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Let’s face it.  We’re all checking each other out during fashion week.   Step foot anywhere near the fashion week tents and you’re basically welcoming the once-over.   New York Fashion Week took it one step further this year with the introduction of the Bumbys.  Honestly, I had no idea who they were at first but found myself instantly  intrigued as I walked over to their Fiji sponsored booth.  I mean who wouldn’t be curious seeing this blue duo furiously typing away on their outdated typewriters?  I mean,” hello, do you not see everyone else twittering away on their mobile phones and blogging away nearby at the press pit?”  “And what’s up with the smurf-like disguise,” I wondered.

Then I read the sign which explained why they were there.  “Fiji Water Presents A Fair and Honest Appraisal of Your Appearance.”  I laughed out loud when I read that these two were positioning themselves as fashion authorities but like the rest of the fashionistas in line, I couldn’t resist a fair and honest appraisal of my appearance as I anxiously stepped in line.   It was the most fun line any of us had stood in all week.   I wondered out loud whether the Bumbys were more Joan Rivers or Giuliana Depandi.

I took it as a good sign that nobody left the line crying.  What would they think of my outfit though?  Had I dressed to their liking?  Will they know that I only spent less than $150 on the entire outfit?  Will I be booted out of fashion week?  Panic shot through me as I nervously waited for the male bumby’s blue nails to stop typing.

Here’s my appraisal!

9.2!  woohoo, I’ll take that.  Here’s an excerpt from another fair and honest appraisal.

“You win hottest beard in the room. Dude, we’re in Dallas. You think we’ve slept together, but we haven’t. But just so you know, I WOULD totally give in, like totally on the first date. You should call my manager and take me out and let me use your hair products in the morning. Stop being such a total girl, Euroman. Overall: when silent, 9.4″

And yet another.  I can’t get enough!

Jill and Gill.  On behalf of all the New York Fashion Week fashionistas, thank you for your fair and honest appraisals.

To see more photos of New York fashionistas from inside the tents, check out my earlier entry. And come back for more pictures of fashionistas inside the tents!

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