Revenge of the Nerds

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In my last nerd fashion post, I spoke about how nerds ruled the runway and how nerds were featured as popular ad campaigns.  As a continuation, this post features revenge of the nerds on the real-way.  How are real people interpreting the trend?

To me, nerd fashion can be summed up as

nerd=Striped cardigan+ high waisted shorts+ white socks pulled up+ hats with the brims folded up+ round collared shirts+ loafers+ oversized or black rimmed glasses.

Here are pictures of real fashionistas who rocked the nerd look.  Below is Keiko Lynn from Brooklyn, a fellow Chictopian making black framed glasses look ultra sexy.

Another Chictopian pictured above and below, amanda brohman who is wearing white-delias-shirt, blue-cardigan, blue-jeans-brown-mossimo-shoes.

Is anyone else intrigued by this Nerd trend?

And would YOU rock the nerd glasses?

Olivia Palermo, my style icon, rocked the nerd glasses at a NY fashion show recently.

Here’s how fellow Polyvore fashionistas interpreted the trend through online collage sets.  And you know how much I love collages!

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