Fab Decor: 13 Fabulous Ways to Decorate Your Pumpkin

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I just visited my first pumpkin patch and was enraptured at all the possibilities – the colors, the shapes, the textures the sizes!

how to decorate pumpkins

Are any of you readers planning to buy a pumpkin this Halloween?  If so, what are your decoration plans?  Below are my fab decor suggestions for pumpkin decoration!  Let me know what your favorite(s) are!

fashionable pumpkins

Make your pumpkin work double-duty!  Slide a vase into the cut opening and add flowers.  Have a party theme?  Mine this year, is BOO-tiful Halloween Bash, so I”m writing ‘BOO’ with a black sharpie.  What would your message be?  6a013483ab2426970c013483ab3428970c-800wi

Show off your brand loyalty with some creative carving.  This is not for the novice pumpkin carver!6243903509_869b0a6ba6

If you’re on the artsy side, whip out some puffy paint and create ornate designs transforming your everyday pumpkin into Pinterest-worthy art!picture-1614

If you’re less artsy but still want the unique look, stick on some jewel stickers and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!picture-6008

If minimalism is more your style, buy a white pumpkin and let the inner orange shine through.  picture-8058

Have an old pair of lacy pantyhose?  Simply slip one on to your pumpkin for a sexy, sultry look!DSC_1243

This one is easy enough for a toddler to try.  Simply glue and stick!pumpkin42

If you’re a crafty girl, get the modge podge out and apply anything from magazine scraps to lace for a designer look.

pumpkin fashion

If carving is not your thing, consider applying washi tape or ribbon to your pumpkins.  Mix the patterns of ribbon and keep the placement standard like the picture above for a cute, curated look!6243879741_ee8da32e97

If bling is more your thing, stick-on crystals will make your pumpkins shine!glitterpumpkins

Spray adhesive and glitter can do wonders for adding glamour to your Halloween!

pumpkin decorating

You could also paint a dollar store pumpkin white, search for wallpaper images online, print them on regular paper and decoupage them onto your pumpkin.  It’s kind of like wallpapering your pumpkin!

Lastly, what’s better than an Anna and Karl pumpkin duo?  Think outside of the box, and add accessories to your pumpkins to really make them come to life!

anna wintour karl lagerfeld

How fabulously festive!  What’s your favorite?

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Vintage Danielle October 12, 2012 at 1:30 pm

The polka dotted designs are my favorite! I love going to pumpkin patches, they’re so much fun and I can sucked into buying so many haha.


fabgab October 14, 2012 at 5:45 pm

I love polka dots too 🙂


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