January 2011

Look who I met!  Here’s the world’s most talented cake artist, Ron  Ben-Israel.  Otherwise known as the “Manolo Blahnik of wedding cakes” (quoted from the NY Times), or the “King of Cakes” as referred to by Modern Bride Magazine, or simply “fabulously dressed” in my book (check him out!), Ron is a superstar cake creator with a perfectionist’s attention to detail.  Just look at his amazing work below!

I hurriedly popped into the last room at the New York Palace’s bridal showcase hoping to take everything in before close as if I were just entering the last 10minutes of a Barney’s warehouse sale.  In my hurry to take in the crumbling fabulousity around me (vendors were tearing down much to my dismay), I barely noticed the celebrity cake maker staring at me.  I twirled in place quickly scanning the room to strategize my starting point when to my surprise, Ron approached me to comment on my look saying he wanted to take a picture with me.  (No one can resist my poodle purse as it seems to attract all!)  Little did he know I was even more excited to take a photo with him for not only have I seen him on Ace of Cakes I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time oohing and ahhing at his website, PLUS I was soon to be his future bridal client!  Ron is making my wedding cake!

All cake photos from Ron Ben Israel’s website

The best part about the meetup is that Ron agreed to do a FabGabBlog interview.  So here is your chance, readers.  What do you want to ask Ron?  I’ll make sure to add in your questions and let you know the answers in a follow-up post!  Leave your comments here!


As a continuation to my last post, here’s the 2nd half of Kleinfeld’s bridal fashion show.

Ballgowns are great for taller girls.  They help create a waist even when you don’t have one which is why I chose this style for my very own gown.  Of course, the model pictured here has no figure flaws but nonetheless this ivory ballgown by Rembo diminishes her waist which makes this taffeta gown worth every bit of the $2900 pricetag .

If fun and flirty is more your style, this next Ian Stuart one-shoulder cocktail dress could be for you.

$3100 may seem like a lot to spend on a secondary cocktail reception dress but I’m thinking that post-wedding you could even dye this and wear it again at another occasion.

This ivory mermaid gown pictured below had an interesting variation on the ever popular strapless styles that you see everywhere nowadays.  They called it the “illusion tank” but I didn’t like the bottom’s mix of tulle and lace, two things I tried desperately to avoid when choosing my own gown.

This Olivia Couture dress was on sale for $2100.  Pretty headpiece, huh?

If any of you watch Say Yes to the Dress, you know that Pnina Tornai wedding gowns are for the brides with no budget – the kind of bride that wouldn’t blink at spending the price of a car on her wear-once-dress.  So when I saw the designer’s name listed as the 14th look in Kleinfeld’s fashion show I literally held my breath as I waited for the next model to appear.

And then this dress came out and I started wondering, whether we were changing into the lingerie portion of the show.  See – through lace, boning details, and a corseted top plus a lace headpiece straight out of the 80’s made for a tacky sheath, something only the most daring of (rich) brides would wear. And it got worse.  Upon closer viewing, the chantilly lace reminded me of spider webs.  Halloween brides anyone?

The  next chantilly lace gown was trumpet styled and featured a tulle overlay and organza tiered skirt.  What do you think of this one? It’s$3100 by a Kleinfeld designer exclusive, Alita Graham.

Above is a beautiful plaid taffeta ballgown that would look so fresh and unique at a summery country club setting.  It’s part preppy, part classic given the silhouette and pattern.  But it would take a confident rule-bending bride to wear the nontraditional plaid.   I might not have chosen it as a bride but this was one of my favorites from the second half of the show.

Ian Stuart the designer also created a smart, detachable train. Pretty, huh?

Unlike the above dress, I thought this next dress was safe but forgettable.  Olivia Couture’s $3400 pleated chiffon skirt and embroidered bodice looked pretty but a little plain if I must judge but to each her own.

Can’t you just see this dress swing on the ballroom dance floor?  I think it is one of those dresses that looks prettiest in motion.  I can see the waltz now.

Pictured below is the dress for the lazy bride.  Don’t want to spend your day having to carry around a bouquet?  Why don’t you just wear it?

Seriously though, if you’re choosing this dress, please don’t carry a bouquet when you already have half a garden already growing out of your waist.  It would simply compete.

