December 2012

Miss China, Miss Korea, Miss Japan

Ok, so if you’ve been following my blog, you know I love pageants.  The glitz, the glamour, the eye candy and imagined cat fights backstage are all tantalizingly alluring to the girly girl in me.  I remember pageant nights were one of the only nights I, as a kid growing up in a small town in MI was able to stay up past bedtime.  My mom, dad and I would watch together and all debate on who should make the final round and of course later be crowned.

Those were the days when weight stats appeared alongside height and age.  Now the weight portion is omitted and replaced with silly random facts.  Miss Brazil I learned yesterday, “kisses her shoulders when nervous” and Miss Russia  “has a teddy bear collection”.   It was hard for me to fathom that any contestant would willingly want to be forever remembered by her famous teddy bear collection but to each her own.

This year’s contestants were gorgeous as expected but what I didn’t expect to see were so many lookalikes.  Was it just me or did Miss Hungary Agnes Konkoly resemble Rachel Bilson?

And what about Olivia Palermo resembling Olivia Culpo (Miss USA now crowned Miss Universe 2012)?

And did anyone else think Miss Venezuela 2012 Irene Sofia Esser Quintero reminded them of   Sofia Vergara?


Upon a friend’s suggestion, I considered for a second, having my own Demi Moore moment and posing for a full-bellied pregnancy shot.  I admit, I browsed through a ton of photographer’s portfolios trying to imagine whether I had the guts to bare it all for one of those artistic pregnant nude photographs.  I couldn’t get into the idea though.  I suppose I haven’t fallen in love with my new body yet and am not sure I ever will.  I still see this transformation as a freaky one and I don’t think I want to commemorate it with a half-naked shot of me and my protruding body part.  I am fine documenting the weekly growth through my blog and my personal style shots.

First photo features me today at 7months pregnant, the second photo at 6.5 months – both sporting the same leopard cardigan, both outfits for work.



For a chic take on the traditional Christmas party, why not go with a black, white and gold color palette?  The combo is oh so elegant and glam.  Check out the inspirational collages that I made below!

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After much thought, we have decided to opt out of having a baby shower.  Not sure of where we’ll be stationed given our pending renovations and knowing things may be crazed during this unstable period, we decided to opt instead for a big party once the baby is born.  Perhaps we’ll combine the baby celebration with a housewarming at our place or celebrate the 100th day (a huge Korean cultural celebration).

So here I am revealing my pent up baby shower ideas for a fab fete.  Feel free to use them for your own purposes!  Here are some ideas for a Sugar and Spice themed baby girl shower.

Encourage guests to design their own onesie for the lucky baby girl and treasure the handmade precious gifts long after the baby shower ends!  To stay within color theme, offer patterns and colors that match the baby shower’s decor.  This way, when the finished onesies are shown off and pinned around the room, it doesn’t detract from the party palette.  The activity is best when there are a variety of fabrics, stencils, puffy paint and other materials to choose from.  Make sure non-artistic guests feel confident with the task by offering suggested sayings like “got milk?” that they can simply write in their own handwriting.  Stencils, stripes and polka dots are also easy for any average Joe to add on.  Ask each guest to initial the butt before taking a photo with their creation so you can forever remember who created what post-party!

Of course the star attraction for a sugar and spice themed party must be the dessert bar.  See below for inspiration and here for tips!



Think about featuring baby-sized everything! If it’s a brunch, spicy breads, baby bagels and mini cinnamon rolls for instance.  If it’s a pure dessert table, offer cake pops, macarons, min-cupcakes and small spicy snickerdoodles.






Beverages should be in-line with the party colors.  Think sugar rimmed pink champagne for the adults and pink lemonade served in baby bottles for the kids.  Or for another sweet twist on an adult drink, how about blow-pop martinis?



For a post-party sugar and spice themed favor, how about:

  • sugar exfoliating scrub
  • spicy or sweet smelling soaps
  • pink nail polish named after sweets?

all packaged to match the party colors of course?



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