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Who else is counting down the minutes until the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?  I love these things!  Major fashion shows featuring supermodels and tons of glitz and glamour – what more can a fashionista event planner ask for?  I love the production of it all and going online right now, I’m even more excited being able to see the 360 degree views, sketches of the costumes and  backstage shots/videos.

I’m one of those rare girls who doesn’t hate on other beautiful women.  In fact, I find myself admiring them with the best of the boys.  I used to  be the best wingman for my guy buds.  I would spot the pretty girls from across the room and have the  most amazing radar.  Speaking of which, I spotted Doutzen Kroes, Chanel Iman and Miranda Kerr during New York Fashion Week long before they made it big and were discovered by Victoria’s Secret and before the modeling world converted them into their current supermodel status.  They just had that star power and striking in-person beauty that made them stand out from all the rest.

My husband is laughing at me because I’m more excited to see these half-naked beauties walk the runway than he is.



Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Did you all overeat, like I did?

This year, I volunteered to bake my famous pumpkin pies and for some inexplicable reason didn’t stop at that.  I also volunteered to make mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce (from scratch).  And ehem for 25 people.  Being that I only really cook during holidays and special occasions, this was quite the ambitious undertaking.  In fact it was causing me such stress that I found myself taking off from work the day before Thanksgiving just to give myself ample time to prepare.  After all, I  had to research menus, watch my Youtube videos, plan out the menu then compare the ingredients list to what I already had, make my grocery list, go shopping, spend hours sweating in the kitchen concocting my new menus and cleaning then spending the rest of the night praying that I won’t kill everyone the next day.

Phew, it was a lot to go through but now that it is over, I can re-focus on what I know I’m good at.  Styling, event planning, marketing and blogging.  That is why it is with great pleasure that I bring you my latest inspiration board pulled together from my recent pinterest finds.


Here is my inspiration board for a pastel-themed vintage style party. Come by and Follow Me on Pinterest


As a huge fan of Forever 21, I was super excited to receive the invite above.  I think I’ve already proven through my blog and outfit posts that I’m forever a Forever 21 girl.  I just love that you can get such trendy pieces at such affordable prices!  And the brand name suits me for even though I’m in my 30s, I feel Forever 21 (as evidenced by my silly hello kitty purse in the picture below)!  Ok so here are the pics from the Forever 21 Spring 2012 Fashion Presentation.

My yellow poof dress is from Forever 21 (had to wear something from the brand to the party now didn’t I?).  I winterized  the summer dress with my new Cynthia Steffe cardigan from Marshall’s, charcoal textured tights, and accessorized with my Hello Kitty purse and necklace from Off 5th.  Also pictured to the far left is Courtney Henley-Anderson, from blog “That Girl At The Party” and my dear friend Kate who is wearing her signature legging look – sexy!

The spring 2012 presentation was in this beautiful loft space with the most amazing view of NYC but I was so enthralled by the fashion preview that I couldn’t take my eyes off the clothes.  They had cute little vignettes setup shown below.

I wanted the Tiffany blue pumps, tan tie blouse on the left mannequin and necklace from the front and center mannequin.  Speaking of jewelry, my fellow blogging friends told me that we were instructed to take whatever jewelry we loved HOME.  I couldn’t believe my ears and actually had to check twice and then ask another person to double-check I was understanding correctly.  I could take any jewelry that I wanted?  Really??

My eyes widened as I tried to control my excited, thumping heart and search the room for my favorite finds.  I looked around to see whether others were doing the same and indeed they were!  This gave me the final liberty to select my new finds.

My friend, Kate and I both fell in love with the floral bow rings so we each picked up one and felt like screaming “wonder twins, unite!”

I kind of felt like a clepto when I took the bow ring and the bracelet seen here but everyone around me kept re-assuring me that it was A-OK.  What a fun fashion party!  Who ever heard of one where you can go in and take what you like?  And if that wasn’t enough, we got to enjoy some free drinks and delectable treats served by models clad in head-to-toe Forever 21.  How cute are they?

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I love fashion shows.  Because of my work experience in event planning, PR and marketing, I take in every branding detail from the invite font to the server uniforms, to the model styling and the platforms that the models stand on.  I also love Juicy Couture.  It’s such a fun-spirited, girly brand that’s carried out in all their ads, stores and fashions.  So when I got invited to preview the Spring 2012 collection through a fashion presentation at the Academy Mansion venue in NYC, I knew I had to go.

