June 2011

Back in the ’80s, I used to love being a prep.  I wore penny loafers, navy sweaters with green whales and mixed pink and green so often, you’d think Lilie Pulitzer was my idol.

I still like the preppy look but find myself more attracted to JCrew’s version.  Smart with funky jewelry.  I especially love adding unexpected twists to my preppy basics.  For instance, today, I started my outfit with this pretty Tahari printed skirt and basic black button down (from Karl Lagerfeld’s limited H&M collection).  Preppy and basic.  That is until I added the rocker influenced studded belt (don’t remember where I bought it) and funky booties from Aldo.

The purse is still classic but the Chanel chain strap adds a little more interest and the bib necklace found at a Charlotte Russe outlet store for only $5 completes the eccentric look.

I know the bib necklace is probably out of style since its trendy heyday has past but I couldn’t help but bring it back out today.

What do you think?

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