Sorry that I can’t tell you the maker or price of this dress but this look’s details were omitted from the program listing.  You can blame Kleinfeld…

The last dress of the show, which is always the most important wow look was a dress by over-the-top designer Pnina Tornai.  Not surprisingly, the price tag was listed as $24,000.  What do you think?  Is it at all worth it to you?

Going back to my earlier ballgown comment, see here how her waist seems itty bitty in relation to the width of her skirt?  Granted, this is an exaggerated ballgown but it proves my point even more.  But ladies, do not try this look if you are petite/short.  It will absolutely overwhelm you and make you look out of proportion.

In person, this dress was totally over-the-top borderline ridiculous but in pictures I can see how it would make the perfect editorial piece.  And this side angle is oh so flattering.   What type of bride do you see wearing this?  Would you?


Currently, about 5 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress are clogging up my DVR (as are Four Weddings, My Fair Wedding, Rich Bride Poor Bride and Bridalplasty).  Can you tell I’m a little wedding-show-obsessed?  Before you jump to conclusions,  let me defend myself.  I’m not a Bridezilla in the making.  I’m just an event planner by trade who also happens to be a bride-to-be.  So these event planning bridal shows are right up my alley and often a source of inspiration (not to mention laughter, envy and ridicule).

So when I heard that Kleinfeld was doing a live fashion show at the NY Palace Hotel (my wedding venue) I just had to say yes to the event.   Besides, how can a “Say Yes to the Dress” fan turn down the opportunity to see Randy and the Kleinfeld clan?  Here are my pictures!

As you can see, even though I arrived late and the open seating was half-full by the time I arrived, I still managed to snag a decent center aisle seat.  I attribute this to being in a room full of amateur fashion show go-ers who mistakenly took any seat near the stage.  (real pros know to take the coveted center aisle seat for best viewing pleasure!)

As you can see, the opening look was a fashion-forward stunner.  You could literally hear the audience audibly gasp when the swarvoski crystals flickered towards them.  What can I say?  We girls are suckers for the shiny shiny.The off-white bejewled lace tank featured delicate cap sleeves and an organza ruffled skirt with feathered detail.  I love feathers so that’s what caught my eye.  Thing is this Pnina Tornai dress retails for $19,200.  It made the complimentary Kleinfeld $400 coupon seem like pennies in comparison which made me wonder how many brides-to-be gave up their Kleinfeld dreams at this point and hastily threw their coupon favors away. 

This ivory scoop neck sheath by Koscanyo Couture confused me.  It had a matronly silhouette and conservative cut which reminded me of something an older bride might wear for her 2nd wedding but then upon closer inspection, you realize that it would have to be a slutty older bride.  Check out the see-through lace!

This Olivia Couture simple ivory strapless A-line gown was made of tulle and sparkled with its bow bling.  It’s great for that simple, girly bride who just so happens to have $3600 to spare.

If you like the romantic look and want to incorporate lace, then something like the below ivory strapless, dropped-waist trumpet gown might be a pretty purchase.
To me, this look is just too saccharine.  But here’s a close-up for all you sweet brides.

That’s a velvet bow that you’re looking at.  The whole Johanna Hehir dress is $5900 which to me sounds like a lot, given I’ve never heard of that designer before.

When this blondie came out, I couldn’t help staring at the beautiful necklace.  So much so that I didn’t even notice she was wearing pants!  It was only after I checked our event program, and I read “white strapless chiffon over silk satin skinny pant by Le Spose Di Gio $4100” that I had to take a double-take.  What do you think of this unusual bridal getup?  Are pants the new wave of the future?  I think not… that is unless maybe you’re Ellen DeGeneres.  Here’s a better shot of that necklace.  I love statement jewelry!

The fashionista in me is drawn to asymmetrical shoulders but this one pictured below just didn’t excite me.   Look at the model.  The dress even makes her sleepy.  I certainly got a shockwave of excitement though when I saw that the Amarildine dress costed$4200.  $4200 for this organza piece?  Really?

Next came an unexpected surprise that both delighted and fascinated me.  Check out this blue and white seersucker sweetheart neckline ballgown.Have you ever seen such a thing?  I mean a seersucker blue/white gown – who does this?  The concept seemed borderline outrageous but I loved the fresh take.  Take a closer look.

The guy wore a white linen suit with blue and white seersucker dress shirt.  And they both looked absolutely adorable together.  I can see this looking perfect at a summer southern wedding.  You can be sure to cross off “something blue” with this dress!

