Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

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As a continuation to my last post about NY mad-hatters, here are some beautiful images from outdoor tea events inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  They make me want to dream up an excuse to host a Alice in Wonderland themed tea party myself!  Bridal shower?  A birthday brunch? Baby shower? a themed wedding like Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s?

Photo credit: Sarah Maren Photography Photo credit: Sarah Maren Photography Photo credit: Sarah Maren Photography photo credit: Sarah Maren Photography

For more info. on the details of the above photo shoot and styling see Style Me Pretty.

photos from Kim Le Photography photo from Kim Le Photography

For more details on the above shoot visit style me pretty.

If you like these photos, you must see the ISES slideshow that Sparkliatti put together. (ISES is a special event planner’s network which recently hosted a tablescape event under the Alice in Wonderland theme which resulted in glorious photos.
Inspired by these photos, I created an Alice in Wonderland collection online using, a fun editing tool that allows you to create your own image boards.  You can think of as an online scrapbook, or virtual magazine layout creator and use it to highlight everything from your interior design plans, to your wedding theme to your family vacation photos.  I just got started with it and though it took a little time to figure out how to best use all the tools ( I watched some Youtube videoclips to help myself out), I was able to create the below fantasy Alice in Wonderland set using some of the images above and the images already in the Polyvore library.
Alice in Wonderland
So now that you have some inspiration on event and outfit ideas, here are a list of suggestions on what to incorporate at your Alice in Wonderland themed event and here is a pdf for all your paper needs!
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