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Once upon a time, in a land far far away was a beautiful princess-to-be with a fairly boring but passable fashion sense.  And during the 5month engagement the world was abuzz with predictions, speculations and designer drawings of what the princess bride would wear.  My personal prediction was that she would play it safe with something traditional and classic.  And knowing the grand cathedral that she was to be wed in, I envisioned her in something grand, something with covered shoulders, something with a little lace and definitely something with a long train.  I just prayed it wouldn’t be as ridiculously long as Princess Diana’s train.

So when I got to work this morning, the first thing I did was to anxiously play the video of Kate Middleton taking that famous ride towards Westminster Abbey.  No I wasn’t one of the millions of Americans who set their alarms at 5am or stayed up all night partying at a viewing event.  A girl has got to work!  Excitedly though, I was happy to have been right about the wedding dress predictions and stunned to see the similarities between Kate Middleton’s dress and Grace Kelly.  It immediately brought me back to the day my best friend emailed me that same Grace Kelly photo that has been floating around the web .  She actually suggested to me that I wear something similar to Grace Kelly’s dress for my very own wedding!  What timing!  For it seems Kate already stole the idea with the help of Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen.

For a full slideshow of Kate’s dress click here

Did anyone else find the dress a bit anti-climatic?

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