December 2011

I get tons of compliments on this navy lace blouse by H&M.  It was a classic cut, somewhat inspired by Kate Middleton’s dress shown here.

Here I wore the top over the summer with a Calvin Klein pencil skirt and studded red flats from Zara.

I wore the top to work again with a pair of khaki slacks (not pictured here) and again today with a navy pleated skirt and rasbery colored tights.

Can you believe my outfit only costed $120 dollars?  The colored tights were $1 at the dollar store haah  The Juicy purse was a present that I’d be willing to sell for the right price.  Let me know if you want to make an offer!



I’ve taken a little blogging hiatus during the pre-holiday season but just wanted to check-in for a moment to wish you all a happy holiday.  May the remainder of the year be filled with fun, friends and laughter!


My mom still hangs our old Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantle -the ones that she made for me and my brother when we were in grade school.  I love them.  They’re hand-crafted with love and they carry with them years of stocking stuffer memories.  What’s hilarious about my brother’s is that when she embroidered his name Christopher, she ran out of room and his stocking for the longest time read “Christ.”  You know, as in the chosen one.   Figures.  So fitting given he was the spoiled baby of the family.  For heaven’s sake…

Now that Christmas is around the corner, many of you must be hunting around trying to cross everyone off your list.  Well if stocking stuffer ideas are what you need, here’s a holiday gift guide full of fab finds from FabGab and Forever 21! 

This adorable pearl clutch bag will be perfect for any special occasion and only runs $14.80.  The receiver will think you spent a fortune on it too!

Place either of these cutesy rings in a nice velvety ring box and instantly they’ll look like one-of-a-kind finds

If bunnies and bows aren’t your thing, how about this Chanel lookalike clutch? You can’t go wrong for just $10.80.

If you love nerds like I do, you’ll love this nerdy Forever 21 version of Domo.  He had me at hello.

Or how about this glam but affordable necklace?  Who can resist all this bling?   Can you believe it’s just $12.80?

Finally, make the everyday special with these key fobs.  They’re sure to brighten even the most mundane morning.  $6.80

And there you go!  Stocking stuffers at a steal!  Holiday gift-hunting doesn’t have to break the bank after all.


I love my new Cynthia Steffe cardigan.  It’s cozy, warm and perfect for the winter.  It’s also the perfect throw on for the workplace because my office is so darn cold.  I actually have a snuggie-like blanket stuffed into my cabinet for those days when the air conditioner is blasting in the office.  But this Cynthia Steffe cardi is a much more fab option.

Here I am wearing it with my Forever 21 dress, Hello Kitty purse and necklace from Off 5th.

Today I wore the cardigan over my Saks Fifth Avenue women’s collection sheath dress with crystal necklace and Bruno Magli boots.

And before that I wore it with my Tibi dress, Ann Taylor coat and BCBG suede heels shown below.Lastly, you see it worn with a charcoal dress with the Gryphon coat that I’m selling (email me if you want it), bejeweled dress by Maggy London, flowered tights and Prada purse

Click here to see the rest of my style diary!



Who else here is a super fan of Sophia Grace and Hype Girl, Rosie Grace McClelland?  I wish I could adopt these two! How freakin adorable are they?? Check them out.

I’ve watched all their videos 3xeach and I can’t seem to get enough! Somehow each viewing makes me even giddier with girly happiness.  They’re absolutely my favorite Ellen guests and mark my words.  These little internet sensations will soon gain international stardom.  What a duo!  I’m loving the Toys R Us shopping spree fantasy scene and the tiara+ ruffly white dress + white rapper scene in the last video – what an unexpected mash-up.  I just subscribed to their channel and am dying to see more!



I am so disgusted.  I’m watching ENews and I just saw this shocking clip of (topless) Scott Disick asking a topless Kris Humphries to shave his armpits.  And then Kris obliges.  EW EW EW.

Anyways, haha here is what I wore to work today. 🙂

This is my Sinclaire trench coat from Saks Fifth Avenue. I wore it out with a detachable fur stole also from Saks.

The back bow is what makes this trench coat so special.

studded headband

This is a navy halter dress by Rebecca Taylor that I bought at Bergdorf Goodman years ago.  I love wearing it in the summer but also can easily transition it for the cooler months as shown in an earlier post here.

I winterized the dress by adding tights in a fun contrasting color.  Can you believe I purchased them at the dollar store??

The shoes are BCBG and the green purse is vintage (stolen from my mom’s closet)

The blazer is Forever 21 ladies.  My co-worker thought it was Marc by Marc Jacobs.



