December 2014

I started @fab_kids on Instagram as part of my growing obsession with minifashionistas from around the world.  I loved how the internet put me in touch with fashion-obsessed moms like myself and allowed access into the lives, wardrobes and stylings of the littlest trendsetters of them all – their adorable kids.  Here is a quick review of some of my favorite Fab Kids fashion moments of 2014.  Who’s your favorite??


kids fashion instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-05-25 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-06-02 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-08-00 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-10-15 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-11-03 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-11-24 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-15-08 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-16-12 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-17-48 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-23-45 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-24-22

Then there’s all the pairings, trios and multiples that were just so cute they blew your mind!

fashionable kids instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-13-32 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-22-06 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-22-30 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-29-26

kids halloween

As you can see, kids these days are accessorizing to the nines and really upping the fashion standard on your local playground!  I think we could all learn a thing or two from these little lookers.  Follow @fab_kids for daily inspiration!  And here’s to another fabulous year in 2015!

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