November 2010

Christmas shopping is fun – mostly because it means I come home with the perfect gifts for….me.  Please tell me that I’m not the only one who comes home with gifts for myself each time I holiday shop for others.  Why is everyone else so hard to shop for when shopping for me is so easy?  It goes something like this, “One for person A, one for me.  One for person B, one for me.  One for person C, one for me.”  Soon after, it simply becomes “Merry Christmas to me!” Case in point, I recently browsed the mall looking for holiday gifts and came back purchasing more for me than I had for others.  For instance, I couldn’t resist this faux fur Express coat and Forever 21 lace ruffle tank top.  Both were steals (about $150 for the coat and about $15 for the top) Here, I’m pairing it with my black leggings, suede lace-up booties, pearls and Chanel purse.   When I wear something that I consider “cheap chic” I make sure to balance it off with higher-end designer pieces so that no one knows my cheap secret. I love this purse ‘cuz the pearls detach, can be worn as a necklace and the gold chain can remain for a more classic Chanel purse look.  But damn, it barely fits  my oversized wallet, cell phone and keys.  The lady at the Chanel counter suggested I buy a new slim wallet from her to fix this problem – she’s gooood. This was my weekend look to go shopping in the city.  I’m all about leggings and jeans on the weekend, mainly because I’m not allowed to wear them during the work week.   What’s your favorite go-to weekend piece? Lastly, I’m giving away my vintage dress to one lucky blog winner this week.  Just click here and follow the instructions for entry!


Fashion has a way of making you want to purchase things you really don’t need.  Take a look through any woman’s closet and you’ll see multiples of everything.  My latest don’t-need-but-had-to-have was my black scarf with metallic dots, discovered at Off 5th.  Its modern cut (it’s already pre-formed into a loop that you can wear long or double-up) is what helped me rationalize the purchase.  “I’m updating my winter look” er so I thought.  In actuality, this scarf isn’t even fit for a chilly fall being that it is practically sheer and so lightweight.  If I were honest with myself at checkout I’d have realized it was far less practical of a purchase and simply an impulsive fashion update.

Here it is with my mom’s vintage suite (skirt hemmed higher), flower brooch, masculine boots and Chanel purse.

What was your latest impulse buy?

I’m thinking of doing a shopping haul pictorial round-up and/or shopping video for my blog.    Any interest in seeing what I bought over Thanksgiving week?

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Ever have one of those fashion mishaps where you look at yourself in the mirror mid-day and wonder what the heck you were thinking? Maybe it was your cubicle’s lights that transformed what you thought was a pretty pink into an embarrassingly fluorescent neon.  Or  maybe you didn’t notice that your pant was too short for the heels you wore.  Or maybe the styling risk you took in the morning made you want to run back home and change by mid-afternoon.

Today I had one of those days.  The day before, my boss mentioned that we were going to take a group picture with Santa (in the mall that we work at).  I thought, “yay! must add take picture with Santa to my long list of work perks.”   So excitedly, I prepared a Christmas themed outfit for the special shot with as much enthusiasm as Bridget Marquardt from the Girls Next Door would have had preparing her next celebratory themed outfit.  I wore a red/white/green plaid ruffle blouse with army green suede-like pants and some fun red leopard flats.  At home, I was sure the mix of patterns was an unexpected and fun twist on a holiday theme.  But by the time I checked myself out at work, I had no clue what I was thinking.  And to make matters worse, the Santa photo plans got cancelled so I ended up looking like a dorky elf all day for nothing.

In the fashion industry, such fashion mishaps can be devastating to your reputation.  Ever see Devil Wears Prada?  Yea, well today, I felt I must have put my job in jeopardy.  To top it off just yesterday, I had a wrist slap from my boss for wearing five – pocket pants (I’m not kidding).  Who knew they weren’t allowed – they weren’t jeans…only jean like.  eh..the fashion police was in full force.

Anyways, with the next two days off, I figure I have a couple days to recover with more than enough time to schedule a successful series of work outfits of which I will post here in my usual dedicated fashion while winning back the respect I just lost. 🙂


Today I wore a Calvin Klein cowl neck sheath dress with patterned tights, an Express chain necklace, Ann Taylor leather jacket, Aldo booties and Fendi tote with my cloister hat.   The whole outfit costed around $250 without the tote.   Where I work, you couldn’t even find a dress for that low of a price.   Here are the pics.

I got tons of compliments on my tights today but I can bet I got some strange looks too.

I’m a secret fan of Express.  They have edgy and trendy accessories for cheap.   Here, I’m wearing a Chanel knock-off style with a blinged out camelia and leather chain accessories.  I just wish Express had a frequent customer card.  It would have come in handy when I was buying hundreds and hundreds of shirts for my the booth models I used to hire.

This dress is the dress I wore on my first day at work but with a softer, more romantic look.

And lastly, here it is with a black H&M cardigan, black chanel purse, flower pin, and ankle strap heels.

Speaking of heels, that’s my shoe closet pictured there.  It got a pink makeover when I moved.  I couldn’t decide on the wall of curtains (which hid my makeshift closet) so I started out with pink (shown here) but have since opted for the white/black striped tweed curtain shown in my first picture.  Yes even my shoe closet got a makeover…

This last look is much more conservative and could be a safe, appropriate choice for various work environments.

