June 2010

I must admit, I’m more of a Chanel girl than a Louis Vuitton girl ( I find we fashionistas can be easily divided amongst these two fashion houses – which kind are you??)  But these stunning pictures from Taipei captivated me and so I had to share.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

On another Louis Vuitton note, the fall 2010 ad campaign came out and I’m loving these shots of models ranging in age from their 20s to 40s (Christy Turlington, Natalia Vodianova and Karen Elson).   The 50’s inspired fashions and interesting new take on their logo-ed bags have me panting for more.


As a continuation to my last post concerning my undying love for black and white combos, this post pays tribute to black and white stripes.  The big bold striped look always catches my eye whether it’s in event decor, home decor or fashion.  It’s such a fun fabric to use and compliment with other black/white patterns and solid colors.  Check out the cute event decor below.

And wouldn’t this cake catch your eye?

I love when big bold stripes are incorporated into home decor like in this picture from Mary McDonald’s fashionable office.

Or how about the narrower stripes in this bathroom (photo credit:  Elle Decor) and living room? (photo found at sensationalcolor.com)

It’s easy to incorporate the striped look into your home with elements below.

How about the striped pillow cover below which can be bought from Etsy?

Or what do you think of the above 4’11” x 2’11” Ikea rug runs only $12.99

The above 19.7” Flor tile can be mixed and matched with other pieces and conveniently can get replaced for $13.95 if stained.

Or if you’re willing to invest more, you could buy an investment piece like the sitting chair pictured from California Home and Design.

Or if you prefer to wear your stripes, you could copy me and buy the black and white striped blazer from H&M!

Leave me your comments!

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Chanel loves black and white color combinations and so do I! I’m sort of obsessed with the color combo actually.  I just find the combination so classic, stunning and dramatic.

Currently, I’m loving these pictures from La Vie Photography that focus on black /white fashions.

Because of my black/white color obsession, I subscribe to a newsletter by Black and White Delight.   Each day, they email me interesting black and white color-themed items relating to home decor.    Here are some of their fab finds.

  • throw pillows
  • Kate Spade dinnerware

Does anyone else share my love of the black /white combo?


Do you ever go shopping, suddenly realize you absolutely NEED something you weren’t even looking for and immediately envision a hundred different ways to wear it?  I’m sure it’s simply a shopping rationalization.  “I must have this.  It’s such an investment piece.  I can wear it a hundred different ways making each wear only $.10 per wear!”  Well this past week, I popped my head into Zara purely out of a mixture of boredom and curiosity and found myself magnetized to a simple striped skirt.  It was light and flouncy, perfect for summer and classic in color so that it would withstand the test of time (er so I figured).

I see great pieces everywhere all the time.  After all, you can’t avoid window shopping in NY as the streets are filled with tempting creations at every street corner.  You inadvertently shop whether you meant to or not!  But this find was SPECIAL.  It had the power to transform and become many different looks.  So it was without much guilt, I hurried over and prepared my $30something odd dollars knowing I was immediately expanding my wardrobe tenfold with just one frugal and fab purchase.

Here are some of my initial outfit ideas.  This first one would be great for a work day.  I just got a new job working in-house for a major retailer (running their marketing, PR and events) so I can get away with being a little more fashion forward in the workplace. I actually interviewed in this Forever 21 jacket (clearly a Fall 2009 Chanel knockoff) which is now paired with suede frilly booties, pony hair Emanuel Ungaro leopard printed tote that I bought on consignment and new Zara skirt.

This second look is more summery with the white patent leather sandals (CK thrifted) and short sleeve ruffled blouse (also from Zara).  I’m proud to say this outfit costed only about $75 head to toe.

The outfit below is made up of a Forever 21 short sleeve bow blouse, Holland and Holland cashmere sweater shirt, Storets skull tote, and jeweled flats from Chinese Laundry.  I see this as a comfortable go anywhere (errands, work, brunch) outfit.

And lastly, this is a revised version of the outfit I just wore this weekend to dinner with a friend and meetup with friends on a Sat. night.  Here, I’m wearing the Zara skirt with a Eugenia Kim hat that I bought at a sample sale, Forever 21 tank, Express chain necklace, lace clutch, and sky high stilettos from Fergie (bought at TJ Maxx).  Don’t you love a deal?

What’s your favorite look?


Aren’t these images beautiful? This unique photography perspective (by Daryl Banks) almost transforms the dancers into flowers or art pieces.

They sort of remind me of these poofy chairs.


