October 2012

Hi ladies, I have another Fab Freebie for you!  This goody bag is care of Birch Box, a fun sampling program for beauty junkies and those who simply just want a little surprise with their monthly bills.  I first discovered them at their pop-up shop during NY Fashion Week and have been meaning to share with you all this giveaway ever since.

How to enter:

  • 1 entry for each comment left in FabGabBlog.com (any post)
  • 1 entry for any Twitter.com/FabGabBlog re-tweet
  • 1 entry for any comment or like made on Facebook.com/FabGabBlog
  • 5 entries for any FB sharing of any FabGabBlog FB post

Don’t forget to leave me a comment here with links so I can find and confirm all your entries!

What you can win:

  • Raising Eyebrows (book by Cameron Tuttle)
  • FNO notebook
  • TRESemme’ split remedy repair pack
  • Boscia Green Tea blotting linens
  • Aveda color shampoo
  • Color Club nail polish
  • MAC eye shadow in Fard a Paupieres
  • Cargo lash activator
  • Jouer lip gloss
  • Kerastase Elixer

Contest ends on Thanksgiving day and a winner will be chosen at random.  Good luck everyone!



I think my feet must slowly be growing thanks to this pregnancy.  These Zara shoes were so tight last time I wore them so I assume they and a lot of my shoes will sit in my closet for another 4more months or so or until this swelling goes down.  It seems like a great excuse to shoe shop, doesn’t it?  (as if I needed a reason…)

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Wondering what you’ll be this Halloween?  Here are some fabulous flapper fashions to inspire you in case you are into vintage looks.  With the upcoming Great Gatsby movie on its way, you’ll also be setting future trends, for sure!


Kim Kardashian rocked this look in 2008.  What do you think of her Halloween outfit?

kim kardashian flapper

What’s so great about this Halloween outfit pick is that you don’t have to rely on those one-size-fits-all, cheesy, pre-packaged options. You can go dress hunting in regular stores simply by looking for drop waist dresses or ornate 20s style sequined pieces that you can likely wear again. Here are some 20’s flapper style dresses straight off the runway as proof!


flapper fashion


gatsby fashion ffffff


If you’re not into the idea of investing in a designer dress for Halloween though, keep in mind that you can probably convert something from your current closet into a flapper outfit with a few key accessories.  Think gloves, fur boas and shawls, strings of pearls, t-strap heels and feathers in the hair.

For  my friend’s Flapper-themed bachelorette party, this is exactly what we did.  My friend and I actually just DIY-ed our own headpieces by choosing a ribbon (you can choose a more elaborate trim too) and then bobby pinning a feather to it in our hair.

Here are some of the party pics!

Here’s a close-up of my outfit details (Sue Wong dress, Aldo shoes).

So do you know how you’re dressing, come October 31st?




I just visited my first pumpkin patch and was enraptured at all the possibilities – the colors, the shapes, the textures the sizes!

how to decorate pumpkins

Are any of you readers planning to buy a pumpkin this Halloween?  If so, what are your decoration plans?  Below are my fab decor suggestions for pumpkin decoration!  Let me know what your favorite(s) are!

fashionable pumpkins

Make your pumpkin work double-duty!  Slide a vase into the cut opening and add flowers.  Have a party theme?  Mine this year, is BOO-tiful Halloween Bash, so I”m writing ‘BOO’ with a black sharpie.  What would your message be?  6a013483ab2426970c013483ab3428970c-800wi

Show off your brand loyalty with some creative carving.  This is not for the novice pumpkin carver!6243903509_869b0a6ba6

If you’re on the artsy side, whip out some puffy paint and create ornate designs transforming your everyday pumpkin into Pinterest-worthy art!picture-1614

If you’re less artsy but still want the unique look, stick on some jewel stickers and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!picture-6008

If minimalism is more your style, buy a white pumpkin and let the inner orange shine through.  picture-8058

