May 2010

Patricia Field, she’s fierce, fabulous and famous for being the stylist behind Sex and the City.  Patricia Field is the reason why the fashion on set breaks out as the 5th character.  She’s truly inventive helping to visually solidify the personalities of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda while leaving us fashionistas panting for more .  Here’s a video clip about the SATC2 fashions which are reportedly estimated to be worth around 10million.  Turns out the actresses are allowed to keep all but the couture items as part of their contracts!

I can’t wait to see the movie!  Does anyone have special plans to see SATC2 this year?

As a nostalgic look back, here’s a clip of Patricia’s work and the first SATC movie’s fashions.


If you liked America’s Next Top Petite Model contestant Jennifer An, you’ll like her even more after reading her answers to my interview below.

Q:  When and why did you know you first wanted to be a model?

I’ve always wanted to model, but my ethnicity and height have always been a factor standing in the way.

Q:  What did you learn about yourself while on America’s Next Top Model?

It was fascinating to be thrown into such an alternative reality. I learned that I’m a leader and someone that can be trusted and
definitely a shoulder to lean on, even in the toughest and most competitive situations. I adapt very well to different surroundings
very well. I can take pressure.

Q:  What other reality show(s) would you do if given the opportunity?

I think one reality show in a lifetime is more than enough. Haha.

Q:  Has it hit you that you could be seen as a role model to many and how do you feel about that?

I’m not sure that I would change my lifestyle due to the fact that younger Americans are looking up to me now, but I don’t do anything my parents wouldn’t approve of, so I think parents would have less of an issue with me as they would, lets say, Lady Gaga.

Q:  How do you feel about being one of the few recognizable Asian models in the industry?

Honored and a little saddened to think that my reality show status has bumped me up to the status of being a recognizable Asian model, where I should be flooded by the other thousands of amazing Asian models.

Q:  Who is your role model?  Your style icon?  Your favorite fashion model?

There is only one woman I look up to… Tina Fey. Haha, she just seems like the perfect blend of beauty, personality and charm. My favorite fashion model is Jourdan Dunn, can’t say much for style icon, it changes everyday.

For more pictures of Jennifer An at NY Fashion Week, see my earlier blog entry.

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The M.A.C. Cosmetics pro party, thrown twice a year in large cities all over the country brings together divas and fashionistas in the beauty industry.  Take a look at the pictures below, and you’ll wish you were one of the lucky beauty insiders who were invited to witness the colorful, zany performances by The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. It truly was an event to remember.  Think makeup artists, models, stylists and photographers packed into a loft-like space in Soho all surrounded by surrealistic, naked, painted performers.

These naked painted performers were the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, an indie rock band that was soon to perform.  At first we all thought they were simply atmospheric models passing out colorful cocktails and cupcakes and making themselves available for pictures.   After all, it’s a trendy event ploy seen at many NY events.  But when these mysterious, black-toothed, painted women started lining up on stage we all knew something special was about to happen.

Check out my video of their performance of their popular song, “Actressocracy”.  You too will be enthralled by their unique look.  “Did M.A.C. supply the body paint and makeup artists,” we wondered.  Are they really not wearing any pants? The event also featured another zany performance artist…not sure what this perverted Asian dude had to do with M.A.C. Cosmetics and the beauty industry but it was shocking and buzz-worthy nonetheless.  If you’d like to see an Asian man make love to a beach ball after having defecated on it..uh click here if you dare.

If you were able to stomach the strange “artistic” works shown above, perhaps the best part of the night were the creepy Chuckie-like dolls strewn all over the venue.  The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black group babied their lookalike dolls and let others take care of them throughout the night.  See here as I pretend to take one for a stroll.

The dolls were the hit of the party.  It’s too bad, I didn’t win one during the party’s finale when they were raffling them off but maybe I’m better off sleeping soundly without one in my bedroom.  By the way, doesn’t the hair styling of this group remind you of Marc Jacob’s runway show and before that, the Times Square promotion I styled in NYC?

What do you think?  Is this pro party M.A.C. worthy or was it simply colorful art gone bad?

To see more party pictures of the lovely fashionistas that attended, view my latest FabCam entry.


Two back-to-back fab events in NYC that were worth gabbing about from last week:  Vera Wang’s 20th anniversary celebration at Bloomingdales and the M.A.C. Cosmetics Event Pro Party.  More on the M.A.C event in my next entry.

Vera started her bridal business twenty years ago and is now one of the most famous names in the industry.  So she had every reason to celebrate.  Vera was so cute at the event, dancing to the DJ spinning  Madonna’s Vogue while rocking her black leggings and booties.

