May 2011

I’m fascinated by celebrity closets.  You can call it part fantasy, part jealousy, part lust.  Check out my earlier round-ups of celebrity closet photos.  And check out my most recent find from Giuliana Rancic, a celeb I can actually identify with.  She reveals her E! closet and teases Ryan Seacrest for making her wear flats here.

Ahhh if only I had a wardrobe set aside for me like this at work!


In my last style diary post, I included a thrifted fur that I had found in Lancaster PA for $5.  It reminded me that I was behind in my outfit posts and still needed to post this picture from this past winter, also featuring a thrift store fur piece.  I wore this larger fur (thrifted for $10) on top of my cardigan and got tons of compliments on the sweater from people assuming it was all sold as one piece.

I made it casual with a pair of black skinny jeans, black rainboots and my hair tied up in a messy bun.

The cardigan is from the Limited, the jeans $15 from Forever 21 and the sequin black ruffle tank is from H&M.

I added a little more shape with the skinny belt and added interest with the black jeweled, bowtie like necklace.

The purse, pictured earlier is from TopShop.  I think the whole outfit from head to toe costed me less than $200


I’ve been so consumed with wedding planning during my free time that I’ve barely had time to pay any attention to the blog.   Sorry!

Here is an outfit post that I’ve been meaning to upload for over a month now. Ever have one of those fashion aha moments where you suddenly realize that one thing goes with another?  For me it all started with this lace dress which I last wore to NY Fashion week in a totally different way.

From there, I added a short sleeved cashmere vneck top which had cute sparkly detail at the cap sleeves.  This was one of those pieces that I hardly ever wore and I was thrilled to have been able to bring it out again as a layering piece.  I nearly forgot it even existed.  And voila!  I had a new layered look!

Then to add a little shape, I added a vintage brown distressed belt,  topped the outfit off with a matching hat ( a freebie I found while shopping a VIP stop during NY fashion week) and added a $5 thrift store, fur collar.   Yes, I said thrift store.  While traveling through Lancaster, PA I stopped in to see what the Amish were thrifting these days and had to celebrate on my way out after finding 2 furs for under $10 and a cute hat.   Also pictured here are Celine boots which were a gift from my stylist friend at Bloomies.  (love her!)  The silver Prada purse was a gift from myself when I first started working at Saks.  A girl has to celebrate a new job, doesn’t she?

What do you think of this look?  And where would you wear it? I want to hear from you so please leave a comment.

It was a mix of vintage and new.  Girly and masculine.  Anytime I can add a little contrast to an outfit, it seems to make it all the more interesting.


As a follow-up to my earlier post where I blogged about my fashion freebie, a turquoise scarf that I planned to wear at a work event, here is the event photo.  For Lafayette 148’s spring collection which featured turquoise and salmon colored outfits, I created a dessert table to match.  It featured branded rice-krispy treats, coral colored rock candy sticks, turquoise wraped chocolate balls, a teal and coral cupcake tower, teal M&Ms and more.  Check it out!

The rented damask linens are from Cloth Connection.  They perfectly matched my step and repeat.  (And my dress for that matter!  Can you believe this dress is from my high school days?) hah I can’t believe I still fit into it.   And I bet you can’t believe I still have it!

The black bling plates are from Michael’s and I find a hundred uses for them. Candy was from Candy Warehouse.  Cupcakes and custom rice krispy treats are from a local Long Island bakery called My Cookie Jar.

Next up is an orange themed dessert bar that was inspired from St. John’s orange spring fashions.  Again, the linens are from cloth connection, cupcakes from My Cookie Jar and this time, the candy was purchased at our mall’s candy shop. You should’ve seen the cashier’s face when I showed up at the register holding 12 bags of orange/peach candies.

orange dessert barAnd what’s a fashion event without a beautiful model?

The next and last post to this candy bar themed entry is a fun prom party candy bar, also created for work.  Since it was a party geared mainly towards teens and since the event focused on various multi-colored fashions, I designed a candy bar in vibrant rainbow hues.

Using the same damask linen, bling plates, and step and repeat, I added some branding, fashion (with the cute Kate Spade bow heels), and bright pops of color all over.  The colorful, multi-colored candy sticks, chocolates and candies all came from and served to attract passerbys who couldn’t resist the lure.  Here, one of my models poses after the fashion show.

Aren’t the models cute??  They were awesome and we were all thrilled that they agreed to volunteer their time to benefit the charity partner LICADD.

For more on dessert bars and for my tips and how-tos, click here!

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Within minutes of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress being revealed, designers worldwide were scrambling to make copies and/or dresses “inspired” by the Alexander McQueen gown.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this article showcasing a Chinese bride who wore a knockoff dress just 36hours after the royal wedding.

“The Muyi Wedding Dress Company, located in Suzhou, China, made this dress, which sells for about $320. Suzhou is known as “Wedding Dress City” because it boasts more than 1,200 wedding gown factories”.

I warn you that I personally got burned from one of these Chinese knockoff e-tailers.  I found chinese-shop2009 on ebay and trusted them to deliver on my one-shoulder, Maggie Sottero knock-off dress.  They were responsive with my q&a, had a wide variety of fabrics/colors to choose from (more than Maggie offered), and had almost perfect feedback scores. For only $158 I decided why not take the risk.  After all, I needed a 2nd wedding gown for my 2nd reception (1week prior to the “real” wedding) and loved the idea of wearing a different gown with simpler train instead of having to reveal the gorgeous Kenneth Pool gown that I bought at Saks for the main reception.

Time flew by before I noticed 3months had passed since the original order which is when I checked in and the seller promised it would ship soon.  When it finally arrived, it came to me the wrong color (I ordered ivory and received gold), the dress had prominent pin holes throughout the entire dress, and stunningly the cut and drape were even all wrong!  And to top it off, the zipper broke on the first try!

This is what I expected (shown here is the authentic Maggie Sottero Fiorella dress on a model and then on me to show the back). Beautiful, right?

But instead, I got a poorly made replica in the wrong color with the wrong back  with holes all over and a broken zipper.  As soon as I have a full-length photo of me in it, I’ll have to post.  But for now, here are the close-up shots (which do not accurately reflect the gold color due to the camera flash).

Even from these pictures you can see all the large holes on EACH pleat.

The draping was the most modern, and unique element of the original gown’s design but unfortunately, chinese-shop2009 got it all wrong.

To top it off the bra cups had been sewn in too close together making what looked like a monoboob.  Ugh.

After a few emails back and forth where Chinese-shop2009 asked for the photos and then completely ignored me, I searched ebay for buyer protection help.  When reading the fine print though, I learned that their offer expires after 90 days and then you’re basically on your own!  So beware to all wedding dress buyers on ebay because most if not all wedding dress makers will require 90days to produce and ship to you. A special warning goes out to anyone considering shopping with chinese-shop2009.  Do not on any circumstance trust or buy from them.  They did not respond to my numerous emails with listed complaints and photo evidence and have not offered to resolve the issue in any way.  It’s unfortunate, because, they are tarnishing the reputation of foreign ebay sellers and adding to buyers’ hesitation in shopping with ebay. Hopefully, none of you will have to learn the hard way as I did with ebay buyer protection rules.

In case chinese-shop2009 ever changes their ebay seller name, their associated email was and the shipment came in from

Jiang Rong from Hangzhou whole sale city trading co.

B Room, 21 floor no 428

arch of triumph building

Shanghai China 200070

Buyers beware!

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