November 2012

Do you ever look through your wardrobe and feel totally blah thinking you have absolutely nothing to wear?  Well change it up!  Shop your closet and re-style what you already own.  Wear the outfit with different shoes, and accessories.  Add a blazer, a scarf or a cardigan.  Think about how to belt it differently and what other colors would match the current palette.

That’s the idea behind my Style Diary series where I style 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 top multiple ways.  Here’s a new example using my versatile, camel- colored Shoshanna dress bought at Saks.  The classic cut and neutral color lends itself as a timeless basic that I can wear endless ways.

Today (at 6months pregnant), I wore the dress all layered up cuz darnit it’s getting cold in NY!  The brown tights featured here however were not made for my giant belly.  Therefore, the waistband kept falling for it failed miserably to stay anywhere near my my protruding belly.  Unable to stay afloat on top of my giant waistline, slowly through the day with each step, the waistband rolled lower and lower and lower.. so much so that the crotch was practically between my knees making me feel like I had just taken a dump in my tights.  Note to self, invest in some maternity tights!  Here I am looking perturbed just thinking about how uncomfortable the tights were.

Pictured above is the Gianfranco Ferre fur-trimmed swing coat that my mom loaned me over Thanksgiving break.  I topped my outfit today with it.  It’s the perfect maternity coat since it will grow with my expanding belly!  The suede chocolate booties were a TJMaxx find.

For a spring-ier look, I added this coral scarf that I bought in Thailand, a contrasting lime green clutch and spikey leopard heels.

These shoes are KILLER.  They’re sexy, edgy and dangerous weapons for your feet.  Mostly though they will KILL your feet!  I can’t stand in them for longer than 1hour before wanting to wimper in a corner and beg for a massage.  Alas, they’re so beautiful I can’t get rid of them either.

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So I’m finally pregnant enough to really look pretty obvious about it.  There is no hiding it now.  I was eagerly anticipating this moment only for the advantage of getting to secure myself a subway seat.  However now that I’m truly showing and not questionably fat in the belly, I now have to cover up and wear coats!  Dang still no one offers me a seat on the subway!   Give a pregnant woman a break, NY-ers!

Speaking of coats, I have 2 of these same exact military coats and am planning to sell one.  Message me if you’re interested!  It’s by Gryphon and was bought at Intermix (sz sm).  I can email you with additional photos of it if you like.


The coat comes with a detachable black fur collar, not shown here.

Dress by BCX, fur stole from Saks, Aldo shoes, St. John tote


I got invited to the Sportmax and Elle Magazine party in Soho the other night, found myself lusting after clothes I couldn’t afford and with all my willpower, left with nothing but a free Elle Mag.  Across the way was a packed party at Coach filled with fashionable party-go-ers.  Though not a fan of Coach per say, I found myself curiously drawn to the crowd.

A DJ and ornamented owl cookies immediately welcomed me in.

The energy in the room was palpable! 

Having not known what I was walking into I was stunned to see THE ANNA SUI mingling amongst the crowd.  I actually did a double-take before waiting my turn for an introduction and picture.

Two Asian fashionistas from MI..that’s pretty rare!

The above models didn’t look like they were wearing Anna Sui but the Asian one did agree to pose with Anna’s new tote bag, part of a limited-edition collaboration with Coach.

“Coach wanted to revive their [1972] duffle bag and told me to do whatever I wanted,” Sui told “I mean, what more could you ask for than carte blanche from Coach?!”

So handbag lovers, what do you think of this boho-chic style?  It’s a little vintage.  A little rocker.  And so Anna!  Don’t you think?

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I don’t know about you but I’m a fan of Rachel Zoe.  Okay some of you might argue that she’s not the brightest bulb but I think she more than makes up for it in fabulousity.  The lady has endless style.  So when I learned that she had created designer wrapping paper just in time for the holidays the Martha Stewart in me wanted to start my holiday gift shopping early just to start wrapping!

I love that the fashionable fabrics from Rachel Zoe’s fashion collection have been converted to glamorous wrapping paper.   Why haven’t other fashion designers thought of this?

