August 2011

So peaceful.  So pretty.

This is my collage for a vintage themed, neutral-colored wedding.  I love the mix of textures, and the bits of sparkle and shine mixed in with my usual favorites like damask detail.   Notice the pillow with the frothy white ruffles, the 3D almost antiqued linens and glam sequin pillow in the table setting?   The table goes so well with the vintage, crystal and lace dress, family photo framed wall and escort card table.  I’m loving it all.

I’ve been playing with the idea of helping a friend plan her wedding.  I’m so tempted!  After all, I’m still borderline wedding obsessed.  I diligently watch all episodes of “Four Weddings,” “Say Yes To The Dress” and yearn for the days that my cable gave me access to the Wedding Channel 24-7.  (Yes there is such a thing!)  Planning my own wedding was so much fun, that I almost never wanted it to end.  So this opportunity to be someone else’s wedding planner seemed the perfect excuse to keep the wedding planning momentum going.  All weekend, I seriously toyed with the idea.  But in the end, I had to take a hard look at (my lack of) free time.  With fall’s packed work schedule, a 3rd wedding reception of my own to deal with, a honeymoon to plan and a Bahamas birthday celebration this month alone, I knew I wouldn’t be able to give my dear friend the attention she deserved.


I love Target.  And I especially love their designer collaborations.  Sept 13th (through Oct. 22), Target is launching their latest collaboration – this time with Missoni, the master of dizzying, vibrant prints.

I’m not a big fan of Missoni (I can only take the colorful zig zags in small doses) and for women’s fashions, I mostly think it is pattern overdose.  But I’m loving the home decor selection and think Missoni prints work really well within the kids division.

After seeing the lookbook though I must add “bike” to the category of Missoni items that I would consider purchasing.  Does anyone else also now have an uncontrollable need for this Missoni bike?
They just need to create a matching Missoni bike lock.  Lord knows us NY-ers would need one..or two…or three …



I attribute my increasing appreciation for pink to the many breast cancer charity events that I’ve planned, promoted and executed.  It’s the color of choice.  It’s symbolic.  It’s supportive.  It’s feminine.  And it creates awareness.  I used to hate wearing the color.  And still to this day there are certain shades that cause a gag reflex in me – baby pink for instance, is just too …girly (yes! even for me!)

This year already, I’ve spearheaded 4 breast cancer related charitable events, all of course emphasizing the color pink in one way or another.  And so I’ve had to find shades that suit me.  Somehow in the process, the color has really grown on me.

I found this Zara dress and just had to have it.  It was perfect for my many pink-themed events, had the requisite sleeves thus making it appropriate for work and was in a shade I could stand to rock.

I paired it with my Prada purse, also worn in other style diary entries, a giant jeweled necklace from Express and my Marc Jacob lookalike flats also worn here,

I’ve got to get the dress lengthened now that I look at these pictures.  Either my legs are longer than I remember or these Zara dresses are cut like minis!

What’s your favorite shade of pink? And what would you call this shade?


I was surprised to see that “rainy day outfits” was one of my blog’s most frequent google search terms.  First on the ranking was even more startling…”andrej pejic” the male model that I wrote about once – yea just once.  When people search his name apparently they come across my blog for the first time.  His name is my blog’s most frequent search term with Olivia Palermo and rainy day outfits a close second and third.

It got me thinking that I need to write more about these 3 hot topics.  So here I am posting my summer rainy day outfit, sort of as a continuation of my earlier post.

This outfit is a TJMaxx find, sorta a onesie for adults lol.  It’s by Nanette Lepore.  I’ve paired it with my favorite insulated wellies by Kamik, a studded belt and a necklace from a Korean boutique in NJ that I frequent.

Speaking of wellies, I just ran into the cutest pair from Kate Spade.  The Randi style runs about $107 and comes in a few colors.  My favorites are the fushia and the cream.  Don’t you love the bow detail?


Ok and now onto the umbrella – did you notice how uniquely clear it was?  These types of umbrellas were all the rage in Japan and ever since my trip there, I just had to get one. If you need a new umbrella, you might want to check out

One of my favorites is this beautiful fushia vintage one for $129.

And I thought this white ruffly one was perfect for a wedding or a little girl.

Their umbrella selection is so cute that you’ll actually find yourself looking forward to rain.  Another of my favorite umbrella finds is this comical black umbrella.  What looks like your average and basic black umbrella is really a ray of sunshine from underneath.  Can you say, “rain rain go away?”



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I’m constantly converting my day dresses into something more appropriate for work. And why not?  I’m all about making my clothes work double-duty.  In this case, all it takes is a blazer and making sure the skirt length is appropriate.  Here, I’m wearing a Rebecca Taylor navy dress with pom pom trim.  Here is a close-up of the dress’s skirt under the military, Forever 21 blazer.

The shoes are Christian Louboutin lucite stilettos with yellow bows down the middle that I found at a high-end consignment store.  And the tote is Juicy Couture.

Here’s the back of the blazer – loving the feminine ruffles and how they offset the masculine military details. For more on  my style and what I wear to work, click here.


