October 2011

I took the skirt from a 2piece Calvin Klein suit and have been using it as a separate lately.  Here’s the full suit.

I take weird pleasure in challenging myself to never wear the same look twice.  Taking just the red skirt from the suit above I created these work-appropriate outfits.  Which one do you like best?






I bought a mink fur purse at Marshall’s over the summer.  Yes mink at Marshall’s. And yes, I purchased something as inappropriate as mink this past summer.  I love fur!  I find it adds a touch of glamour to anything.  Besides, the soft brown mink was screaming to be petted.  It all started with an innocent pet.  Next thing you know, I have another purse to add to my collection.

The purse, designed by Paolo Masi is made in Italy and has the most beautiful construction and quality.  I’ve never heard of the designer and can’t seem to find the designer’s website for the life of me but not being much of a brand whore (ok maybe I’m a little whore-ish when it comes to Chanel), I truly didn’t care.

This past week, now that the weather has finally cooled down, I let my little mink out of the closet.  It reminded me and everyone else of  my other “puppy purse” which you can see in my earlier blog post about work wear.

You can see from the accordian pleated wrinkles on my skirt that I wore this outfit to work where I sit at my desk 70%of the day.    What’s hard to tell from the pictures are the 3-D sort of appliques that make the tweed skirt so unique.  Here, I’ve paired the skirt (an amazing Daffy’s find), with my new BCBG top with detachable bow also worn here.

The 2nd time I carried the mink purse, I wore it with this cream Anne Klein dress which I bought on sale at Lord & Taylor last year.  I winterized the dress by adding some textured tights and brown accessories such as the Gucci belt, tweed vintage-inspired heels and jewels.  That’s 3 necklaces, all layered into one look by the way!   I totally got inspired watching Gossip Girl the other day.  Though I’m more of a Blair Waldorf than I am Serena, much in the same way, I’m more Charlotte than any of the other SATC girls, I had a major fashion epiphany watching Serena.   She wore 3 somewhat clashing necklaces, all different lengths, all at once!  Literally, the next day, here I am layering my necklaces resulting in a myriad of in-store compliments and questions regarding my accessories.

Can you tell that I’m totally into the top knot hairdo these days?  Here, I’m wearing Paolo Masi’s fur purse with my H&M polka dotted dress and chain-link cardigan.  I can’t believe how hot polka dots are these days.  They were all over the fall runways.  I’m actually ready to giveaway this dress because I’ve styled it about 10 different ways and am getting a bit bored over it.  So if you want it, you can have it for just $10 plus shipping.  Just leave me a comment with an email to contact you at.  It’s a size small.



I love the idea of a fashionable carnival.  In fact, I created an entire store event around the theme which you can read all about here.

So when I saw how the carnival carousel was customized by two of fashion’s most influential brands, I had to take notice.  Can you even believe how Chanel customized a revolving carousel out of all their most famous icons.  See if you can spot them all, the CCs, pearls, bow and more.


I think the finale is the best when surprisingly, the icons become moving parts that the models elevate and descend with.  And I love how Karl leads the model pack away from the carousel as he takes his finale walk.  It just emphasizes the fact that he has so many followers.

Yesterday night, I squealed in delight when I saw a similar fashion show- this time led by Louis Vuitton.   As you’ll see here, the staging and production value was just as breathtaking and awe-inspiring.  This time the models started on the carousel and modeled off the stage, with the designer entering the stage and walking a full round, no models in sight, quite the opposite of how the Chanel show was produced.  It’s interesting to see how they tried to change it up in order not to be accused of stealing Chanel’s carousel runway idea.  But we all know they did, right?

A-MAZING, no?  I simply adored the clothes on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 runway!  I loved the pastel palette, ladylike silhouettes, shine, sparkle and feathery drama.  Being a major Chanel fan, I feel like a traitor for admitting this but I preferred the clothes off the Louis Vuitton runway! As far as the runway staging and production go though, I revert to my Chanel loyalty.  I preferred Chanel’s customized carousel and Karl’s grand exit.  So, FabGabBlog readers, whose runway show did YOU like more?



Anyone in the mood for a fashionable game?


I’m on the lookout for a new duvet set and ran into the below bedroom set from Horschow.  Isn’t it fit for a princess?

The Victorian molding in this room and soft pale colors are so sweet, aren’t they? This is a great bedroom set for a lucky girl which brings me to this post’s focus on girly pink boudoirs.  Fabulous!

I love this headboard and matching vanity!

This boudoir shot is so vintage glam.  And it shows you just how easy it could be to transform any ugly table into a vanity by adding some linen and a mirror topper.

Any of you regular readers know how much I adore chandeliers.  It makes this room!  Notice how the pink is repeated in the chaise, the chair cushion, candlesticks, stationary and rug.  The repeated color helps with the flow of the room and helps create the polished look.

Speaking of chandeliers, check this grand dame out!  I love the dramatic statement!  And oh how I would love something like this as my dressing room!


For  more of my favorite boudoir shots, visit and follow my pinterest!


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In this post, I’ll show you how I styled this black lace blouse from Zara – a purchase I had made over 5 years ago.

Today I wore the blouse with my new Zara tweed blazer.  It hardly shows in the pictures but the blazer has a slight sheen to it since the thread is a bit metallic.  Going for the Chanel-inspired look, I wore my chain necklace, leather skirt and Chanel chain purse.  I ran our store’s trunk shows, partnership with a local gym, champagne reception and live DJ during a series of work events in this outfit.