The Bloomingdales on 59th and Lex showcased some of her landmark dresses and new dinnerware.  Here’s the invite and some pics.

She revealed how she got married 5 days before her 40th birthday.  (Who knew?)  She also discussed her tips on weddings:

  • Dress: “Feel connected to your dress. Make sure it represents who you are as a person and that it’s what you really want. Be true to yourself.”
  • Registry: “Being a woman, I thought it was all about me, but it’s about your life together. Marriage is a joint venture and compromise is important. Make the registry a part of both of you.”
  • Engagement Period: “The engagement is a rehearsal for your life together. Really spend time alone—take a walk together or share a quiet meal. This is very important and allows you to remember why you fell in love with each other.”

Some of her most iconic dresses were on display and I wanted to try every one of them on.   The below dress with the black sash would be perfect for a black and white themed wedding, don’t you think?

The biggest news was that In Spring 2011, Vera is once again going mass-market with a new bridal collection at David’s Bridal.

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There were lots of fun events to attend the past couple days.  There was the David Stark Pop-Up Store Event, The Vera Wang 20th anniversary celebration at Bloomies and tonight’s M.A.C. Pro Party.  I would have loved to attend all 3 but in the interest of time, only attended the Vera Wang and M.A.C events.   More details on both soon.  For now, I have some lovely shots to show you of the party people at M.A.C Cosmetic’s event.

As always, if you are one of the fashionistas shot by the Fabcam, it simply means I loved your look.  PLEASE let the world know the details of your outfit!  Please identify everything you wore from the accessories and shoes to the clothes on your back, and tell us a little bit about yourself.  Occupation?  How you’d describe your style or anything you’d like to share would be great!

I’ll start off by identifying the first fashionista caught on camera by the Fabcam.  Below is the beautiful and well-spoken TV host of one of my favorite makeover shows “How Do I Look,”  (Jeannie Mai). I can’t wait to hear all about the details of her look below.  I wish you could all see her sparkly new glasses which had these black rhinestones embedded in the frame.  Fab!  Jeannie, please do tell all…

Don’t you love the tuxedo jacket, graphic tee and layered necklace combo on the beauty below?

I love a girl who is unafraid to stand out in a hat.  And those sparkly shoes are catching my eye.  Where did you get those?

I didn’t think there was anyone who loved Chanel more than me.  That was until I met this girl….

Only a true fashionista could pull off leopard tights.  Love it.

Short skirts are in!  But if you’re going to show a lot of leg, do what the below fashionista did and cover a little more on top.

I should have shot everyone against this blue backdrop.  It really makes the colors pop doesn’t it?  I’m featuring this fashionista because she did a great job including vintage pieces (her hat and purse) into creating her standout look.

Ignore the naked yellow woman (more on that later!)  New Yorkers love black.  I like how this fashionista added visual interest with her ornate silver hairband and printed shoes.

Red tights are both daring and fabulous.  Wasn’t it perfect staging her by the zany red doll?

If you can’t wait to read and see more from this party which included tons of painted naked people in ‘fros and an outrageously perverted performance art piece, stay tuned.  More pics and details soon!


Balloons signal celebration and happiness.  And usually they’re associated with kid’s parties or an earlier carefree childhood.  But have you noticed how these days, fashion designers and savvy event planners have incorporated them as part of their fashionable visual? I was struck by the recent popularity of balloons as fashionable decor during a recent 5th Ave. stroll.

See below how the luxurious label, LVMH crowded their window display with customized balloons as their main visual interest.

About a month ago, Henri Bendel used clustered balloons in their signature brown and white theme.  Notice how clutches hold them down?

And Tiffany’s displayed unique half-mannequins holding a cluster of balloons that made me want a ton of balloons for my next birthday.The Tiffany’s store display reminded me of Juicy Couture, a brand that loves balloons.  Their iconic ad features a model being carried away by a bunch of helium balloons and fittingly, Juicy’s launch party was filled with balloons sort of bringing the ad to life.

The Juicy ad reminds  me of this picture I saw of beautiful LVMH logo-ed balloons.

I found this image through a new blog I like. which covers similar topics that FabGab loves.

