Fab Finds – Razzle Dazzle at the Miu Miu store

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The Miu Miu store in Soho (NYC) was all about the razzle dazzle.  Check out all the glittery and sparkling creations!  They’d make Dorothy from Wizard of Oz scream with joy.

I found myself conflicted.  The girly girl in me loved them and secretly wanted a pair.  But surely, these glittery creations would leave a trail of unwanted sparkles behind me.   I have GPS, no need for the sparkly trail.  Plus I did not want to look like an art project gone bad if I ever needed to click my heels in search of home.  So I did a little fashion research on Polyore to see if others saw these girly glittery shoes as must-haves.  Sorry Miuccia, but I felt both attracted to them at the same time ashamed to wear them.  I mean who would take me seriously wearing such silly things?  I am over the age of 10 after all…

Nonetheless, it was interesting to find the sparkly sets and see how different people used the Miu Miu shoes in their styling.  Which do you like best?  And would YOU wear these?

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