NYC – Post Sandy

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After days of being sequestered without internet access, I hungrily scavenged NYC like a poverty-stricken beggar ready to do nearly anything to get myself plugged back in.  After the first couple of tries where outlets weren’t working or internet was splotchy, I finally struck gold at Screme, a NYC Expresso bar on 42nd st.  Scream is exactly what I felt like doing in response to working wifi. (woohoo!!)

Poor NY, Sandy hit us badly and my heart goes out to the thousands affected by the tragic hurricane.  My measly problems with lack of heat, electricity and running water are definitely nothing to complain about in comparison.  And I find myself thankful for life’s little luxuries now.  (Living by candlelight is only romantic for the first few hours).  I’m now contemplating how I can transfer my old clothes, books and blankets over to those who need it the most.

I wonder how the many brides in the affected areas dealt with Hurricane Sandy.  I had two friends who got married the weekend right before Sandy hit – lucky them!  But what about the others who had their wedding venues destroyed, guests unable to attend and devastation all around them?  Amazing stories of women delivering babies during the hurricane also ignite my imagination.  How would I have dealt with having to have been transferred out of NYU hospital in the middle of giving birth and during the crazy storm! And I thought walking up/down 14 flights of stairs in the dark while pregnant was stressful enough!

What I do know is that NY-ers are strong.  They are resilient beyond belief and already I see how the community  is coming together to help one another out.  As the bright lights of the big city slowly reactivate, a growing love of NY resounds.  Leave a comment here if you also heart NY!

NYC – Mindrelic Timelapse from Mindrelic on Vimeo.


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