February 2011

Now that a winner is chosen for the last NY fashion week goody bag, here’s the second in the series of giveaways!

Winner receives fashion week tote bag , Daily fashion mag, sz M Spanx-like body wrap, spa slippers, water bottle, TresSemme hairspray, Conair brushes and mini crimping iron, glittery nail polish, mascara, gems for your nails and more!

All you have to do is:

  • be a U.S. resident (please confirm the state that you live in when confirming your email. see below).
  • supply your email so I can contact you to find out your shipping address if you’re the winner
  • state your age (or age range if you don’t want to be specific)

One entry for each:

  • Facebook wall post (must include link as comment here)
  • Tweet (must include link as comment here)
  • comment in another post

Good luck to everyone!


Let’s face it.  We’re all checking each other out during fashion week.   Step foot anywhere near the fashion week tents and you’re basically welcoming the once-over.   New York Fashion Week took it one step further this year with the introduction of the Bumbys.  Honestly, I had no idea who they were at first but found myself instantly  intrigued as I walked over to their Fiji sponsored booth.  I mean who wouldn’t be curious seeing this blue duo furiously typing away on their outdated typewriters?  I mean,” hello, do you not see everyone else twittering away on their mobile phones and blogging away nearby at the press pit?”  “And what’s up with the smurf-like disguise,” I wondered.

Then I read the sign which explained why they were there.  “Fiji Water Presents A Fair and Honest Appraisal of Your Appearance.”  I laughed out loud when I read that these two were positioning themselves as fashion authorities but like the rest of the fashionistas in line, I couldn’t resist a fair and honest appraisal of my appearance as I anxiously stepped in line.   It was the most fun line any of us had stood in all week.   I wondered out loud whether the Bumbys were more Joan Rivers or Giuliana Depandi.

I took it as a good sign that nobody left the line crying.  What would they think of my outfit though?  Had I dressed to their liking?  Will they know that I only spent less than $150 on the entire outfit?  Will I be booted out of fashion week?  Panic shot through me as I nervously waited for the male bumby’s blue nails to stop typing.

Here’s my appraisal!

9.2!  woohoo, I’ll take that.  Here’s an excerpt from another fair and honest appraisal.

“You win hottest beard in the room. Dude, we’re in Dallas. You think we’ve slept together, but we haven’t. But just so you know, I WOULD totally give in, like totally on the first date. You should call my manager and take me out and let me use your hair products in the morning. Stop being such a total girl, Euroman. Overall: when silent, 9.4″

And yet another.  I can’t get enough!

Jill and Gill.  On behalf of all the New York Fashion Week fashionistas, thank you for your fair and honest appraisals.

To see more photos of New York fashionistas from inside the tents, check out my earlier entry. And come back for more pictures of fashionistas inside the tents!


It’s not just the adults from fashion week that have heads turning.  If you look closely, you’ll see some very cute mini-me’s dressed to the nines!  How these kids snagged coveted fashion week tickets when adults can’t even sometimes figure their way in, I have no idea but check out what they’re wearing!

Isn’t she just a doll?  And look at those perfectly curled locks!  She left me wondering how I could achieve such perfection. hmmph.  Jealous!

I love the clash of menswear pieces with girly frocks.  This little one got it SO right.  Tutu + tie necklace + vest = fashionista!

This mini-fashionista fit right in with her carefree locks and well-planned outfit.  See how the tights, shirt and skirt are so well matched?  I love the casual cool blazer and the little charm shoes too.

What girl can resist a little sparkle? This little one rocked her gold sparkly slippers with a girly pink dress.  I wish I had asked her to take her coat off for the shot so we could see more.

It was a fashion week first for this lucky girl who scored her very first ticket through her dad (who worked with the designer).  I loved her headband and couldn’t resist the fact that she chose her own outfit that day.  Too cute, huh?

And quite possibly my favorite mini-fashionista of all time was Alexander Wang’s niece.  Who says you can be too young for fur and Chanel? Photo from fashioncopius.typepad.com

If you haven’t already, make sure you enter to win a  New York Fashion Week goody bag!  I’m running a series of goody bag giveaways and am choosing a winner tomorrow so hurry and enter!


Part of the fun of fashion week is simply admiring what everyone else is wearing.   And you can bet that my FabCam was out in full force to document all the fabulous fashions as it has in the past.  Usually, I blog about them according to some sort of theme.  Fashionistas, if you see yourself here, it’s because I enjoyed your outfit and liked your look.  Please leave a comment here with your outfit details and a little information about yourself.  What / who were you wearing?  How would you describe your look and what do you do in the fashion industry? For those of you who had your picture taken but don’t see yourself here, don’t fret.  It’s only ‘cuz you weren’t wearing animal print.  But if I shot you, you have  my fabulous seal of approval!  Check back soon because I’ll be posting more pics of fashion week fashionistas in my upcoming posts.

Here’s a roundup of some of the animal prints that I saw everywhere.

Which outfit was your favorite? And what do you think of the popularity of animal prints?

Want to win a goody bag from NY fashion week?  Just click here!


The Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show was a terrific way to kick-off NY fashion week today.  I’ll write more about the actual fashion show soon.  For now I’d like to present you the chance to win the goody bag from the show (note: I’ve stuffed it with even more goodies for my fabgabblog readers!)

___UPDATE.  Dana has won.  but you can check back because next week I’ll have another fashion week giveaway!

All you have to do is comment here + and again in 2 other entries.  for an additional entry, add a link to this entry in your Facebook, blog or twitter and leave the link url as a comment!

What you’ll win:

  • a Carmen Marc Valvo designed, “the heart truth” canvas bag (also reads AOL)
  • thank you cards from Pear Tree
  • notebook from BRIDES
  • adhesive nails
  • a key favor
  • L’oreal infallible lipstick stars collection
  • lip gloss by Artistry
  • Pantene shampoo and conditioner
  • hand creme by Shima + Sahai
  • purse mirror by BRIDES
  • L’oreal sample hair care
  • Shopaholic mints
  • Mrs. Meyers liquid dish soap
  • Red Door perfume sample
  • Sferra linen
  • tons of coupons and promo booklets
  • Nicole Miller perfume sample

Good Luck and watch out for more goody bag giveaways this week!

Must be a U.S. resident to enter.  Please leave a valid email so I can notify you of your winning!


Here’s my latest inspiration board for a romantic, light, airy color theme.  You can thank Nuage Designs for the beautiful custom linens.  I love the vintage feel to this storyboard.  Don’t you?


When all bundled up over the winter weekends, I like to wear skinny jeans.  It helps to balance off voluminous coats, sweaters and furs.  My latest skinny jeans winter weekend outfit consisted of cheap and chic finds including:

  • Forever 21 black skinny jeans ($14.99)
  • H&M sequined ruffle tank (about $20)
  • green cardigan from the Limited (about $25 on sale)
  • blue/black tweed check chain purse from Top shop (can’t remember the price but maybe under $50)
  • fur stole (found at a thrift store for $2)
  • necklace – bought at a Korean boutique

I love that this fur stole costed $2 and that I can wear it on top of all my cardigans and blazers.

How do you wear your skinny jeans?

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