September 2013

Check out these powerful, comic strip style fashions.  They’re sure to give your wardrobe the kick in the ass it needs to rescue it out of its doldrums.

superhero comic strip style fashion

It seems everyone from Phillip Lim to Forever 21 are jumping on the superhero trend which has inspired me to create this themed inspiration board for a superhero Halloween or birthday party.

superhero party

For a truly super time, invite all the guests to show up as their favorite superhero or comic strip character!


Set up a photo booth and encourage guests to zap a photo of themselves in power poses.  Provide props like capes, eye masks and lightning bolts.   If you want to serve more than desserts, your menu could include things like,  “power pasta,” “strengthening steak,” “flying fajitas” etc.  For more ideas and for all the printable items featured in the collage above, check out wants and wishes!


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