April 2013

There’s a reason I haven’t written a style diary post in months.  As a new mom with a 2month old, the only thing I accessorize with these days is a burp cloth.  Dressing up to me now simply means actually putting on a bra.  I now understand why moms spend so much time in Juicy sweatpants.  I can barely get out of my PJs on most days!  You may find this weird coming from such a fashion-obsessed blogger like me but when you’re so sleep deprived and forced to try and take naps whenever the baby is down, staying in your PJs not only makes it easier to jump into bed at all times of the day but it also saves time.  And as any mom with a newborn knows, time is of the essence!

Currently, I have a rare and precious moment to myself now that baby is taking her nighttime nap.  And I feel thankful to be able to pinterest and fantasize about wearing all these little black dresses.  They’re beautiful, aren’t they?


black1   black4 = black6   © Noa Griffel 2012 black dress

At 8 weeks post c-section, I have 8lbs to lose before I can fit back into my own LBDs.  Not bad for not having had a moment to work out I guess and totally worth the sweet, precious gift I’ve been given!



According to Pantone, emerald green is the color of the year for 2013 which means we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in fashion, home decor and accessories.

pantone green

I have no idea how the Pantone gods have the power to choose and predict colors of the year but I find that once they do, the entire fashion and home design worlds run with it.  Here are some inspirational collages themed with this fresh color.  What do you think?

Glam Green

green inspiration board

Preppy Green

Desktop2 preppy green

Who feels like wearing green now?

For more inspiration boards, click here.   Or follow me on Pinterest.


True to the April showers bring May flowers saying, it has been nothing but rainy here in MI where I’ve been camping out while waiting for my apartment to finish its renovations.  The skies are grey so I thought I’d brighten things up a bit by dreaming of a bright,  yellow-themed event.  Here are the inspiration photos!

For more yellow-themed photos, click my pinterest account here!


yellow wedding

yellow  dress

yellow flowers

yellow wedding

yellow wedding

Hope that you have a sunshine-y day!



I guess I haven’t been feeling very fab lately because post baby, I haven’t had a moment to think about this blog.  Sorry for the lack of posts but I’ve been non-stop with the feedings, diapering, burping and sanitizing while in a zombie-like state thanks to a severe lack of sleep.  I think for the photo shoot shot above, I had a total of 3hours of sleep.

This video pretty much sums up my new life.

During this hiatus, you can however keep up with me through pinterest where I have 106 inspirational boards to share with you.  They range from home decor and fashion to fab fetes and fab kids, much like this blog.  More soon, I promise!




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