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A couple weeks ago, I hosted a breast cancer charity at our store and led a pink-themed fashion presentation.  Prepping for it turned my office pink.  Here’s a peak..

Though the idea of running your own fashion show or getting to style beautiful models seems like a fun task, the reality is that you have limited time, people pulling you in different directions, and a thousand other projects and to dos.  Imagine a game-show-like challenge with a major time crunch and the pressure of being on TV (remember how those reality TV stars sweat?)  That is what it’s like.

Scurrying through the two retail floors grabbing everything pink in sight, I must have looked like a crazy pink ball of fire.  It was a somewhat frightening task knowing pink was not a trend color this season, but somehow I managed to pull more items than I thought imaginable all the while making sure to pull sizes that my itty bitty models would fit into.  Then, I’d drop everything onto this rack and spend the next hour creating out of nothing, 20 head to toe outfits.

The pressure was on.  I knew all eyes would be on me.  And I knew I had to be prepared enough to not run out of things to talk about.  I imagined my mic in hand running through topics such as:

  • how to find your perfect shade of pink
  • how to dress up and dress down each outfit
  • how to go from cubicle to cocktails
  • how to wear pink in small doses
  • how to vary each dress option and create 3 different looks
  • what colors match well with pink
  • etc. etc.

Once my filler topics were listed, I organized the outfits by category:

  • little black dresses with pink pops of color
  • casual daytime looks
  • everyday dresses
  • evening looks

And then I organized the categories further – worn by model vs. on rack as filler piece.  It was important for me to have additional items to talk back to since some of the pink finds didn’t have model-appropriate sizes and also because I knew I’d have to kill some time while waiting for my models to change and reappear.

Once the untagging, scanning and re-tagging was done, my intern (love her!) made my flash cards – each card detailing the outfit’s pieces by brand and price.  I later numbered the backs of all the cards in case I dropped them (which I did do during the actual presentation btw).  Note to self, also add holes and a ring clip so that if they are dropped, time is not wasted trying to put them back in order.

With any leftover outfits, I styled my assistant, intern and myself so that we would also represent additional looks (on real people’s bodies), then hurried off to deal with all the other events’ setup needs.  Here are some pics!

And you can’t have a pink party without pink cupcakes…..I’m disgusted to think how many pink cupcakes I’ve eaten during my many breast cancer fashion events.

Yummy- looking huh?  Mind you, I had no event budget for decor.  F&B was all donated (perk of partnering with a charity), flowers were begged off of our visual team, and all other items were things I scrounged up in-house!

As guests checked in, they were greeted by the charity, welcomed with complimentary cupcakes and pink sparkling wine and encouraged to mingle / shop.  The models stood on platforms wearing SFA black dresses while wearing pink jewels from our jewelry department.

My events are all about sell-through so I had the models spritz guests with some of our pink – colored perfumes, just as another way to highlight product.

Here are some shots of the fashion presentation.  There was something for the pink-shy…those who wear pink in small doses and/or those who wear pink only as an homage to breast cancer charities at these sorts of events.  And there was something for the pink-enthusiasts whose closets scream pink and yearn for more.

Where do you fall on the love-of-pink spectrum?

I’m learning to love the color.  My next entry is about my very own pink outfit.  (here in these photos, I was borrowing the store’s DKNY striped dress and cardi from Lavia.  What do you think?

After running around all day, being the host for the event, the stylist and emcee for the show, serving as the event designer and planner, I put on my next hats:  event financier, charity shmoozer, events team manager etc. And before you knew it, I was off continuing to plan my next 10 events!




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The best part of my day was when I met one of our top customers and she immediately complimented me and my outfit saying that I was so Saks Fifth Avenue (where I work).  Little did she know that I actually wasn’t wearing a single thing from the store that I work at but I wasn’t about to tell her that.

I wore a sheath dress by Calvin Klein (that I bought at Marshall’s), with a cardi from the Loft, a vintage stretch belt, and heels from Zara.  Can you believe that I was all the way in Italy when I just had to stop at the Zara (only to fall in love with these shoes and just HAVE to pay the overpriced exchange rate for them)?

Now let’s talk accessories.  The purse was a gift from my model friend who was in the ad campaign for this brand…which I can’t remember at the moment.  They used to sell at Bergdorf Goodman..anyways, I thought the tribal feel of the handle matched well with my NY street fair find – necklace.  It’s funny how this outfit came together (in a matter of minutes).  I started off with the dress (isn’t everyone excited to wear a new dress?) then I added a cardigan cuz I’m not allowed to show shoulders at work – apparently that would be too risque’.  That looked shapeless so I added the stretch belt and jumped for joy when I remembered this old tribal looking necklace.  Then I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked a bit Bam Bam.  I added the Wilma beehive-like bun and voila!  I had a modern-day Flinstones look!

What do you think?


