August 2010

If you’ve followed my blog for any time, you know that my passions for event planning, home decor, and fashion often find themselves colliding in the form of blog collages.  To quote, The Sound of Music, “these are a few of my favorite things:”

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As a continuation from my last post on the utterly expensive fantasy cupcake car, this post is all about cupcake couture.  I’m on the hunt for fashionable edibles.  And by fashionable, I mean fashion designer-themed!  I host regular events for Chanel, Gucci, Prada and the like so I’m looking for new displays, decor and f&b for the fashionable clients.  Here is my latest roundup of inspirational photos that any fashionista would love.

Is anyone else inspired?

My dream is to create a live cupcake couture display with a live model and ballgown made up of cupcakes, frosting color-matched to the party theme -live, edible art performance almost!


I love cupcakes.  I make them for every occasion – birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, you name it.  So when I ran across these cupcake cars, I couldn’t help but stare and imagine myself driving down the neighborhood in one of these.  Check it out!

And yes, the car comes with the matching hat! lol  Thanks to the budget-less minds of Neiman Marcus, you can now ride around at 7mph in this gloriously cute cupcake car (ehem for $25,000)

What’s it made of? A 24-volt electric motor, a heavy-duty battery, sheet metal, wire, fabric, wood…and mad genius. Launched at Burning ManSM as a cooperative art car project, the Cupcake Car sprang from the fevered mind of Bay Area artist Lisa Pongrace and her less-rules-more-laughs posse of artists and techno geeks. Yours will be tricked out with your favorite topping, so start thinking flavors.

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I haven’t done a FabFinds entry in a while so here is a roundup of some home decor fabfinds within the black and white color scheme!

All you princess wannabes out there will want to rest your pretty little heads on this royal pillow. For $39 you can have the tiara on your head that you deserve! This hand-tufted wool pillow is 14″H x 18″W and comes in a crown version for your prince of a boyfriend or husband.

Along the princess theme, here’s a throne chair (that my friend thinks darth vadar belongs in) hmm not sure about that visual but Bergdorf Goodman has similar chairs in a light blue thanks to my favorite designer, Kelly Wearstler.

I have memories of my mom being so happy when my dad finally let her have a sheep chair.  Yea, I said sheep. chair.  The ottoman was a furry replica of a baby sheep and I guess my mom really really wanted to have a soft place to rest her legs?!.  When it came home, my brother and I treated it like our new pet (while making fun of my overgrown kid of a mom).  Now I see this modern version and am falling in love!

I guess I got the same ridiculous gene ‘cuz I’m loving these sheep by Sam Brown.

Have you seen those pictures of people who have bravely transformed their wall into a chalkboard wall with some chalkboard paint?  it’s a fun way to add a little interactivity to a room.  Some use it for daily reminders, others use it for conversation pieces and a party focus.  Here’s a more glam chalkboard for $36 from one of my favorite sites,

If you don’t have a fireplace but love the charming look, here’s a black shelf that Oprah (and I) love.

And that’s it for my black and white home decor FabFinds roundup.  Tell me what you think!

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If you’re wondering how to apply Fall’s military trend without looking like G.I. Jane, read on.

photo from refinery29

The runways were awash in olive greens, neutrals, army prints, lace-up boots, epaulets and utilitarian accessories.  The above collection of runway photos is just a sampling of designers who obsessed and went a little (okay a lot) overboard with the military look (from left to right: Burberry Prorsum, Wayne, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone, Burburry Prorsum, Marc by Marc Jacobs, ).  I’m a fashion lover but I admit, these models look like they’re headed to Afghanistan’s Korangel Valley, not a place where you want to be.

Even if you’re clueless to the runway features and somehow missed the months of fashion magazines who all exalted this trend, one step into any department store will make you stand on alert wondering how you’re supposed get in line with this military trend.   To investigate how real people plan to and actually try out this military trend, I looked to a couple of my favorite resources.

The below Polyvore set features a glam downtown take that incorporates bronze buttoned shorts, chain detailing on the shoes, jacket and purse, and a military-inspired jacket.  Some might see this jacket and recall akward memories of band camp but to fashionistas, this jacket is so on trend.

Eve Tank
$46 –
Cheap Monday tops »

Chain Fringing Drummer Jacket
31 600 SEK –
Cropped jacket »

Pyramid Stud Belt
7 GBP –
Wide belt »

The below outfit is a bit more subdued due to its color range.  It also incorporates this season’s shorts emphasis.  When wearing short shorts, you’ll want to balance out baring all that skin with something longer and possibly looser on top.  This set also does a great job adding a touch of glam with the necklace and standout Chanel brooch.