Here’s a fun and fabulous DIY tip:  Save all your broken jewelry, belts and charms -they’re future gift wrapping accessories!  The belt that no longer fits or is out of style one season can be re-used as a fashionable gift wrap in place of the traditional ribbon for example and the lonely remaining earring that has lost its pair can be a great add-on to a velvety bow with just a touch of the glue gun!  This year, why not upgrade your gift-giving with unique 3-D presentation that is so pretty it’s as Rachel Zoe might exclaim, “AH-Mazing!”

Perhaps the best part is that proceeds for these fashionable papers go towards Save the Children.  Head on over the One Kings Lane to purchase!


Thank God I’m over the first trimester days of constant nausea and always wondering when my next vomiting episode was going to be.  Those were the days when I had to stock up on all things ginger just to keep my stomach from rumbling out of control.  I bought ginger candy, ginger tea, ginger soda and ginger entrees.  I was so paranoid that I would have an unlucky episode in the middle of a meeting that I would actually bring my own ginger tea bags to my conference calls and work meetings.  I bet everyone at work must have thought I was some ginger-crazed Asian when I first started working there (and had not yet told anyone of my pregnancy).

Being that it is all relative I now feel great in my 2nd trimester.  One of the items that I bought while shopping for my new body was this fur vest from Jones New York at Macy’s.

I first wore it during my 4th month of pregnancy with my cowl-neck camel-colored top from INC and some coated skinny jeans that I bought at TJMaxx.

With a much bigger belly today I wore it with my Zara sweater top, maternity skirt from Target and booties below.

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I love Pinterest.  It’s a great way for me to collect inspiration for all sorts of things from fashion wants to gift ideas to home decor inspiration and party planning pieces.  Before I knew the sex of my baby, I couldn’t help but start dreaming of the baby shower.  I’m an event planner by trade so how could I not help but get ahead of myself a little here?

Here were some ideas of my collected ideas for a baby boy shower, themed “My Little Man” starting with a party printable set from TomKat Studios.

If you ever need to throw a party, I suggest you check out TomKatStudios for inspiration and printable help.  The stylist is so talented and has an amazing selection of themes and designs.  Here are some of the images from a party that actually used the above.  Makes you want to throw a little boy’s party, doesn’t it?

This breakfast buffet is great because everything is baby-bite sized.  You have the unique doughnut tower, baby cinnamon buns, and mini yogurt parfaits for instance, a nice twist to your typical dessert bar buffet table.

They expertly executed all my dessert bar tips which you can review here.  It’s got balance, a background that pops and enough layers to keep your eye interested.  Click here to buy the matching party supplies also from TomKat Studios

Don’t forget the gift box table.  Why not add this cute mustache and tie banner from Etsy shop owner, DreamPartyPaperie.

How fun would it be to have a photo opp area with matching props?

If you love this color scheme, continue it in the nursery!  What a great tie in from the baby shower to your baby’s new home.  For more on this nursery, click here

Add this cute, growth chart to continue the theme!

Or this bedding set found here!

Or here!



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Hi everyone!  I hope you’re all doing well.  Here in NY, most of us are finally back up and running and it feels great to finally have heat, hot water and tv/internet again.  No more mitten-wearing to bed for me!

Here I’m wearing my Calvin Klein cowl-neck dress worn 4 other ways here and here.  Being that it’s such a basic neutral, I find that I can easily wear it again and again for work each time, creating new looks.

I’ve paired it with a sparkly cardigan from Express, brooches (all gifts from my bridal shower which were used on my floral bouquet), and a fur stole.

The purse is Prada and the leopard coat is from Ann Taylor also worn in this style diary entry.

TGIF, right??

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I finished off a 1200 calorie, bacon cheeseburger meal at Johnny Rockets for lunch today and totally blame the baby. She made me do it!
Here I am, showcasing my ever-growing burger-belly and so happy that non-maternity clothes still fit.

This houndstooth dress is one of my recent Century 21 finds- consider it  sort of a move-in-to-a-new-neighborhood present to myself.  I love it right now because the fabric is so stretchy and comfy, perfect for a pregnant fashionista like me!  Here I paired it with my Saks Fifth Avenue fur stole, Zara cardigan, St. John purse and booties.


