September 2012

Last year, I celebrated my birthday by playing with dolphins in the Bahamas with my husband.  This year, I had to work.  I found myself flying halfway across the world to run a major PR event and product launch.  And I spent my birthday on a 14 hour -turned 18hour flight (with delays) to Tokyo…not exactly how I imagined celebrating.

But this birthday was extra special for me, no matter where I ended up celebrating.  Because this birthday, I knew that I have a little one on the way.  Yes! I am expecting the birth of my first child!

It sort of explains the absence in my writing.  Not only have I been dealing with the lack of real closets in my new apartment the renovation planning and a new job, I have been dealing with an ever -growing belly – something I have trouble figuring out how to dress.  Perhaps this blog will grow into a pregnancy fashion blog for the meantime.  For now, I’m just trying to catch up on my sleep from the jet lag and pregnancy fatigue.  Hopefully, I’ll feel more fabulous when I wake up 🙂

Stay tuned for a Fab Freebie:  Goody Bag Giveaway!


NYFW photos above from top to bottom are from: Cushnie Et Ochs, Katie Gallagher and Katie Gallagher

What are you looking forward to leaving behind?   Happy Fashion Week everyone!

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Glamazon.  Fashion Goddess.  That is how I might describe Anna Wintour in just one or two words.  So when I had the chance to wait in line during Fashion’s Night Out in NYC’s meatpacking district for a seemingly endless, unknown quantity of time, just for the chance to get a September Vogue magazine signed by her, I soldiered on like any faithful fashionista would.

I must have asked 5 security guards, and every staffer around about when her highness was supposed to show up.  But nobody had a clue.  And after 20minutes of testing my balance on stiletto heels (while trying not to slip through the cobblestone cracks), I started wondering if this all was a QVC hoax.

Great crowd.  Great buzz.  But where was Anna?  All the frustrated fashionistas around me searched through every social media outlet they could in order to play a Where’s Waldo sort of game.  Has anyone spotted and tagged her?  Does anyone know what other events she was booked to appear at?

Then suddenly out of the crowd came this halo of style and it was almost as if the heavens had parted and the harps had announced her arrival with the sound of music.  We knew she had arrived. (cue the music)

Suddenly, everyone in line straightened their posture and you could audibly hear the hearts thumping with excitement.  I for one might have trampled over others had it not been for the foreboding security guards demanding people progress one-by-one in a uniform line.

How I didn’t scream out loud with delight still boggles my mind because as I approached her to tell her my name (we were instructed that we were only allowed to tell her our name with a strict policy of no pictures allowed), she greeted me warmly and with a compliment.  “You look great!”

“So do you!” was my stupid answer as I quickly remembered the instruction and obediently gave her my first name.  “Stella.  s-t-e-l-l-a”.  On the outside I was beaming.  But on the inside, I was growling at the guards in disbelief that I was prevented from taking a picture of this very proud moment.  “Anna is signing my Sept Vogue and I can’t even capture this image!” grrr

But I did manage to snap a few shots of her signing other people’s magazines before getting shoved to the side by more guards who pushed me out of the way.  And of course, here is my cherished issue!

I nearly skipped all the way home grinning ear to ear.  So worth the wait!


My clothes are in boxes.  Nothing is more frustrating to a fashionista than to have her entire wardrobe locked up in cardboard cages.  With this new move, the lack of closets and the impending renovation, my clothes need to be protected in this manner.  So every day, I look through 7 wardrobe boxes and a handful of regular boxes to dress and accessorize.  I admit, it’s hard to feel inspired.

But then I see photos like the ones below.  And I see hope.  California Closets, here I come!  For more on inspirational closets, click here.





Source: via Fab Gab Blog on Pinterest



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