Marc Jacobs Chiffon bow blouse
$595 –
Camisole tops »

Lowe Jacket
195 GBP –
Military style jacket »

Wool cargo shorts
$105 –
Military shorts »

Azzedine Ala?a Lace front shoe boots
965 GBP –
Platform heels »

590 EUR –
Nubuck boots »

For another more subdued take on the military trend, take a look at the below chic outfit.  I’m loving the idea of wearing the little leather booties with a glam shirred skirt.

Military Green & Strong Chic - Trends for S/S

Linen-blend shirt
$180 –
Long sleeve tops »

Military Style Coat
$160 –
Military style coat »

Naja Cutout Boots
$114 –
Juicy couture boots »

TOM FORD Sunglasses
325 EUR –
Tom ford sunglasses »

Fendi bag »

For inspiration from real people, I look to  Here are some of the best looks -maybe some of these will inspire you!  What do you think?


It’s a dreary, rainy day outside today so I thought I’d post a cheerful decor collage from one of my favorite NY designers, Jonathan Adler. He’s the interior designer behind Barbie’s Malibu dream house that I blogged about earlier.

Jonathan calls his style, “happy chic.”  And “happy chic” it is!

These pictures were all taken by me in his NYC showroom (of which he now has 12 across the U.S).  I love the geometric prints, the cheerful clash of colors and Jonathan’s quirky take on life, art, design and decor.

I just checked out his website and learned that he now allows fans to post their own pictures to show off what they’ve done with their purchased Jonathan Adler products.  I love what customer, Greg Natale did with his bedroom and bathroom pictured below.

Aren’t the JA mirror accents a fabulous contrast to this otherwise, sparse modern bathroom?

You know me, I love black and white pairings.  The above mix of geometric patterns works because of the dedication to a minimal 3color palette and variation in pattern size.

And in case you didn’t already know, Jonathan Adler also now offers free, downloadable wallpapers for you crackberry addicts!

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“I die.”  the 3 hour Rachel Zoe marathon that I finished today was pure fashion porn and now I’m breathless.   Rachel, being the like-minded Chanel fanatic, left me lusting over her every tweed blazer, chain purse and pearl necklace.  And did you see those endless fashions being pulled, organized and hanger-ed during the Globe award fittings? “OOC” (Out Of Control in Zoe speak).

This show fantastically feeds my weekend need for vegetation AND  fashion inspiration.

For you Rachel Zoe fans out there, check out this funny clip


The last fashion show I produced was all about how to incorporate fall trends into your existing wardrobe.  One of the prevailing trends emphasized this season was called “daydream romance“.  It’s sort of an extension of spring 2010’s pale nude and blush trend colors.  For this season, add onto those color trends, ruffles, and layers and you’ve got “daydream romance.”  Winter whites, pale greys and dusty shades coupled with fur or lingerie will also update your look.

Below are some collages I made inspired from this trend theme. I love colliding the worlds of fashion, design and event planning as those are my passions and all conveniently fall within my professional focus. These collections are pure prettiness aren’t they?


I never considered myself a pink kinda girl – the overtly girly nature of it gave me somewhat of a gag reflex.  But somehow, I’ve made a dramatic turnaround and I’m loving fuschia.  It’s dramatic, bold and pairs nicely with my favorite black/white combo.   I’m most drawn to a rasberry pink that is less purple and more deep pink.  Below is a a collection of images that I created that would be perfect for an elegant masquerade.  I love inspiration collages.

My next collage shares the same color theme and is inspiration for a girly, French boudoir inspired birthday party.  Speaking of which, I’ve been contemplating having my next birthday at my new apartment and make it a housewarming/birthday event.

Below is a picture of my continued makeover on my shoe closet – also in fuschia pink.  What do you think?


I’m a huge fan of Amy Atlas and her beautiful dessert table displays.  So when I started my new job, I just had to call in and get an estimate.  But my dreams of partnering with Amy and combining our creative minds came to a quick halt when I learned their prices begin at $8000.
8k for candy? I think not.

I’d rather go back to my earlier post where I dissected Amy’s work, analyzed the elements that made the tasty displays eye-catching successes and attempt to do it myself.  You’ll see my summarized list of dos and dont’s from my previous entry. Here’s a video where she gives away a few of her secrets.

I plan to take these tips and save my work budget towards creating my own dessert table.  I figure with a little shopping (linens, ribbons, patterned paper and colored candies) I should be able to create similar works of art.  Now let’s see if I’ll have the TIME!

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