September 2010

I bought this crazy Miu Miu purse ages ago during a Barney’s Christmas clearance sale and ever since have affectionately called it my “puppy purse.”  With the Mongolian hair sticking out from the sides, people always wonder whether I’ve got a poodle in there.

Usually, I refrain from using it unless I’m heading to a fashion-oriented event like fashion week or a NY art party where my puppy purse works as a conversational piece and where people don’t think I’m entirely insane for carrying such a freak show of a purse.  Now that I work in fashion, I don’t need any outlandish events to rationalize my purse choice.  I can actually carry it to work!

Here I am in a couple outfits both utilizing the cardigan, sheath dress, necklace and belt combo while carrying the infamous puppy purse.

  • purse – miu miu
  • sleeveless brown dress – Ann Taylor
  • cardigan – Express
  • shoes – lovely people
  • gold chain necklace
  • ring – bought at off 5th
  • dress – Escada (sample sale)
  • cardigan shoes – Fergie
  • tote – Miu MIu (Barney’s sale)

This is today’s outfit.  I tempered down a semi-formal dress with a more casual cardigan.

  • dress – Bebe $50 (bought on sale)
  • cardigan – Target around $20
  • suede and alligator boots – Franco Sarto (got them for free on a modeling gig a long long time ago)
  • necklace – Forever 21 $around 20
  • ring – Off 5th $30

Do any of you have any fashion items that are too wild to wear on a normal day or even night out?  If so, I wanna hear about it!

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One of my favorite perks of having this blog is being sent products to review -especially when the products are fashion! recently sent me this vintage, caramel colored dress which they named “Dynasty.”  I loved the sparkly shoulder accents (very Dynasty indeed!) and thought the color would look nice with my hair highlights.   Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m a fan of vintage fashions so I was psyched about the Crazy Hot Clothes giveaway.   The length however needed some adjustment.  The bulky shoulder, long sleeve and long length combo just looked a little too dowdy and made me feel like I walked straight out of the pages of the old testament.  Don’t I look like a glammed up Jesus groupie?

No worries though ‘cuz with a little styling magic, I can transform anything!  The trick to wearing vintage is to avoid wearing vintage head to toe.  Mix up vintage with trendier, current pieces to create a uniquely stylish look.  I searched my wardrobe and found leather cutout ankle booties, hiked up the skirt which I temporarily held up in place with a vintage belt and carried a fun chain feather purse.

Jesus groupie to rock groupie!  What do you think?

Fun party outfit, right?  And now one of you lucky readers will receive this dress for free!  Consider it the dress that keeps giving!  Just leave a comment here about why you think you should win it!

Entrants must:

  • be a current subscriber and live in the U.S.
  • be able to link a picture of them wearing the dress styled their own way back to my blog somehow (through their own blog, Facebook, twitter, chictopia, Lookbook, and/or any other online site!
  • leave a comment about how they would promote the receipt of FabGab’s giveaway vintage dress (see above criteria).
  • leave a comment about why they think they should win

Now go check out Crazy Hot Clothes for a fantastic collection of designer vintage fashions and accessories!


So is anyone else fascinated by the older girls’ version of “America’s Next Top Model,” otherwise known as “She’s Got the Look?”  It’s the perfect eye candy to have on while I blog.  So currently, it’s my DVR  go – to while I write this entry.

Being that I’m another year older, I so appreciate this show’s focus on beauty through the years.  Like Robert Verdi says, it “dispels the myth that beauty ends in the 20s.”

I love Robert Verdi!  He’s such a fab fashionista.  I’ve met him at Fashion Week as well as at a ABC Carpet event and he’s always a riot.


In my last nerd fashion post, I spoke about how nerds ruled the runway and how nerds were featured as popular ad campaigns.  As a continuation, this post features revenge of the nerds on the real-way.  How are real people interpreting the trend?

To me, nerd fashion can be summed up as

nerd=Striped cardigan+ high waisted shorts+ white socks pulled up+ hats with the brims folded up+ round collared shirts+ loafers+ oversized or black rimmed glasses.

Here are pictures of real fashionistas who rocked the nerd look.  Below is Keiko Lynn from Brooklyn, a fellow Chictopian making black framed glasses look ultra sexy.

Another Chictopian pictured above and below, amanda brohman who is wearing white-delias-shirt, blue-cardigan, blue-jeans-brown-mossimo-shoes.

Is anyone else intrigued by this Nerd trend?

And would YOU rock the nerd glasses?

Olivia Palermo, my style icon, rocked the nerd glasses at a NY fashion show recently.

Here’s how fellow Polyvore fashionistas interpreted the trend through online collage sets.  And you know how much I love collages!


So my silly friend emails me to tell me that if I stop by 57th st that there would be a free Christian Dior purse for me to pick up.

Excitedly, I open the picture attachment already envisioning me winning this new purse at Bloomingdales where she works (also near 57th st).  Except I find this gigantic, 1.5 story mock-up fake purse in front of the construction site that is Christian Dior’s showroom and retail space.

I got such a kick out of the joke that I actually did go to 57th st (off Madison) to check it out in person.

No matter how hard I tried to steal the purse, it wasn’t moving.  So finally, I cursed my friend and left in defeat.

Thanks for nothing, Aria!  🙂


It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday.. I’m gonna giveaway a goody bag like it’s my birthday!

