April 2012

Mindrelic – Manhattan in motion from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

Things I love about NY:

  • the freedom to be who you want to be (where else can you live out every dream, dress/act/speak/live in any weird way and still be so accepted, still be so anonymous, still find your niche?)
  • endless selection (in restaurants, in people, in things to do, in shopping)
  • the eye candy (the beautiful people, the fashions, the cool hotels/lounges, the Parks, the museums, the Christmas windows)
  • the silly surprises (organized pillow fights in Union Square, Halloween doggie parades, the Easter bunny ice skating at Rockefeller Center, dancers in the subway train, Hello Kitty in Times Square)
  • the feeling you get walking down the streets the feeling of excitement, power, opportunity, romance, wonderment, glamour and possibility.

I heart New York.  What do YOU most love about NYC?


I am just in love with this photo.  It serves as a little fantasy escapism for me.  While I’m burnt from a long day of open houses, church and walking miles in my high heeled sneakers (yes I said high-heeled sneakers)..Kate Moss looks as if she’s burnt from a day of luxurious shopping, doesn’t she?  I want to come back to this room!  I’m loving all the baroque detailing, Victorian gold molding, chandelier, and boudoir feel.  And gees, can you imagine coming home with this much Chanel?!  Biotch.



I’ve always liked the flirty, feminine peplum detailing on fashion.  Now that it’s so trendy, of course, I love it even more!  Here are a couple recent outfits, both featuring peplum skirts. The sunny yellow outfit below was styled for Glamour.com.  I can’t remember the dress brand but the shoes are Pour La Victoire.

The below, grey dress is by H&M, a store that depresses me because it requires me to go up in a size.  Does anyone else feel this way?  The shoes are Pour La Victoire and the ponyhair, leopard tote is Emanuel Ungaro (a tote I bought at a consignment store).   I’ve featured the bag in other outfit posts here.

The black peplum dress featured below is Sinclaire 10 from Saks, spiked heels are Sam Edelman, and the purse is Chanel.

I wore the dress in Thailand at the hotel where Hangover II was filmed (Le Bua Hotel).

If you ever get the chance to visit Bangkok, Thailand, you must check it out!  It’s the most amazing rooftop I’ve ever seen.


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I haven’t posted anything from my own wedding yet.  I was debating whether or not to share something so personal which I know may sound ironic given how open I am on the blog with sharing everyday tidbits and things like daily outfits.  But revealing my wedding involved my special someone and he’s much more private so I wanted to respect that.   A good friend of mine asked me for information on brooch bouquets though so without revealing too much, here is a brooch bouquet wrap-up including the one from my wedding!

During my wedding planning, I craved uniqueness.  Being a seasoned event planner makes you a little jaded.  I felt I had seen everything and somehow even the most beautiful arrangements failed to wow me.  So when I saw photos of vintage brooch bouquets, I immediately fell in love.  They were such a fresh and new idea to the tried and true.  Check them out!


Do you have a favorite from the above options?  Is this something you would like?

My own wedding had a vintage twist in its regal theme.  The vintage feel was felt through the invites, the dress details, the ring setting, my earrings, tiara, flower girl gloves,  and dinner table linens.   I would have loved to have put our banner boy (nephew that walked the aisle), in a vintage page boy suit too but my hubby insisted on Ryan not looking like a “street urchin” so I reluctantly looked towards the brooches as my final vintage touch.

I got even more excited about the bouquet idea when I thought of the brilliant idea of asking my bridal shower attendees to each bring a vintage brooch of their choice for my bridal bouquet.  Hopefully, it made seeing me walk down the aisle, bouquet in hand all that much more special to see.  I know the bouquet was even more meaningful for me with all their contributions.  Plus while the flowers soon passed away, the brooches continued on as a fashionable keepsake!  It’s like I’m accessorizing with fond memories.

I had my talented florist, Andrew Scott Events pick up the brooches, use the ribbon that I hand-selected to match my dress, and create the below masterpiece.  What do you think?

I loved it but if I were to do it over, I would have liked even whiter flowers, (white peonies or something) and more brooches.  That is just the perfectionist in me…

 wedding photography by Guy Heart Photography

Check out my pinterest account for more bouquet inspiration.  Who here is getting married?

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Like most girls, I played with Barbies in my younger years.  I vividly remember living my pink- filled fantasy life vicariously through her.  Except my Barbie’s life was not nearly as fab as it should have been. (Parents refused to buy me the pink mansion, Cadillac and other necessary accroutrements).  So my homeless Barbie had to sleep in a makeshift bed made from my shoebox and my mom’s Stayfree maxipad (I was a creative kid).  And during the day, she played with my brother’s G.I.J.O.E.s because there was no Ken and there was no Skipper. But in my eyes, Barbie was beautiful with or without all the fancy stuff that my friends’ Barbie’s had.  I loved her long silky blonde hair and the bright blue eyes.  Little did I know back then how impossible her hip to waist ratio was nor did I understand the feminist backlash against Barbie.  I only yearned to be and look like her (tough feat for an Asian girl like me!)