If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I’m a fan of fashion juxtapositions.  I love mixing vintage with modern, girly with masculine and sweet with tough.  Here’s yet another example and it has to do with studs.  Back in the ’80s when studs were hugely popular (remember Madonna and her studded black leather jackets?), I never ventured into that rock ‘n roll territory.  I was too much of a goody two shoes to adorn myself in such tough leather and studs.  It would have felt too costume-y for me.

But I’ve since learned that I can incorporate the rocker look in small doses and in doing so can up the “cool” quotient of any of my more feminine pieces (and Lord knows I have a ton of them!)

This entry is about mixing studs, and spikes with sweet pieces like lace, skirts and dresses.  The first outfit is something I wore to work today.  It all started with my new H&M find, this navy lace top which I found for about $30.  I brought it home thinking, I could easily wear it now this summer, and transition it into fall because of the darker color.

I paired it with this red skirt which is actually half of a Calvin Klein suit (always think about your suits as being separates for increased wearability!)  and being that I was wearing red, it seemed perfect to pull out these studded red ballerina flats to match.

The Zara flats have this cute Chanel-like chained ankle strap that makes everyone take a second look.  I had 2 co-workers today try to figure out whether I was wearing ankle bracelets or whether the strap was part of my shoe.

Do you see what I mean though about balancing out the girly lace with the edgier studs?  It gives the outfit a little more interest than say, if I were to wear a pair of red pumps; don’t you think?

That necklace is my mom’s btw.  I make a point to steal something from her closet every time I visit 🙂

Okay and now to the 2nd sweet studded outfit.  This one was also something that I wore to work (last week).  And this time I mixed a vintage lace sheath with a more modern Patrizia Pepe black blazer while again contrasting the girly lace with spiked belt and shoes.

Sorry the photo is a bit grainy due to the bad lighting but you get the picture (pun intended).  Below, you’ll see a close-up of my spiked accessories. Hopefully, if you didn’t think you could do the punk look, you’ll agree that it is highly do-able in small doses.

You wouldn’t normally think to wear spikes with lace but I think these pictures prove that the contrast works!

By the way, I’ve been thinking about selling this Chanel leather purse.  So if you want it, make me an offer I can’t refuse!  It’s in great shape!

By the way, if you’re noticing what looks like Scotch tape on one of my eyebrows, that is surgical tape.  Instead of getting stitches, you can sometimes use this new surgical, breathable, waterproof tape to adhere two parts of cut-open skin.  Thank God for it because I’m a huge crybaby when it comes to pain and needles!  Okay, so you’re wondering what happened to me… I’m sorely embarrassed to say that I was retarded enough to walk straight into a street sign.   Yea, and as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I now have to repeatedly re-tell the stupid story of how I was so fixated on the going out of business -last day sale that I walked myself straight into a pole.  (blush)

I truly am a fashion victim.


As a follow-up to my previous inspiration board entry, I wanted to show you my inspirations for my wedding.  I was going back and forth between pale, romantic colors and this blue / gold theme and surprisingly really struggled with the color theme of my wedding.  In the end, I chose the blue/gold because it matched my venues best, and also because it incorporated my hubby’s favorite color – blue.

Being that we got engaged in a German castle, and being that this was the year of the royal wedding, it seemed right to have a regal themed wedding.  I love the above collage not only for its incorporation of the light blue and golds but also because it had a definite regal feel to it, Victorian ornate touches and the damask that I love.

The crown motif actually ended up being one of our wedding icons and was carried throughout the paper products.  Plus the venue actually had the crown as their own logo – how perfect!

I knew I wanted a vintage, royal feel so these collage creations seemed just right.

What do you think?


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Brides are emotional.  Brides cry.  Brides need something absorbent to wipe their tears away.  So I guess the thought of making a toilet paper wedding dress makes sense….. right? ….

Cheap Chic Weddings runs an annual contest asking contestants to design and create wedding dresses out of toilet paper, tape glue, and/or needle/thread.  Perhaps some of you know the rules having been faced with the daunting task at a friend’s bridal shower.  Having never been faced with the real-life challenge myself, I wouldn’t even know how to begin.  It seems like a daunting task!

One of my friends attended a bridal shower and shared these pics.

How cute are they?  I love all the details like the peplum skirt (so trendy right now!), the flower details (how much toilet paper did they use, I wonder?) and asymmetrical straps (you see that pleated crumb catcher front?).  Clearly, there were some true fashionistas at this shower.

There’s the scissor and toilet paper roll in the background to prove this is the real deal!  If you ask me, that’s some pretty talented taping!  I was thoroughly impressed!

That is, until I saw the winners of the cheap chic weddings toilet paper wedding dress contest.   O.  M.  G


These girls deserve honorary F.I.T degrees though I wouldn’t be surprised if they already graduated with honors.  Vera Wang, here are your new hires!

Personally, I think miss 3rd place should have won the $1000 grand prize -what about you? Here she is having just taped up 20 rolls of toilet paper.

Using only 4 rolls of toilet paper, here is the toilet paper wedding dress contest winner, Susan Brennan

In my next post, I’ll share some photos and ideas from my very own bridal shower!

coming soon

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