So it’s time to announce the winner of my blog’s very first goody bag giveaway! “Samafee,” congratulations!  You are the lucky winner of the Bliss goody bag with goodies from NY fashion week.  I’ve just contacted you as the winner and now to celebrate my birthday today, I’m giving YOU my readers, another chance to win!

Goody bag/makeup purse which includes:  brooch, foaming bath gel and Revlon cosmetics.

All you have to do to enter to win is:

  • 1entry point for every time you post on FB “I love this style blog,!”
  • 1entry point for every time you post onTwitter “I love this style blog,!”
  • 1 entry point for every time you mention and link to in your blog

Lastly, you MUST comment here to let me know the url of where I can find your entry posting.  Good luck!

Deary Darling is the winner of this goody bag giveaway.  I’m having another in November so check back for another chance to win!


So fashion week came and went and I mostly celebrated by working long hours at my fashion job.  I did however get to see a few shows along the way, meet a drag queen and bump into lots of old friends.

Here are some pics from my fashion week for those of you wondering what the Lincoln Center area looked like inside…

This is the usual frantic scene of fashionistas.  For more pics of fashionistas inside the tents, check out my FabCam.

For those of you who want the LIVE sneak peek into the fashion tents but don’t  have access to the limited, and coveted invites, check out this recent Wall Street Journal article about how to sneak in!

Did I mention the drag queen?  Drag queens are terrific.  I love makeovers and drag queens are, well the queen of makeovers!

There was a grand entrance for Tommy Hilfiger’s 25th anniversary party.  Check out all the male models!

To really show how over-the-top the entire event’s entrance was, check out this videoclip!


I don’t know if it’s because I’m sleep-deprived or because I’m still in decorating mode but boudoir bedrooms are top of mind.  I ran across some pictures lately that I thought I’d share for the girly girls out there.

This would be a fun teen girl’s room, don’t you think?

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This post is about one dress and one purse, both frugal and fab.

I noticed after purchasing my work tote at a Korean boutique that it was a replica of a Balenciaga tote that Olivia Palermo carries.  The Balenciaga bag looks like this.

I love Olivia Palermo’s style so it’s not surprising I was drawn to a similar bag.  Below are my outfit posts with a replica bag that I didn’t even realize was a replica.

In the above picture I’m wearing:

  • dress and blazer – H&M (about $50)
  • belt – vintage ($20)
  • shoes – Aldo ($60)
  • purse – from a Korean boutique (about $80)
  • necklace – from a Korean boutique (about $20)

  • dress – H&M ($50?)
  • hat ($30)
  • belt ($20)
  • shoes – Aldo ($30)
  • tote – bought from a Korean boutique

I loved how this polka dotted dress had such a vintage feel.  I saw it on a mannequin at H&M, immediately did a bee-line towards the dress and charged the $50 faster than you could say “frugal and fab.”  I was so excited to start styling it that I styled the two outfits pictured above as soon as I returned home.  I can imagine also wearing it with brown boots and belt.  It’s a great transition dress that works at the workplace as well as outside of it.  What do you think?


If you like eye candy, then you will love the scene outside of NYC’s fashion week at Lincoln Center this year.  There are so many beautiful fashionistas walking their own catwalk right outside the tents.  If you haven’t made it out there or don’t live in the NY area, don’t fret ‘cuz FabGab has got her FabCam!

I caught these two leather-clad ladies on their way into the tents.  Leather is paired with everything this fall – dresses, skirts, jeans, winter shorts…

I love how this fashionista paired masculine with feminine pieces.  Her boyfriend blazer contradicts the girliness of her floral mini-dress and compliments her booties.  Note how she lets her ankle socks peek out of her booties – socks are a key focal point this fall.

This lady’s gorgeous mane caught my eye and that’s when I noticed her cute bow-cinched dress.  You’ve got to love a classic black/white pairing. I write about it all the time in my blog.

Though the fashionista pictured below is wearing neutrals, she still manages to stand out with her stylish military jacket, edgy chain accessories and frilly lace skirt.  love her shoes..

Elin Nordergren, Tiger Wood’s scorned wife seems to have a lookalike at fashion week.  This much more fashionable blonde rocks out in a jumper and bootie and shows she’s confident when taking fashion risks.

Speaking of lookalikes, check out this Blake Lively lookalike, spotted outside Lincoln Center.  Do those gorgeous blond wavy locks , oval face shape and smile not remind you of the Gossip Girl cutie? People say all Asians look alike.  Hm I’m beginning to wonder if I could say something similar here. haha

She’s wearing the latest craze in cargo pants -skinny military green versions.  If you have ever wondered what to wear with them, here’s your inspiration.

I tend to gravitate towards being matchy matchy with my purse and shoes.  But I see fashionistas like the leather and lace one pictured below and am reminded that you can rock a look without having the matching purse and shoe.

I almost bought a pair of booties like the black leather cutout ones shown on the below fashion week guest.  She must be a New York-er, just look at all that black 🙂

As always, if you’re one of the fashionistas featured here, do us a favor and comment with details on  your outfit.  What /who were you wearing?  How would you describe your look and what do you do for a living?  Please note which picture (by simply listing the order # that it was found in this entry) so that we can easily reference.

Thanks and hope to hear from those of you who were caught on camera!  If you would post a link of this blog entry into your FB or twitter I’d be forever grateful.

Don’t see yourself here but know you were photographed?  Check out the other fashion week FabCam entries!

Want to win a goody bag from NY Fashion Week?  Just subscribe to my blog and leave 2 comments anywhere in the blog.  click here to see the goody bag contents and enter to win!

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