March 2010

The Miu Miu store in Soho (NYC) was all about the razzle dazzle.  Check out all the glittery and sparkling creations!  They’d make Dorothy from Wizard of Oz scream with joy.

I found myself conflicted.  The girly girl in me loved them and secretly wanted a pair.  But surely, these glittery creations would leave a trail of unwanted sparkles behind me.   I have GPS, no need for the sparkly trail.  Plus I did not want to look like an art project gone bad if I ever needed to click my heels in search of home.  So I did a little fashion research on Polyore to see if others saw these girly glittery shoes as must-haves.  Sorry Miuccia, but I felt both attracted to them at the same time ashamed to wear them.  I mean who would take me seriously wearing such silly things?  I am over the age of 10 after all…

Nonetheless, it was interesting to find the sparkly sets and see how different people used the Miu Miu shoes in their styling.  Which do you like best?  And would YOU wear these?


Lately, I’ve been inspired by vintage looks.  I love the femininity of the 50’s and the uniqueness of scoring that special something that you know not everyone will have or easily recognize.  The key is to mix vintage pieces with modern trends and classic staples from your closet.  You don’t want to look like you just appeared out of a time machine.

My mom’s closet is the best to raid.  Here are some looks that I’ve created simply by stealing a few key pieces. Below, I took her Maggy London dress, re-hemmed it, added a vintage stretch belt and wore it with BCBG suede stilettos that I bought on sale for $45, tights that I found at the dollar store, beaded necklace from my collection and my treasured Chanel purse. Here I’m wearing mom’s vintage bow blouse with her vintage skirt (re-hemmed), Bruno Magli black boots, a H&M cardigan and Forever 21 clutch.

My mom’s tinier than me but somehow I managed to fit into her vintage bow belt shown below.  headband and shoes from Forever 21, skirt from Tahari

Below are some additional vintage-inspired looks worn by fellow fashion bloggers.  Maybe they’ll inspire you too!

photo from

photo from

photo from

photo from joey brooke


photos from Numero magazine

I just adore these glamour shots found in Numero Magazine (issue #112).  They’re reminiscent of one of my style icons, Audrey Hepburn. These images just make you want to pull out your little black dress (LBD) and go out in style, don’t they?


I love making wardrobe pieces do double-duty.  One dress can for example be worn with a cardigan, tights and boots for winter, alone with strappy sandals for summer, and tucked under a skirt shown as a blouse.  I’m really into to the tuck conversion right now.  Here are a couple examples.

This calico printed ruffle dress (found at TJMaxx for only $19.99) is worn as 2 very different outfits below. First, the dress is tucked under a ruffled skirt and next it is worn outside the skirt with the skirt ruffles peeking out from underneath. Of course this only works with thin fabrics in order not to appear too bulky.

I love getting new ideas from others so how do you suggest I wear the skirt and/or dress next? How would you style these pieces?

Below, see how Joey Brooke and I took the same heart-printed dress from Forever 21 (about $20) and wore them completely differently.

photo by Joey Brooke

photo by Joey Brooke

Which version(s) is/are your favorite(s)?

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Check this site to see how one girl forced herself to wear the same black dress every day of the year.


Girls, grab your favorite friends and enjoy a fantasy (Barbie) world of fashion and fun!  And no, it’s not in Malibu;  Barbie’s house is in Las Vegas.  The Palms Casino partnered with the ever-fabulous Jonathan Adler, one of my favorite designers to create a real-life Barbie hangout. And it’s only available until June this year when Barbie turns 51.  So if you’re singin’ “I’m a Barbie, let’s go party ah ah yeaaahh” click here but I warn you, the prices may burst your pretty pink bubble .

This sure beats the make-believe Barbie house I created when I was a child.  (I didn’t have the coveted Barbie mansion so I created makeshift rooms that included a shoebox with my mom’s maxipad for Barbie’s bed).

Recently, I added to this pitiful childhood Barbie collection (which included this sorry bed and 1 Barbie doll) at NY’s ’09 fashion week where Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday. .
I was psyched as any little girl to have her very own, limited edition, NY fashion week Barbie
and I was tempted as everyone else was to rip off and take home one of the Barbies displayed behind me (inside the famed Bryant Park tents).

But alas, I managed to show a little restraint and happily watched the fashion show instead.  Click here to see photos of the runway models turned real-life Barbies!   Full video of the show in case you missed it is below.  As the song goes, “You can brush their hair, undress them anywhere…”


Purplista by fabgab

I stumbled upon this JCPenney contest today and had a grand ‘ole time taking upon their style challenge.  Task:  create a purple-themed spring outfit using JCPenney items and post ’em onto their online style board.   Win:  $100 gift card (one given away each week) and have a chance to win a $1000 grand prize

That’s my entry!  If you want to know where to buy any of the featured items, visit my style board and all the pricing details will be there.


I ran this award-winning promotion in the heart of Times Square a while ago and dressed the model/ brand ambassadors Harajuku style which helped ensure they would stop traffic.  It seems Marc Jacobs had the same traffic-stopping idea when styling his Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 show in Paris.  Cute huh?

{ 0 comments } is a Korean-based online shopping site that will have you drooling at the fashion-forward finds while you rave over the prices at the same time.  I’m hooked.  Pictured here are some of the looks that I’m loving.

Here’s a fun bubble skirt that I bought from them and wore to Japan Fashion Week’s show in NYC.

And here’s a skull tote that I bought from them as well.I’m currently eye-ing their striped chain-strap bags which come in black/white and navy/white for only $79.99.  They’re perfectly in line with Spring’s nautical trend!


I gasped when I heard Kim Kardashian list H&M along with Gucci as 2 of her favorite shops.  “Me too!” I smiled.

Ponyhair Purse: Emanuel Ungaro, Shoes: Pour La Victoire

H&M is a great place to shop when you’re aching too add some trendy pieces to add to your wardrobe.  It doesn’t hurt your bank account and you can wear it for (just) a couple seasons guilt-free.  I’m into the blushing gre-ige color trend this spring that I talked about in my Oscar blog entry.  So to bring in the new season, I put together a couple outfits using dresses bought from H&M to achieve this new look.

dress – an obvious knockoff from the Chanel pictured in this ad

Write me and give me some ideas on how I should style the two above dresses next!

Here are a couple more shots from the collection:


photo from

I just learned that Kim Kardashian sells her unwanted, often unworn clothes on ebay AND she wears my shoe size (7)!   With 99.4% positive feedback and a collection of fabulous clothes and shoes from her overstuffed closet, she donates to the Dream Foundation which grants wishes to the terminally ill.

Here Kim takes you into her closet and discusses her most favorite finds.

Surprisingly she cites Gucci and H&M in the same sentence as two of her favorite brands.  Who knew Kim could be a frugal fashionista?

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