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Ok so after a little trial and error and some online research, I’ve quickly learned what works and what doesn’t on a pregnant body.  The key for tops seems to be finding longer length blouses, tunics, cardigans and sweaters for instance that allow for some belly expansion (think empire waists, stretchy tops and items that don’t restrict movement or cause button popping).  And after strictly staying within my $200 maternity shopping spree, I’ve been able to mix and match with my current wardrobe to find some suitable options.

At 22 weeks pregnant, fashioning my growing belly seems to be the least of my concerns though.  Already, I’ve freaked out at having felt this growing human being within me kick and perform Cirque Du Soleil style flips.  And the thought of these kicks and punches only growing stronger (even waking one up in the 3rd trimester) are hard for me to try and get used to.

Everyone keeps reassuring me that I look great for my 2nd term phase and some even wonder out loud how I managed to stay so thin.  Meanwhile all I can think about is  my friend Tracey who even with the same due date has magically seemed to not gain an ounce – that skinny biotch.  After 5 months of pregnancy, I still can’t seem to get used to all this overhang – it’s far worse than any muffin top that I’ve ever experienced.  I have however finally stopped the automatic urge to suck my belly in.  It’s simply no use anymore.  I need to just let it all hang out.  haha

In the above photo I’m wearing an old red dress that I had sitting in the back of my makeshift, temporary cardboard closet.  The dress is by ABS and I simply attached a feather plume straight off another top that I no longer wore to one of the straps for a unique, retro-glam look.

In the above photo, I’m wearing my new maternity top from Old Navy.  I normally am not a fan of Old Navy but being on this strict maternity budget, I curiously scoured the racks in hopes of finding wearable pieces.  I was glad I did because I found this cowl-neck, black and white top in the sale rack and immediately knew it had potential.  Here I topped it with a dramatic statement necklace and my comfy maternity leggings bought from Target which secretly has a belly band that rises up to my bra line.  It’s one of the few pants I own where I really feel I can breathe and let it all go.

In the above photo, I’m wearing some frugal finds from Forever 21.  Thankfully, these skinny F21 jeans still fit.  Can you believe I paid only $12 for them?  And they stay up better than the official maternity jeans that I bought from Motherhood Maternity.  The navy cardigan from Forever 21 is banded by glam gold stripes and I love it.  The boots and tote perfectly match even though I found them at 2 different Asian stores.  So far maternity dressing is not as depressing as I had anticipated.  Let’s see how I feel once I really pop during my 3rd trimester!


After days of being sequestered without internet access, I hungrily scavenged NYC like a poverty-stricken beggar ready to do nearly anything to get myself plugged back in.  After the first couple of tries where outlets weren’t working or internet was splotchy, I finally struck gold at Screme, a NYC Expresso bar on 42nd st.  Scream is exactly what I felt like doing in response to working wifi. (woohoo!!)

Poor NY, Sandy hit us badly and my heart goes out to the thousands affected by the tragic hurricane.  My measly problems with lack of heat, electricity and running water are definitely nothing to complain about in comparison.  And I find myself thankful for life’s little luxuries now.  (Living by candlelight is only romantic for the first few hours).  I’m now contemplating how I can transfer my old clothes, books and blankets over to those who need it the most.

I wonder how the many brides in the affected areas dealt with Hurricane Sandy.  I had two friends who got married the weekend right before Sandy hit – lucky them!  But what about the others who had their wedding venues destroyed, guests unable to attend and devastation all around them?  Amazing stories of women delivering babies during the hurricane also ignite my imagination.  How would I have dealt with having to have been transferred out of NYU hospital in the middle of giving birth and during the crazy storm! And I thought walking up/down 14 flights of stairs in the dark while pregnant was stressful enough!

What I do know is that NY-ers are strong.  They are resilient beyond belief and already I see how the community  is coming together to help one another out.  As the bright lights of the big city slowly reactivate, a growing love of NY resounds.  Leave a comment here if you also heart NY!

NYC – Mindrelic Timelapse from Mindrelic on Vimeo.


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