There are many ways in which balloons can also be incorporated in a chic way at events (catered to adults, not kids).  Amy Atlas, an event planner I featured recently,  incorporated enlarged white balloons in her dessert table presentation.  See below.I also loved this photo of another classy event from “A Bride in the Making”  featured at Martha

Other event images that make me want a balloon-filled birthday party…

Is anyone else in the mood to celebrate?  What do you think?  Are balloons a chic addition to an event?  What about the idea of having friends bring and sign a helium balloon in replacement of the traditional birthday card to your next birthday party?  The above should inspire unique photo opps and event planning.  Let me know what you think!


I was honored to recently have fashionista stationary named after me and am honored now to have this fashion illustration made for me and FabGab.  Hehe there’s the FabGab iconic chandelier, and some of my favorite things: Chanel purse, bow in hair and dress.  How perfect!

And here’s another NY fashionista illustration that she gave me.  I think the first one is more me.  What do you think?

I’m a fan of Ilse Valfre’s work as she will closely follow all the latest fashions coming down the runway and adoringly illustrate them on her make-believe models.  Speaking of models, this fashion illustrator doesn’t just draw pretty images, she is a pretty image herself and actually models on the side as well!  Check her and her site out!

You must check out her website and blog.  I’m sure you’ll be as giddy as I was when viewing all the wonderful creations.  Here are some of my favorites!

She’s SUCH a talent, isn’t she?


I’m excited to announce a new partner/sponsor for FabGab, Clipta.  It’s an online video search, sort of a Google for video that will at first focus on our favorite category – FASHION!  Here’s an excerpt featuring licensed content from World Fashion TV.

Covering the latest trends, news and the most recent shows from famous designers along with exclusive events, backstage stories and interviews, it’s a site that will pull you in with all the glam visuals and insider access.  Check it out!  The first time I was on the site, I found myself browsing for a half an hour.

You’ll also notice that FabGab’s banner is clickable at the bottom of their page.  Which brings me to also announce that FabGab clickable banners of all sizes are now available for those of you who would like to add FabGab to your blogroll. (Thanks to Nile Flores from whom I highly recommend for any of your webmaster and graphic design needs!)

Feel free to contact me at if you’re interested in a link exchange.


Lawyer turned dessert table designer and event planner extraordinaire, Amy Atlas creates stylish and sweet displays that quickly become the highlight to any fete’.  I find these images so inspiring! (photos from Amy Atlas)

This particular display was for a corporate event but I can see it working for a sophisticated birthday party or wedding with a black / white color theme.  Some reasons this display looks so fabulous and some keys to creating an impactful dessert display for yourself are listed below:

  • Keep everything (frosting, vases, flowers and linens for example,) strictly within the selected color theme
  • Consider the background.  Where is the table going to be placed and how will the background coordinate?  Consider adding a strip of wallpaper or painted background to a temporary plywood backdrop or framed art piece for example.  Or try lanterns or an ornate mirror in the background for optimal photo ops.
  • Add dimension and think layers.  Place items behind and in front of each other rather than on one boring line and remember to think 3dimensionally by varying the heights to add interest.
  • Vary texture.  Just like when creating an outfit, mixing textures and patterns, creates visual interest.  Here you see a contrast between smooth frosting with bumpy, rough-edged pretzels and intricately patterned chocolates with dotted dice chocolates.
  • Desserts should be different sizes.  Notice how the large modern patterned cake contrasts with the smaller bite-sized pieces.

Have any other tips to creating a memorable dessert table?  Is anyone else inspired to look for excuses to create their own dessert table?


Thanks for featuring me and my blog once again, “See Your Style.” Here are a couple additional pictures from the outfit post (originally found in my Chictopia outfit postings).  Because I was familiar with Chanel’s 2009 fall collection, I immediately recognized this classic jacket with a twist as a cute knock-off for a fraction of the price.   So I was psyched to grab this and have been getting compliments each time I’ve worn it.  Everyone nearly faints when I reveal where I found it.   From looking at the Chanel collection below do you agree that this was the obvious inspiration?

If you and your fashion blog would like to be featured here on FabGab like I’ve recently been featured on See Your Style, let me know.  If you have a fashion blog or outfit posts somewhere and would like to be featured, I’m hosting a (never-ending) online open call for my next “Style Stalker” feature. Comment here if you think I’d like your style and leave me the url where I can view your outfits (,, and blog links are all welcome)!  The more comments you make throughout my blog, the more likely you’ll be chosen.  And if I like your style, I’ll contact you with a questionnaire and you will soon be in my next “Style Stalker” entry. There will be no expiration date as I’m constantly on the lookout for fashionistas to feature so comment here and feel free to spread the word! Again, priority of features will be given to those who have made the most # of comments throughout the blog! I’m looking forward to seeing all the entries so start commenting and start entering!

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