I’m also thinking about wearing it next with my DKNY, exposed zipper dress shown here.  Worn as an underpinning, I layered it with this sheath dress, while using the same necklace, shoes and purse for a completely different look.

Lastly, the bouse is worn under my bold striped blazer and pants from Bebe.  The Rebecca Minkoff purse was free. Yes FREE!!  My fabulous co-worker gave it to me – apparently it was a gift from the corporate summit he attended.  Only in fashion do you walk away with gifts this amazing!

If you also like free, search my blog for “giveaway” and see all the contests that I’m currently running!




At work, I’m running around all day dealing with all sorts of friends and family events and special promotions.   All at once, the following thoughts fight for my attention.  Is the DJ too loud?  How many appointments did we book for the facial events?  Does the bottle engraver need additional display units for her engraving and bottle painting station?  Are the jewelry trunk shows set up in time?  Does the photo booth vendor have all the load – in / out instructions and day-of contacts?  Have I received the latest invoices and contracts?  Are the linens lined up perfectly straight and to the floor?  This is mind of an event planner.

For all of you Saks Fifth Avenue fans, here is the friends and family coupon -so go shopping!

Given I just spent a bundle during my birthday week which happened to coincide with double employee discount, I was able to resist another round of Saks shopping.

However, when my friend posted a similar friends and family discount from Kate Spade’s, I couldn’t resist taking a look.  And needless to say, I fell in love.  Here are my fab finds.

They’re classic, tie in my bow obsession and are super feminine and pretty – totally my style.  THEN I ran into these fun fuschia pumps with black and white striped heel detail.  And my heart jumped a beat.

And with this 30% off coupon, I am SOOOO tempted!  argh!  What shall I do??  Buy or resist, ladies?

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The girly girl in me is loving this season’s bow trend.  It’s everywhere from Gucci to Tory Burch to Diane Von Furstenburg, to Marc by Marc Jacobs to Ralph Lauren.  So when I saw this white BCBG bow blouse at the retail store where I work during my double employee discount period, I just knew I had to have it.

Ok so I already have another white bow blouse sitting in my closet from Saks.  But this one is half-sleeved..er so I reasoned. The best thing about the blouse is that the bow is detachable so it’s like you’re getting two shirts for the price of one!

I wore it with my cardigan sweater from Forever 21, my pleated navy skirt from H&M and my Hello Kitty purse which I adore.  The navy heels are by Richard Tyler.

Here are some other inspirational pics that I found of other fashionistas wearing their favorite bow blouses.

This fashionista reminded me that you can convert any blouse into a bow blouse simply by adding a thin scarf.  How do you like that?

I love the vibrant colors color-blocked together.  This outfit reminded me a little of my bow blouse and shorts outfit shown here.

How sweet is this?  There’s something so sweet and unexpected about this pretty pink and camel color pairing.

This classic cream/black pairing caught my interest immediately.  It’s adorable, isn’t it?

If you’re a bow fan like I am, and can’t get enough,  you’ll love my earlier post featuring Flattery who is the queen of dressing in bows!  Her picture is shown below.

Don’t forget to leave a comment here and let me know your thoughts on this fashion trend!

Also, if you haven’t already, check my blog for all the giveaways and fashion for sale!  Chanel purse, vintage dress, goody bag and more!




I had the pleasure of meeting Tory Burch and Susan Lucci at a breast cancer charity event this past week.  Knowing I would meet Tory, I made sure to wear my Tory Burch dress.  I love it because of the retro style and classic navy color.  It seems I can style it in a hundred different ways since navy goes with everything.

As an ode to the pink ribbon, I wore my ribbon brooch and painted my nails pink for the event.

Susan Lucci was as sweet, poised and as beautiful as you would have expected.  She’s also strikingly thin and youthful looking!  Just look at her!  Truly amazing.   And Tory Burch, another guest speaker at the event could not have been more gracious, polite and lovely.

I’m happy to report that when Tory met me, she complimented me on how great the dress looked on me.  I couldn’t have been happier with the introduction 🙂



A lot of fashionistas blog about their style but not a lot blog about what to wear to work.  How does one transform the conservative suit into something special and fashionable?  Working in corporate fashion challenges me to test my styling skills in this manner 5-6days a week.  And because of it, I feel I’ve honed my styling skills when it comes to what to wear to work.  Here are a couple outfit examples from the past week.

Here, I’m wearing a tank from Ann Taylor and suit from Anne Klein.  Both those basics could have been pretty simple and plain on their own but I added the fur stole for a little glam, kept my hair long and wavy (which helped keep the look less austere) and carried a designer tote.  Sometimes the accessories make your outfit.  It was sort of inspired from another Ann Taylor catalog look that I fell in love with.  See it here.

Isn’t the look gorgeous?  You can shop for it here. Ever thought about wearing a belted fur vest over a suit?  Well this picture may just have you doing exactly that.

Yesterday, I wore another Ann Taylor top (hey what can I say, they had an amazing sale this weekend), with my Victoria Secret slacks and modern blazer from Brooklyn Industries. I’ve never worn this pair of pants with this blazer but I find it really works as an alternative to the traditional suit. Sorry the lighting sucks in my bedroom!

I’m loving this metallic blouse because it’s perfect as a layering piece in the trendy lace, has a cool exposed zipper and also works worn alone since it has sleeves.  Since the lace was girly, I paired it with tougher accessories including a chain bracelet (which is actually a chain taken off one of my totes), a black bling bracelet and matching earrings. Voila!  cook work wear.

Here are a couple other shots that I loved and wanted to share.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter to win a goody bag from NY fashion week here.  Or win my vintage red dress here.


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