It doesn’t hurt that the model was flawlessly beautiful, right?  And look below.  the back is beautiful and elegant.  I just love the draping.  It reminds me of some Maggie Sottero and Kenneth Pool gowns that I’ve tried on.

If you’re not sick of bridal gowns, then read on tomorrow when I upload the rest of the pictures from the 2nd half of the show.  Say yes to tomorrow’s post!


Fashion is fickle.  It’s constantly changing and so the same goes for fashion’s faces.  Kate Moss who just turned 37 by the way, famously became the face of Calvin Klein, Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Topshop, Rimmel London and many more.  And with the change in times (and with Kate’s erratic behavior), brands have both run towards and away from her when carefully considering who would best represent them.

Kate Moss

The fashion front has some exciting updates.  Firstly, Leighton Meester is now officially one of the faces of Missoni.  Check out her adorable photo here proving once again that nerds are in vogue.

Though she is not the sole star of the campaign, ( Margherita Missoni, Camilla Al Fayed, Eugenie Niarchos, Tatiana Santo Domingo, Charlotte Dellal and Jacquetta Wheeler were also photographed for the ad campaign), she certainly looks like she is enjoying her model moment.

Another queen B from gossip girl that is the new face of fashion is Blake Lively.  Possibly, the luckiest of all fashion faces, she just got appointed as Chanel’s ambassador for their new Mademoiselle handbag! 

I think Karl made a fabulous choice.  She is as he praised, the “American Dream Girl” with her effortlessly sexy locks, model figure and charming smile.

Following the trend of using celebrities as the new faces for fashion, Ann Taylor, a brand that I’m currently intrigued with, chose Katie Holmes to debut their Spring 2011 collection.  I barely recognized those steely eyes in this photo.  And who would have guessed that figure came from a recent boy-jean wearing mom?

Lastly, I’m excited to see that finally, an Asian model has signed such a high-profile cosmetics contract with Estee Lauder.  This is sort of old news (2010) but I can’t help celebrating Liu Wen, who is the first-ever Asian to land the EL contract and also the first Asian to also walk the Victoria’s Secret runway.

Who is your favorite model of the moment or fresh face of fashion?


When it comes to the weekends, I crave jeans, shorter skirts and casual sweaters in the winter.  I hate not being allowed to wear any of the aforementioned items Monday – Friday that by the time I get to Saturday and Sunday, I can’t wait to rebel.

Today I went out to Saks Fifth to have lunch with a friend and to check out the sales there.  I wore my new metallic Forever 21 tunic style top with a flirty skirt, and baggy, buttery soft black leather boots.  The chain necklace is from Express and the hat was from a mall shop.  I loved that the hat added a little masculinity to the girly skirt.

Each piece costed about $20 except for the boots which costed $0.   They were a gift from my stylist friend at Bloomies.  (having fashionable friends has its perks!)

Stay tuned for goody bag giveaways!  I’ll be giving away a goody bag each month.



As a continuation to my post on black lace dresses, here’s a roundup of my favorite white lace dresses styled by fashionistas around the world.

When this Texas engineering major isn’t studying thermodynamics, she’s inspiring the world to dress better through her blog, Chictopia, Weardrobe and simply by upping the dress code on campus.  I love the pairing of the chunky fur collared cardi with the more delicate lace minidress, both are from Forever 21.

Fashionshesays, one of my favorite bloggers that has mastered the art of wearing vintage wears Philip Lim’s lace dress with vintage earrings, purse and belt, then surprises everyone with a shot of fuschia Ferragamo ballet flats.

Jersey Ferrari, a fashionista once featured here on FabGab,also wears a vintage belt with her lace dress (from Forever 21).  Being that I’m 5’8”, I’m not sure I could ever get away with such high-heeled, clunky heels but she rocked them with her cute black ankle socks, a surprising twist for the rest of the outfit.

Also proving that high style doesn’t have to mean high prices, Haute and rebellious rocks a dress, fur and accessories all by H&M, one of my go-to retailers for trendy looks.  Doesn’t this Californian scream glam in her signature fur look?

Lastly, here’s a vintage vixen, also from LA, who mixes my favorite black/white combo.  Note how her cute black booties bring the whole vintage look a unique modern touch.  If you ever want to browse a terrific online vintage collection, she sells too!

That’s it for now, everyone!  I hope that 2011 finds you healthy and happy.

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