and mingled and got to one another’s businesses.  I find that asking the right questions sparks the most interesting conversations.


nyc mom bloggers

All the food and decor was black and white which was easy for me because this is a favored theme of mine and I happen to own a ton of it already.  So I simply used old damask curtains as linens, lined my party platters with damask papers, bought black and white beverages and placed all the salads and light bites into black/white containers that I already owned.

nyc bloggers

IMG_9957 IMG_9984

Here’s a closer look at the f&b table.  The custom cake pops and #fab_mom cookies are by Angela from Sweet Fix, a NY based, fellow mompreneur. You’ll see that the sushi, black and white desserts and drinks continued the black and white theme.

Plus we had VROU, our water sponsor offering tastings of all their enriched water flavors.


vrou waterI couldn’t have set this all up without the help of my friend and special speaker of the night, Hope McGrath who came in a couple hours early to help setup and greet guests.

event production

The two of us have started working side by side, once a week on similar business strategies and in doing so have worked out an in-trade partnership where we trade hours working and helping one another on each other’s special events.  It is this sort of creative collaboration that I’m hoping would inspire others to do the same at this event and beyond.


hope mcgrath

Hope, who is now a transformational life coach, (doesn’t her name sound like she was born to do this??)  led a helpful exercise which required everyone to reconsider and practice their elevator pitch.

nyc event

The goody bags had further information on how to follow-up and further refine that pitch.


Throughout the event, new connections and friends were made, requests on how we could support each other were verbalized, and we all left feeling a little more rejuvenated and motivated.

nyc mom bloggers IMG_0078 IMG_0107

And thanks to Tricia from Roden + Fields we received some pampering and oohed and ahhed at all the amazing before/after photos of people who have used her products.

tricia demas anderson IMG_9976

At the end of the event, Hope randomly pulled 5 winning names for the raffles.  A special thanks goes out to the following raffle sponsors:  Cosabella, Roden + Fields, Soul Cycle, and Kidville Fidi.


NY stock exchange

Special thanks to goody bag sponsors:

And thanks to all my #fab_mom friends!  Remember to tag #fab_mom on your mommy and me pics on Instagram, follow @fab_kids and @fabgabblog and enter for your chance at a feature!

Congrats to Delilah who won the deluxe NYFW goody bag for being our very first guest to arrive!

goody bag

And special thanks goes out to the event photographer for the night, Regi Brown!

Go check him out for his photography and videography services!

starck park


fab mom


I’ve written about how to spot a fab mom on the playground here.  I’ve featured fab moms every Monday on my @fab_kids Instagram page. And I’ve expressed what being a fab mom means to me.  But to my husband and any other person off the street, the term ‘fab mom’ is simply synonomous with being an over-the-top fashion mom. In everyone else’s eyes it’s like we’re a whole different species, obsessed with fashion, turning back-to-school shopping into a science.

Well it’s time fab moms around the world unite.  Here are 6 reasons why:

  1.  It’s a way to normalize yourself.  Fab moms, if you wanna feel normal, (and we all know you’re not), you need to find others like you!  Remember that feeling in high school where all you wanted to do was be able to fit in and sometimes all it took was finding the right ‘clique?’  Guess what, motherhood is high school all over again.  Being a new mom shoves you into a whole new world where making new friends is a basic requirement to survive.  Finding others like you is the key to comfortably fitting in.  I remember this one time a mommy friend and I trekked all the way uptown with kids in tow for a very 2015- Insta meet…you know where you meet in person the fashionistas you’ve been stalking, err I mean talking to on Instagram.  Yea we’re modern moms like that.  And we were willing to travel to the other side of Manhattan to hunt for these other fab moms.  Except when we arrived at the selected playground, all we saw were Birkenstocks, mommy jeans and athletic sneakers.  We were momentarily horrified that we wasted the trekk and slightly defeated thinking we’d never really find our tribe.  Luckily we eventually all found each other by strategically spotting the other highly decorated toddlers (and their designer strollers).Odd Mom Out
  2.  You don’t want to be the only Mamarazzi around.  What’s a mamarazzi? We’re the outlandish mom who acts like her child’s personal paparazzi! With camera phone in one hand and a SLR draped around the neck, we stalk our mini muse’s every move making sure to capture each sashay and over-the-shoulder look.mamarazzi instagramIt’s nice to be around other Mamarazzis because fab moms see one another and give each other appreciative looks instead of the judgemental ones that we’re used to getting during our never-ending photo shoots.  Mamarazzis admire one another for the perseverance exhibited when trying to capture the perfect photo!  And they are the perfect bystander to ask a photo favor from.  “Do you mind taking a shot of us in our matching outfits?  The selfie can only capture so much…and we need a head-to-toe, full-outfit shot please.”  Who else would be able to respond with such a supportive, ‘YES, sure!’ and say it without a pinch of criticism or ridicule?mommy and me outfits
  3.  We don’t shy away from Instafame and never say no to an impromptu photo shoot so it’s a minor relief when we find other moms who share the same ideology.  It’s incomprehensible how one would have a Pinterest-worthy play date and NOT record it on social media (right?!?).  Other fab moms get that and even encourage those Instagram posts of the kids.  We’re not trying to raise miniature Kim Kardashians but we don’t mind living out and sharing our lives on social media.  It’s all in good fun and a fellow fab mom is always more than willing to help out, assist and style your photo shoot with you – who wouldn’t love that?!

fashionable kids

The above screenshot is of my @fab_kids Instagram account that features the most stylish minifashionistas from around the world.  If you aren’t already folowing, why NOT??

Here’s little J getting some Insta love at the recent Chanel pop-up store during New York Fashion Week.  Notice how she’s so used to the cameras that all this attention didn’t even phase her.

4.  Your kids need to socialize with other fashion kids.   You don’t want your child wondering to themselves, why they’re the only freaks dressed to the nines .  Insert another over-accessorized child or two and suddenly your child doesn’t seem so out of place!

fashionable kids IMG_0050

5 Your husband isn’t likely to understand your overwhelming need to find the perfect holiday themed outfit and neither are the rest of the PTA members.  But your fab mom friend will and she will not only share your enthusiasm for the search but be able to rattle off the top 5 places to get the best deal and most unique fashions!  She may even offer to help organize that closet, let you borrow her fab finds and suggest you shop together! Finally, someone who shares your unbridled passion for fashion!


6 Zagat won’t be able to help you but we will!  As a new mom, finding the perfect kid-friendly places to see and be seen is like trying to find a Vogue Italia at Yale University.  No one around you cares or has a clue as to what you’re talking about.  Your typical event sites and local directories won’t point you into a  glam girl section.  No, you need your fellow fab mom as a resource! “Have you heard about the adorable Eloise shop at the Plaza?”  “There’s no occasion but wanna join me for a brunch at American Girl?”  “I hear Laduree has a beautiful garden in SoHo – tea anyone?”  “Can you get me into NYFW?  How about Kids Fashion Week?”  These are all commonly heard sayings amongst fab moms who are desperately looking for reasons to break out their new wardrobe and break in some new shoes (kids’ and moms’ both!).  Kids need reasons to dress-up too!


That’s why I’ve created themed play dates and dress-up parties in Manhattan through my facebook page Fab kidsWhite party for toddlers anyone??  I’m on a personal mission to connect these lost and poorly understood souls -fab moms unite and if you’re in Manhattan, let’s meet up!  I’ve got a fashionable crew of fab moms who want to meet you.

If you know of any fab moms, please share this post with them and encourage them to join our (self-deprecating) tribe on FB!


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