The other way I’ve worn this dress in the past four months is with a short-sleeved, chocolate brown cardigan, belted with the metallic belt that the dress came with (shown above), brown croc boots, and my silver Prada lady purse.   Sorry I must’ve gotten lazy and not captured it on film ‘cuz a photo was nowhere to be found.

This Calvin Klein is such a basic go-to dress which is why I wear it once a month (more than I can say about  most of my dresses).  Sometimes the most basic dress is the most versatile.  I hope I showed you that one basic dress can have lots of styling potential.

So there you go, 1 dress worn 4 ways, pictured 3 ways in very different styles.  Which outfit was your favorite?

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter my vintage dress giveaway!


I have a few cloche hats, one red, one green and each with a bow and another simple black one featured in a different style diary entry.  I love the retro shape and how they easily take any outfit to the next level.

Here was my work outfit today which included a 2-piece semi-formal dress by Kathlin Argiero that the designer herself gave to me for free, Burberry heels, a Sinclaire trench,  H&M cardigan and St. John tote.

The classic color combination of khaki, black and a pop of red is so Burberry.   My Burberry plaid (on the shoes) sort of just tied them all together. 

I fell in love with this trench coat at Saks.  The girly bow plus the fact that I could buy it at 44%off the already reduced sale price was simply irresistible.  This was the first time I wore this Kathlin Argiero black, 2-piece dress out to a non-semi-formal occasion.  I made it a work look by pairing it with a simple puff-sleeved black cardigan and wearing it with work heels.  What do you think?  Did I get away with making this dress work overtime?

The necklace I wore was a cheap find.  I liked the edgy metallic chains mixed with the oversized bling.

My green cloche hat is something I’ve featured before.  Here it is again but with a more work/fall look.

What do you think?  Would you wear a cloche hat?  If so, how?


I’m a nut.  I just spent the last hour obsessing over finding the perfect cupcake toppers for my engagement party.  I recalled seeing these beautiful toppers in the form of Chanel quilting and felt the need to HAVE them at my party.

Of course it took me an hour to find them online because I had searched “cupcake topper”, “designer cupcake” and “cupcake tops” before finally searching cupcake cap and getting to my desired website cupcake caps!  They make any amateur cupcake baker like me magically transform into a Martha Stewart professional.  Just bake your cupcakes as you normally would, heck bake something straight out of the Betty Crocker box, frost quickly (doesn’t have to be perfect) then srew on a cupcake cap and voila you’ve got yourself a designer cupcake for only 1$ a cap!

Unfortunately, by the time I re-discovered the lovely cupcake topper site, I learned that the turnaround time for the caps I wanted was 2weeks, longer than what I needed for my event.  Ah well.

I did however, fall in love with a few other vendors along the way that I will now include into my favorites list.  Check out ticings, edible icing sheets that fit cakes or cupcakes and come in all sorts of holiday, special occasion and kids themes.  You can create your own logo or pattern too!

On a similar note, I found that I can add fashionable patterns sticker-style with edible prints.

Who knew baking could be such a piece of cake?

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Here’s to a Chanel – inspired wedding.  Fat Karl.  Skinny Karl.  I love it all!
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First impressions are important and invites are your event’s first impression.  So when I came across Paperless Post, (think designer evites), I couldn’t wait to throw my next fab fete.

They bring design and fashion to the world of online invites – something Facebook and Evite invites sadly lack.  AND they let you customize the colors, fonts, wording and envelope liner.  What more could you ask for?

I’m planning to use these for my change of address, holiday cards, and engagement party invites – yes I said engagement because I just got engaged!!  FabGabBlog readers will soon be hearing and seeing a lot more about wedding planning in this blog!  (I’m thinking about using the cute black and white bowtie design for my engagement party invite.  It’s not too masculine, not too feminine and adds just the touch of fanciness and elegance that I’m looking for.

And thanks to Paperless Post, all you FabGabBlog readers can enjoy the 25 free custom evites! Enjoy!

FabGabBlog is also giving away a vintage dress – click here to enter to win!


Do you ever see someone’s outfit and get inspired to wear something similar i.e. copy someone else’s look?

I find that this sometimes happens subliminally.  You see a red dress on a co-worker and for some reason the red dress in your closet pops out at you the very next day.  Sometimes though, you admire someone’s outfit and pick it apart, analyzing the pieces that correspond to your own wardrobe, teaching and reminding yourself that you could create a similar look.  That’s what happened when I ran into this photo of Olivia Palermo – one of my style inspirations.

I was inspired by this because though I’m a fan of the cardigan+dress+belt work look, I would not have thought about pairing the camel color with the black/white dress.  So here is my Olivia Palermo inspired work outfit using my own patterned black and white H&M dress (bought on sale for $15), paired with a vintage belt and camel colored cardigan from Express(bought on sale for $19.99).  Booties are from a NY boutique.

The necklace is from Bloomies.

Can you see the inspiration?  What do you think of my outfit?

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter my blog’s vintage dress giveaway!

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