Leaving work early at 4 seemed a bit naughty but hey, I was out researching, right?  Here is what I saw when I first walked in.

Hunky guys in tennis uniforms swathed in pink lights all asking me whether I wanted a drink or lite bite – what a greeting!

I need to find a caterer in Long Island with presentation trays as cute as these.  Don’t you just love the mini-burgers and the pre-cut holes for their baby fries?

Yes, that’s Tim Gunn right in front of me.  He was so stoic as he examined each look that I couldn’t tell if he liked anything.

The bright pops of orange, fuschia and yellow were bright, playful and screamed spring.  The navy and the stripes brought a classic touch to it all.  Notice how all the models have the same beachy waves in their hair – very Gisele.

The clothes while still young-spirited and fun seemed a bit more sophisticated as if the Juicy girl grew up.

I could see myself wearing a lot of the pieces and sort of saw the brand evolving into a fine competitor for Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Milly.

It’s always an odd thing to be staring straight at these live mannequins as you walk in closer to check out all the outfit details.  I mean in real life, you might give someone the once over but if so you’d be mindful to do it quickly in order not to let the other person notice.  But at a fashion presentation, you have to come in close to check out the minute details, and there’s no getting around it.   Some  might find it intimidating almost, having all these gorgeous girls tower over you as you simply try to get up close and personal to see all the fashionable details.  Here’s the beautiful posse staring YOU down.

There was 1 Asian model in the mix.  One.

I’m a sucker for sparkly things so this caught my eye and made  me wonder whether wearing brooches on pant pockets would ever catch on and turn into a trend. cute idea!

Here are some photos of the creative director and some celebs taking the requisite press shots.

And then here’s me and my new friend.  I bond quickly with others who do PR and events for a living.

The tennis theme ran throughout as you can see.  And if you’ve been reading up on spring 2012 fashions at all, you’ll know that this sporty motif is a huge trend for the season.

I love how the Juicy Couture handbags have the bow detail.  I have one similar to this style, shown in my style diary posts.

And here’s the goody bag that Juicy Couture gave away at the end of the night!

If you want my goody bag, be the 10th person to leave me a comment here and one other blog entry (and leave me your email so that I can let you know that you’ve won!)




As an event planner, I’m always searching for images that inspire me.  And now that I’ve found Pinterest, I can collect all the images I like and save them for future inspiration boards.  The site is like a healthy outlet for my hidden hoarding tendencies.

What do you think of my latest collage below?


If you’re a fan of brights, you’ll love this collage.  Check out all those fab shoes!  And who wouldn’t want that amazing chair/ottoman?  I put this together thinking about a fun, rainbow themed, summer wedding.  The bridesmaids would each wear a different colored dress with some of these rainbow bright shoes, carry one of those multi-colored bouquets and take pics in a photo booth with the rainbow striped background.

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To prevent getting bored of my clothes, I’m always challenging myself to never wear the same outfit twice.  So similar to other posts on how to wear   1shirt, 3ways,  1dress, 3ways     1zara skirt, 3ways  and most recently, 1 red skirt 5ways, here is 1 Ann Taylor cardigan 3 ways!

I love the contrast grey sparkle trim which to me, made the chocolate cardigan from Ann Taylor worth the buy.   Here I wore it for work with a shiny dress by Averly that I bought at Lord & Taylor last year.  I cinched it with an old Gucci belt and wore some edgy heels by Fergie to set the whole conservative look off.

This disco ball of a dress is by Calvin Klein – found for a steal at Marshall’s.  the tights and bracelet are from Ann Taylor loft and the shoes are Miss Sixty – I love the exposed zipper detail in the back.  The fur detachable coat that I wrote about here is by Tibi from Saks and the purse is Prada from Saks.

My 3rd and final outfit for work is the same Ann Taylor cardigan this time worn over the only Anna Sui item I own, a tweed dress bought at Target.  I accessorized the look with my fur purse written about here a Kate Spade necklace that my husband surprised me with and my heels bought from Saks.

What’s your favorite outfit?