Don’t you hate it when function and fashion can’t seem to go together?  There are plenty of functional laptop cases, bags, and sleeves out there but it’s rare to find one that suits a fashionista’s tastes.  During my recent hunt for something to protect my new 17” laptop, I cam across a London based brand called Knomo. If you’re into the look of Chanel’s classic quilting, you’re going to love this!

They offer fashion forward colors (fuschia, black, orange, purple, wine) and prices range from $34 – $99 depending on size needed.   I never thought I’d have to say this but I’m currently on the wait list for a 17”  (black quilted) laptop sleeve.

You’ll be happy to know they also have just as fashionable luggage and ipod cases.  Check out their site!


As a continuation to my last blog post about Alice in Wonderland themed events, I wanted to show you pictures from a wedding photo shoot I learned about through Style me pretty, a fellow blogger’s site.  Thanks to photographer, Jessica Claire, we have this beautiful photo shoot!

Don’t you love the styling and how attention was paid to every last minute detail?


I’m in love with baroque frames

photo credit: Jessica Claire

So when I saw this designer take on the rock climbing wall I absolutely fell in love with it.  Check it out (from Nendo in Tokyo).

I also love a similar design look of clustering many frames onto one wall.  Can’t climb these though…

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Michael Patrick King, the Writer and Producer of Sex and the City explains why the sequel was filmed in the Middle East  “.. the idea of Samantha Jones, sexually liberated beyond anyone’s expectation going to the Middle East started to make me amused. (however) the idea of sex and these liberated women being filmed there was a little too progressive for their…where they are right now. So we had to discover Abu Dhabi, which is where the movie takes place, in Marrakesh, in Africa, Rabat and Asweria. We got to film on like dunes where they filmed Laurence of Arabia.”

The contrast between SATC’s character, Samantha Jones and the Middle Eastern women was hilarious and the scenes of the birkinis and covered up swimsuits were familiar.   Check out these swimsuits straight off the Dubai Fashion Week runways (shot in ’08 during my Dubai Fashion Week trip).   And tell me what you think!

Sexy, no?


One of my favorite moments from the SATC2 movie was when the Arab women disrobed their black abayas and revealed their shared love for fashion.  Apparently, fashion, like love is an international language.   And in the Middle East, Manolo Blahnik, Gucci and Versace roll off their Middle Easterner’s tongues just as easily as they do on the set of SATC!

So much of the movie reminded me of my recent trip to Dubai during Dubai Fashion Week (okay maybe not the $20,000 a night hotel) but witnessing the lavish lifestyles, riding and balancing on camels, whipping through the endless sand dunes in a dune buggy, shopping through street markets all brought back fabulous memories.

Much like the movie SATC2, my trip to Dubai was focused on the fashion.  I was lucky enough to have been invited through a friend to attend all of Dubai Fashion Week’s runway shows, sit front row and enjoy the VIP experience.  Here I’ll share some photos that I took during Dubai Fashion Week ’08.

As you can see, abayas are pretty standard black cloaks.  They can look a little scary at first if you’re not used to them.  Personally, I couldn’t get over how it looked like everyone was seemingly floating around town (men wear all white, women wear all black). 

The exotic runway shows that featured abayas oftentimes felt as if you were seeing the same thing over and over but upon closer inspection it was all in the details (check out the trims and embellishment).  I learned to appreciate how the runways were really pushing the envelope as far as moving forward from the traditional, look. And I had to try one on for size…

You’ll notice that the runway shows often featured Eastern European models as locals are too conservative to model and have their bodies out on display.  The below pictures showcase some of the Arab fashions one would wear underneath the abaya. (Can someone say “I Dream of Jeannie?”) You can see why Dubai Fashion Week still stands out in my memory.  The experience was unlike any other fashion show I had ever seen…

Whereas less is more in the States, more is definitely more in the Middle East!

Turbans and head scarves are still very much part of the Middle East fashion as evidenced on the runways (and on SATC2)

turbanI think one of the reasons SATC2 has received such negative reviews is because many couldn’t relate to the Middle East setting, missed NY and therefore didn’t leave with the same thrill.  The Middle East may be a glamourous escape but a girl can only take so many head scarves, harem pants and maxi dresses before she starts longing for Carrie’s silly NY tutu.  The 2nd movie definitely lacked in inspirational fashions if only because they were a bit too exotic.  I found that Vogue’s photo shoot featuring their imagined scenes between Mr. Big and Carrie resulted in more awe-inspiring fashion moments .  See the pictures below (photos taken by Annie Leibovitz) and let me know your thoughts!

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