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I should be able to post more frequently soon now that I have finished my move and am almost done sorting through my 10years of accumulated belongings.  The moving in process is sort of cathartic in an OCD sort of way. I’m constantly obsessing about my new decorating plans while I compulsively buy my way through Bed Bath & Beyond, TJMaxx, online wholesalers and Century 21.  I spend my days editing out unwanted items from my past while carefully selecting what to highlight and project into my future.  Because of my love for organization and disdain for clutter I can’t simply dump a box’s contents into a drawer.  I take inventory of my belongings before systematically figuring out an orderly plan and display method.
Right now, my latest project is that shoe closet I once shamelessly revealed on my blog.  I’m painting it fuschia, my color of the moment and I’m literally waiting for the paint to dry before I celebrate by adding my Imelda Marcos-like stiletto collection.  Moving in, settling in and decorating is my labor of love.

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