But this Russian beauty, Valeria Lukyanov seems to have taken her Barbie obsession to an extreme!  Like the song goes, “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…I’m a blond bimbo girl, in the fantasy world dress me up, make it tight, I’m your dolly” she has dressed up and become a Barbie girl in her own little Barbie world!

There has been a lot of recent debate about whether she is real or not given her exaggerated measurements,and possibly airbrushed and plastic look so I did a little investigation and found the below video of miss Barbie revealing one of her transformations, okay this was not the traditional Barbie look but it was the only before and after makeover video available online.  Check out this fascinating make-up tutorial.  I don’t know if it was the mystical music but I found this video quite mesmerizing.

I actually picked up a trick and will have to try out her nose contouring tip.  Through the ever-handy Youtube, I found another Barbie wanabe, this time a young Asian girl!  Turns out you CAN be Asian and still look like Barbie!  Watch this!
And below is quite possibly the most life-like doll face.  This 15 year old named, “Venus Angelic” reveals her magical makeover and achieves an anime-like doll face below.   What do you think of all this?

You Barbie fans should read my earlier article on Barbie’s closet, found at NY Fashion week or Barbie’s Vegas hotel room found here.


Photo booths are fun.  And they’re easy to re-create on a budget.  Just pick a fun background that goes with your theme or color palette, buy or make some props , throw some drunk friends in the mix and voila, you’ve got a party!

Check these out for a little inspiration! And for further photo booth ideas, click here!  Maybe one day, I’ll even share the unique photo opp area that I had at my wedding 🙂


Source: ohjoy.blogs.com via Fab on Pinterest


Source: smilebooth.com via Fab on Pinterest


Source: lovelybride.com via Fab on Pinterest


Source: Uploaded by user via Fab on Pinterest


Source: Uploaded by user via Fab on Pinterest

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Every time I wear this blazer, I get compliments.  And each time, I can’t help but think how $30 at H&M goes such a long way.

Forever 21 lacy tank, Express bracelets, necklace from Jasmine (boutique in MA), and I don’t remember the skirt, shoes / purse brands

Here’s another outfit with the same blazer, this time with a Zara black blouse, Victoria’s Secret pants & Rebecca Minkoff purse – I wore this to work.

Below is another work outfit.  This time, I wore it with a polka Dot Lord & Taylor bow-tie blouse, a Bebe pencil skirt that has leather strips down the sides that you can’t see, Jcrew heels and bracelets and a pair of Chanel sunglasses.

Here is another fellow fashion blogger who wore it with glitter and lace and then again with military cargo pants. Isn’t she cute?

And here is yet another blogger wearing MY blazer 🙂   boy, is it popular!

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I don’t remember who coined the term Greige (an inbetween color between beige and grey) but it has stuck with me ever since.

Here is my greige outfit that I wore to work.

It’s a one-piece that I found at  a NJ Korean boutique a few years ago.  I loved the puff shoulders and velvety bottom.  It had a quiet femininity and luxe factor to it that I just couldn’t resist.  Here I styled it with some textured tights and silver accessories.  I will wear it without the tights now that it has become warmer.  What do you think?

Below are some other greige dresses that I came across online. How would you style these?

Here is a similar dress from Burberry London.

I’m also loving this greige colored peplum blouse.

And here is the perfect setting to wear all these pieces!

If you love this color palette, click here for a greige inspiration board.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter to win a Van Cleef and Arpels inspired necklace and matching earring set here.




I love my job.  And it’s days like today that remind me of why.  Yes, I put in another long, 10-hour day.  Yes I had to keep my energy high while skipping lunch and multi-tasking my way through all the chaos.  But I also stepped into a fun strategy meeting about launching a new cosmetics brand at our store and ended up painting my nails during the meeting.  Yes, I painted my nails during a work meeting and in fact was encouraged to do so in order to try on the product.  So I walked into the meeting with embarrassingly ugly, undone nails and walked out with hot pink, freshly manicured ones! Who would have thought that I could get away with this stuff?  It all started when my boss tried the nail polish and fell in love with it.  Watching her paint her nails inspired me to do the same and quickly, I had a fresh new manicure!  The best part was when my gay best friend/co-worker picked up the light pink bottle and proceeded to polish his hands…hilarious 🙂

Here are some of my favorite nail fashions, images all collected from my Pinterest account where you can follow me for all my latest inspirations!


Source: netvibes.com via Fab on Pinterest


If you haven’t already, there is still time to enter to win a necklace and matching earring set from Sweet Fashion Deals here!


As a follow-up to my last post on orange event inspirational shots, I have here an orange sweater from JCrew that I last wore for a Lafayette fashion presentation.  Think it’s hard to style bright orange?  Try neutralizing it with brown, navy or white.  Below, you’ll see that I toned it down with brown.

I love this necklace.  It was a souvenir find from my recent trip to Thailand where I got to meet the designer and buy 3 other pieces at such a steal!  Nothing beats shopping against the Thai Baht!

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