Have an old pair of lacy pantyhose?  Simply slip one on to your pumpkin for a sexy, sultry look!DSC_1243

This one is easy enough for a toddler to try.  Simply glue and stick!pumpkin42

If you’re a crafty girl, get the modge podge out and apply anything from magazine scraps to lace for a designer look.

pumpkin fashion

If carving is not your thing, consider applying washi tape or ribbon to your pumpkins.  Mix the patterns of ribbon and keep the placement standard like the picture above for a cute, curated look!6243879741_ee8da32e97

If bling is more your thing, stick-on crystals will make your pumpkins shine!glitterpumpkins

Spray adhesive and glitter can do wonders for adding glamour to your Halloween!

pumpkin decorating

You could also paint a dollar store pumpkin white, search for wallpaper images online, print them on regular paper and decoupage them onto your pumpkin.  It’s kind of like wallpapering your pumpkin!

Lastly, what’s better than an Anna and Karl pumpkin duo?  Think outside of the box, and add accessories to your pumpkins to really make them come to life!

anna wintour karl lagerfeld

How fabulously festive!  What’s your favorite?


Here’s a belated style diary post from this past summer before my pregnancy and belly bump.  Ahh, how I already miss the days when I didn’t have to worry about my clothes fitting around my ever-growing waistline!

I remember that on this very hot summer day, I was getting dressed to sign the final papers on our new apartment.  It was an exciting, momentous occasion, one where I needed to commemorate with the perfect corporate yet not too stuffy outfit – something that wouldn’t make me melt in the hot sun and also let me celebrate this occasion in a fun way.

The suit is from Lord & Taylor and is by Love Ady, the purse and shoes are from TJMaxx (purse Cynthia Steffe), and the necklace is from Jcrew.

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I have a new fashion challenge.  I hardly have any pants or skirts that fit thanks to my expanding waistline and suddenly the figure-hugging tops and shift dresses are making me feel unnecessarily fat.  I’m in that weird 4month stage where I’m not pregnant looking enough to score a seat on the subway yet.  I just look like I have a fat old beer belly.

Here is one outfit that I found to actually still fit…somewhat. If you look closely, you’ll see that the buttons on my shirt are about ready to pop and the same goes for my pant waistline.

Pretty soon, all I’ll be wearing are A-line and tent dresses, and blouse-y loose tops and maternity bottoms so it is nice to be able to wear regular clothes while I can.

More on my recent Century 21 haul where I bought clothes for my new body later.  (Happy birthday to me!)  I hope you’re all having a great week!



Hi everyone!  So I’m finally recovering from my recent trip to Japan.  Looking back on the business trip, I don’t know I managed the jet lag combined with pregnancy fatigue and 12 hour working days.  But I’m glad I powered through and mostly, I’m glad to be back.  Home sweet home!   The 12 -14hour sleeping sessions where I slept like a sloth immediately after my trip definitely helped with my recovery and I’m starting to once again feel human again.

Now that I’m awake enough to focus on important matters other than sleep deprivation my attention has diverted to a fashion love of mine – peplum.  The peplum trend is here to stay.  I love this frilly and feminine trend and wrote about this last year here.  I’m still seeing it everywhere and it seems that the trend has really caught on with the public.  Here are some of my favorite images from designers these days.  Click through my original Pinterest link if you’re interested in learning more.  And tell me, how much longer do you think this peplum trend is here to stay?







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This marathon TV session that I just finished with David Tutera and My Fair Wedding has left me dreaming of what it might be like to be a professional wedding planner.  I adore event planning (not to mention having over 11 years work experience in it) and I couldn’t get enough of planning my own wedding but could I deal with all the bridezillas out there?  Hmm now that’s another question..

Here are some of my favorite inspirational images for a pretty pastel party.





If you like this, come join me on pinterest where I have an entire board under the pastel event header!  Or click here for more blog posts on pastel parties.

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