February 2010

I viewed a bunch of emerging designers this past fashion week, one that still stands out in my mind is Mimkho, a NY-based designer who reportedly looked to her Russian roots for inspiration.  I had to wonder if she didn’t just steal from The Sound of Music instead.  Wearing old world fabrics reminiscent of what you might find hanging over granny’s windows, Mimkho’s models marched militantly down the runway.

photos by Susan S. Choi

Given that the”1917 revolution, WWII, and the Communist Era” were themes that she explored, the model’s stomps and serious expressions were right in line.


Ok so the new Spring 2010 Chanel purse collection is out and it is to die for.  Plus it’s right in line with two important trends:  chain link purses and khaki / soft pastel colors.

She looks like a widowed bride who is seeking solace in her Chanel purse collection lol

More favorites from this season’s collection…

Who else here loves Chanel??


Chictopia.com looknook.nu WhatIWoreToday.com Weardrobe.com
A surprising number of social networking sites are now dedicated to street fashion and personal style.  They allow those obsessed with fashion to post an outfit, review another’s and generally be inspired by street fashion all over the world.  The only way my guy friend was able to relate to my particular obsession, Chictopia.com was to come up with the closest equivalent of a dudetopia.com that he could.  He likens the sites to the car-crazed sites where guys swoon over each other’s customized cars.  Guys inspire each other with rims, suspension and paint jobs while girls inspire one another with shoes, accessories and color matches…er at least that’s how he was able to understand things.

Ok this he gets.  Major relief.  If only I could get him to participate with my postings by serving as my fashion photographer.  The couple times, I’ve swallowed my pride and risked forever being seen as some vain poser, he begrudgingly obliged only after making a couple snide remarks, ultimately making me regret the proposition.  I’ve since bought a tripod.  Goodbye to trying to transform a boyfriend into a personal photographer and hello stealthy solitary photo shoots!

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Gone are the good ole’ days when fashion week meant a cabinet re-filled with fashionable freebies.  Below is a sentimental sample of what one week of fashion shows USED to yield.

Yes, that’s DKNY branded champagne, and no free magazines weren’t included in this pictorial summary.

My favorite freebies were always the certificates for spa, restaurant and gym experiences.


Fashionistas from Japan Fashion Week in NYC (Soho Feb 18, 2010)


Fashionistas flock to NY fashion week and use the Bryant Park tent walkways as their own personal runway.  Here is just a glimpse of the glamour inside.

Annamaria Chen

Rachel Fabra

Rachel Wang

Crystal Renn

Leckie Roberts

Annie Lee


Every week, I’m featuring a style star whose style I’m personally intrigued with and /or inspired by.  This week, it’s a bow-fanatic named Breanne, aka “Flattery”.  www.leflattery.blogspot.com

She’s too cute isn’t she?  (and stylish beyond her years).  Somebody pluck her out of the Canadian grocery store where she currently works and give her a styling position!  Here are her answers to my questionnaire.

Age: 18

Location:   Canada

Profession:   Student/I work part time at a grocery store

Fashion Ambition: To have a carefully selected wardrobe that never gets old.

How would you describe your style?

Romantic, everyday, casual and feminine.

What are your fashion goals when dressing yourself?

Usually it is just simplicity with maybe one thing that stands out or makes the outfit different; like a bold colour or accessory.

What’s the image you feel you portray?

I feel like I don’t always portray one image. Sometimes I’m really girly and dolled up, other times I’m maybe a little darker and less feminine.

What’s your reason for recording and posting your outfits (on Chictopia.com) in such a dedicated manner?

I really like the whole community of online blogging, and it’s no secret that blogging has a lot to offer to the fashion and art world. I like being a small part of it all.

If you don’t take the photos yourself who takes your outfit pictures and how do you convince  him/her?

Sometimes I take them myself, but when I don’t, it’s either my mom or sister. The hardest thing to convince them to do is come outside in -30 weather just to take a couple of pictures, but I just ask nicely and they are semi-happy to oblige.

What spring trend are you most looking forward to?

Mostly colour trends. I really want more crème articles of clothing to mixmatch with different pastels. I’m also looking forward and hoping for some more original or unique flats to wear this spring.

What’s your personal definition of being fabulous?

Haha, not sure if I ever use that word but…perhaps it’s just being able to pull off just about anything, maintaining class and being unique.

What do you wear that instantly makes you feel fabulous?

I love my black full highwaisted skirt from www.Modcloth.com. It honestly makes anything look good.


Fur fabulousness inside the Bryant Park tents 2.17.10


photo by Susan S. Choi

The grey hoodie dress  hid the hair but it sure wasn’t hiding her badunkadunk.  Though she stood at the opposite end of the room, I instantly recognized that famous bubble butt and knew the Kardashian knockout had arrived (late 35min. to her own Bebe show at that but she had ARRIVED!

photo by Susan S. Choi

“I’m wearing an outfit from our line. I think we just wanted stuff that was sexy and edgy and represented me Kourt and Khloé.” – Kim

Other celebrity sightings included fellow reality stars from “Housewives of NY”,  “The Jersey Shore”, Jay Manuel and the petite ninja warriors from America’s Next Top Model.

“I think the show went really well.  Everyone was so anticipating this line and you know it’s been a long morning of excitement.  It’s always a big rush backstage and I’m just so glad that I was able to sit in the front row and enjoy the show and just see how the pieces fit on the models and you know, when they’re walking, the flow of it and you know it was such a great feeling to sit in the front row and know that these are  my pieces that I’ve designed and um  it’s really really a  great feeling.” – Kim after the show

Here’s a video of Kim getting interviewed (it seems she’s not the best at using proper sentences). If you see the Asian girl wearing pink in front row, that’s me.


From the lack  of  attendance, it seemed the press wasn’t brave enough to scurry through the NY blizzard for Kim Kardashian’s Bebe fashion show.  Scary weather means lots of empty front row seats for me to “have” to fill!  Today, I sat opposite Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model and felt compelled to shoot him and his lovely Prada murse.

Here’s a video that features Jay getting interviewed (AND me and Susie sitting front row off to the right of the model’s entrance area!)

Here are some of the nicer  looks from the show.  Very Kim (i.e. short, tight-fitting, sexy and party – ready).  Perfect partnership.  Sitting across from Jay allowed me to capture both the fashions from a front-row view and Jay’s reactions to each and every look.

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