I love costume jewelry.  In fact the only “real” piece of jewelry I own and wear is the engagement ring on my left hand and sometimes the Mikimoto ring my husband bought as a souvenir on our trip to Japan.  I’m a fan of statement jewelry and recently, I’ve fallen in love with Fenton.  Check out these fab finds!

This tribal-inspired piece sort of reminds me of the necklace I wore here.  I want this and all of the below!

A more classic – looking option is this Chanel-inspired chain-link and pearl piece with lots of edge.  You know how I love anything reminiscent of Chanel!

This multi-pearl, chain, and gem necklace would work perfectly into my wardrobe.

This Fenton-designed necklace can by found at JCrew.  So feminine and pretty, right? Michelle Obama thought so,..

Fenton is simply fabulous, isn’t it?

“A/W 2010” directed by Sharif Hamza for Fenton from SWELL on Vimeo.


You know how lazy parents sit their rowdy kids in front of the TV and use Disney movies as a babysitting device?  I use the same technique with my husband.  I sit him in front of the computer and let him play his PC videogames and he’s as happy as a kid watching Harry Potter for the first time.  Right now my cute baby is enthralled with his new Batman game.  I find him so adorable -his giant headphones wrapped around his head, pajama back facing me, monitor showing how he’s saving the world.

With hubby out of the way, I get the “me” time I need.  That means I get full control of the remote and get to catch up on all my DVR-ed shows.  I’m a little back-logged and have to catch up on Fashion Hunters,  Secrets of  a Stylist, My Fair Wedding, Gossip Girl, The Nate Berkus Show and Dina’s Party.  While this fabulousity plays in the background, I blog my heart away, catch up on other bloggers’ and fashion newsletter’s posts and respond to personal emails.  Then if I still haven’t had enough, I Facebook to see what all my friends are up to. All the while, my hubby is wearing a cape in his little fantasy world.

I never got into video games.   I thought Donkey Kong  was dopey and  Q-bert and Pac Man more frustrating than fun once you got past a certain stage.  Then Tetris came along and the strategy side of the game intrigued me until I felt my eyes going blind.  The games failed to turn  me into an addict.  But now, all that may have changed.  I think I may have finally found a videogame suited for a girly girl like me!

It’s a styling game called, “instant stylist” where you help to accessorize an InStyle magazine outfit by dragging and dropping items from the right and watching your score change accordingly.  I blissfully played and wondered if I could ever get bored of this.  haha I think InStyle made this game for me!   Though I didn’t agree with all their final answers, I enjoyed the challenges and laughed to myself thinking how different this was from Batman.  Try it out and tell me what you think!


I did my 9 to 5 then quickly ran from work to Manhasset, NY where the Americana hosted their annual Champions For Charity event and continued my work day (part 2) from 5 to 9.  It’s imperative that I know what our competitive retailers are up to especially when it comes to their major events.  So I went store hopping.  And like a drunken bar-hopper, got happier with each stop.   The fashions were tempting and the  more my eyes drank in, the better everything looked.

It was fun!  I treasure-hunted while I noted who the retailers used for their caterers.  I people-watched as I noted the products they were drawn to.  I bopped to the DJ while I took photos of all the event activations.  And I met Hal Robenstein while doing my little investigation!

Hal Robenstein, Fashion Director of InStyle Magazine hosted the party at Donna Karen NY today and signed books of his “100 Unforgettable Dresses” hardcover book.

He signed mine, “Never be afraid of attempting what could prove to be unforgettable.”  Great quote.

” Featuring looks from the runway, film, television, the red carpet and the worlds of royalty and politics, this booked celebrates the staying power of these gorgeous, sleek, sultry, and outreageous creations….”-Alber Elbaz    I couldn’t wait to hear the fashion presentation led by Hal  himself.  Having to lead fashion presentations in-store myself, I always enjoy watching and learning from others.

By night’s end, I didn’t care whether I saw the front of the presentation or not.  I had to sit and rest my poor heel-trapped feet.  This was my view.  I stared at Hal’s pant pocket chain and wondered how long ago that look fell out of style.

Here was my favorite dress of the evening worn by one of my favorite Long Island m odels, Aida who I’ve booked many times for Saks events.  Gorgeous, isn’t she?

I was surprised to run into as many people that I knew as I did.  After all, I’ve only been working in Long Island for a little over a year now.   Yet it seems, everytime I attend a Long Island event, I inevitably run into a press contact, charity chairperson, or Saks customer when out and about.  Anyways, the highlight of my night was meeting Hal.  I hope to have him at our store soon!


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