It seems every year, I end up buying a new coat.  It’s not like I need another.  It’s just that I’m terrible at resisting the new fashions.  And coats are such easy purchases to rationalize.  After all, I figure that they’re practical AND stylish.  And being that it’s an outerwear piece, it practically ends up paying for itself within just the first season that I wear it. (I’m good, aren’t I?)

This year, there were a couple coats that I found irresistible.  The first one that I fell in love with is this Ann Taylor leopard coat.  I liked the unique color scheme on the leopard print.  It’s a softer, more subdued print, isn’t it?  Plus I got a great deal during their friends and family 40% off sale.   This is how I wore it at the Juicy Couture Spring 2012 Presentation .

Here you see me wearing it with skinny corduroy black jeans, Aldo booties, bling necklace a swingy tee which you can’t see, Chanel purse and the new coat.  More on the Juicy couture presentation later.

This past week I also wore the coat to work with this Tibi dress from Saks.

The Cynthia Rowley fur-trimmed cardigan is from an amazing Marshall’s deal that I found for $35.  The BCBG suede shoes were on sale for $60, the Tibi dress on sale for around $100 and the hello kitty purse a couple hundred.

My 2nd coat purchase is a sale coat from Saks also by Tibi.  I fell in love with this because it was also something completely different from what I already owned and looked so modern and glam.

Guess what!  The Tibi coat is convertible and can be turned into a fur vest for warmer days.  Here, I’ve worn it with a necklace from Off 5th, Calvin Klein dress from Marshall’s, bracelet from Ann Taylor Loft, and suede fringed boots. It was a simple dress with no hanger appeal.  I knew it had great styling potential though.  My favorite part about the dress are its pockets – perfect for hiding a lip gloss or cell phone.

Is anyone else excited to layer and dress for the fall weather?

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Ever see a celebrity photo and then get totally inspired fashion-wise?  It happened to me the other day when I ran into this shot of Olivia Palermo.  Olivia is probably my favorite style star.  I think she achieves a great balance between being classy and edgy, trendy yet classic. I’m often inspired by her as you can see in my other style diary post which was inspired by an Olivia Palermo outfit.

Seeing Olivia in this black vest reminded me of the black Bebe vest that I had sitting in my closet.  It was a piece that sort of dumbfounded me.  I got in a styling rut with it and it has sat in the back of my closet yearning for attention.  That is until now.  I layered it over a feminine dress that hit the knee similar to what Olivia paired her vest with and wore it with a pair of fall booties.

My booties are from Aldo, the dress is from H&M and the chain necklace is Express – all pretty cheap finds proving that you don’t have to spend a lot to create a stylish outfit.  Looking at this now, I wish I had a pair of black leather motorcycle gloves to go with the outfit.


I admit.  I’m a girly girl.  And like any girly girl, I’m unabashedly attracted to shine, sparkle and bling.  That’s why Madeleine Vieira’s evening clutches caught my eye.  They’re nothing if not shiny, sparkly, and full of bling!

The “Swarovski elements” detailing is all by hand and therefore, the glam clutches are all that much more exquisite.  Take a look, ladies!  Are these fab finds, or what?

I see these as the perfect clutch for a blingy bride.  For the bride, wouldn’t the tiara one be great for a pink-themed wedding? And can’t you see a bride-to-be carrying the ring clutch for her engagement party?  Or wouldn’t it be great if a dream man were to insert a diamond jewelry piece into the diamond clutch, using the clutch as a jewelry box?

For the glam girl, well, any special occasion will do.  The Madeleine Vieira clutches are sure to be conversation starters and the envy of all.




So how did you all spend your Halloween weekend?  I spent it doing a little getaway.  Last year I was in Germany.  This year I was in NJ – Long Beach Island, NJ that is.  Certainly not as exotic, I know.  But still a first for me.  AND I had a blast (partly because I was with great friends, partly because I experienced my first-ever haunted hay ride, spooky maze and a spooktacular trail).  Here’s a daytime pic of me on the beach in my new fair isle sweater from Marshall’s.  Not bad for $30, right?

I came back to my pinterest account and found some adorable halloween pins that I had to share with all of you.  These images prove that Halloween doesn’t have to be cheesy and tacky.  Halloween can actually be fashionable.  Check out my favorite Chanel-inspired shots!I’ll have to copy this carving next year.

I would love if someone made me this costume in an adult size!  What do you think?  Are these fab or what?


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