Olivia Palermo (and me) in Japan

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Tonight’s the City episode’s funniest part was when the Japanese attendants at the Elle Magazine event couldn’t get over Olivia Palermo.  Olivia was surprised at how many Japanese fans she had.  I was most surprised by the Japanese fascination with the size of her face.  They were flabbergasted and had to come up for a closer look!  One even exclaimed that she couldn’t bear to take a photo next to her for fear that her her own face would look exponentially larger in comparison.  Olivia tried to laugh the first comment off by dismissing it quickly with “Oh you’re so funny.”  But when faced with continuous shrieks about the smallness of her face everywhere she turned, Olivia finally resorted to a meek “thank you.”  haha

Speaking of Japan, here are some pics of me (and my large face) from my trip to Japan!

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