August 2015

Mommies always need a night out.  So when Single Edition Media and InStyle invited (and paid) me to attend their Summer Social, I celebrated with a resounding ‘YESSSS!!  I’ll GO!  Take me!  Get me outta here!”  haha  Ok seriously, what mom wouldn’t enjoy a fashionable night out on the town and a chance to listen to music that didn’t involve nursery rhymes?  They had me at the invite.

instyle summer social

I saw this as the perfect reason to dust off my high heels and get dolled up.  Plus I was excited to network with the brands and meet the other bloggers and ‘influencers’ of which I was honored to share the title.  Shout out to Fashionista Momma (pictured on the left) and A Little Glitter, (pictured in the middle), my two favorite new blogging buddies from the event!

For more silly Gifs from the event check out Bosco’s party pics here!

Here’s a pic of the party people.  As you can see, it was a very pink party!

instyle summer social

What a fun adventure it was traveling through the loft-like venue, discovering beauty and lifestyle brands along the way.  Funny enough my two favorite finds were flower related.  Odeala Rose has the most gorgeous bouquets ready to deliver to your door.  Trust me, as an event planner I’m picky about my floral arrangements.  These will not be your typical 1800-flowers  but rather, upscale, stylish bouquets that you hope your prince charming would be smart enough to buy! I mean just look at the unique arrangement below!

white roses

Plus, they send you a snapshot of the actual bouquet so you can make sure you like what you see.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been disappointed in a flower service that sent something of lesser quality than the advertised product picture.  The picture perfect check was a great selling point and so was the flower delivery box!  Modern and cool!  They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but I say, you can judge a present by its presentation.

ode la rose

instyle magazine event

My other favorite brand was named Peony, hence the similarity in flower theme.  This athletic wear made me actually want to work out.  And if you know me personally, you know that is a major feat.


instyle magazine summer

Turns out the Creative Director is just as cute as the clothes.

Another highlight of the evening were the complimentary manicures care of Essie.  Pre-baby, my nails were ALWAYS manicured and I even changed up the color on a weekly basis to match my weekend outfits. (Oh! What endless time I had back then!)  Needless to say that doesn’t happen anymore.  So this was a true treat.

photo below from Style Fox

summer social with Instyle Other pampering beauty treatments included Sarah Potempa hair curling (check out the curling iron that rotates on its own!), Jose Eber Salon offering blowouts, Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Moisturizer sampling, and Sally Hansen giving everyone airbrushed legs.

instyle 2

photos from A Little Glitter and Style Fox

While mingling and indulging in all these services we tasted guilt-free (less caloric) wines from Brancott Estate, coconut water from Zico and munched on Gardein veggie snacks shaped like fish and chicken (fooled me!)

instyle summer social

Don’t you love those branded pillows??


Here’s another peak into the scene

Thanks to all the InStyle Magazine, Single Edition and all the sponsors for making this a special mommy night out!

instyle magazine

photo from InStyle Magazine

Sarah Potempa /Essie /Brancott Estate /Think Thin /Gardein /Dickensin’s /Jose Eber /Sally Hansen /Neutrogena /Nicole Benisti /Peony /Sun Chips /Thierry Mugler /Zico



Every Monday, I feature fashionable fab moms on my fab_kids Instagram account.  Go check them out!  They’re so inspiring!  IG Followers are asked to tag their mommy and me photos to #fab_mom. And I realized that other than my first blog post about how to tell if you’re a fab mom, I hadn’t straight out defined what it meant to me.  So here it is!


fab moms what they are list on stationary

I’m currently planning a Fab Mom Blogger Bash in NYC.  Know a fab mom that should be invited?  Let me know!  And share this with your favorite fab mom letting them know you think they’re fabulous!


I’m so grateful to have found moms to hang out with, share parenting stories with and just help pass the time. As any new mom can attest to, finding one that you genuinely like, and has kids that are similar in age that play well together AND that lives close by feels like finding a unicorn riding a bike. It’s easier finding your soul mate on (see prior post here).

I like to be social so while being a stay at home mom, I stay active and in touch partly by planning play dates for my little one.  My most recent one was planned with one day in advance and themed around the new Play Doh set that my daughter just received. So I was psyched to have 4 moms and their toddlers over and happy to get creative with my dollar store gift wrap which matched perfectly with the Play Doh colors and toys.



Plus the floral pattern and colors were just so fun and summer-y that I knew I wouldn’t mind having them up for a while.  My place is very neutral otherwise and this just adds a burst of color.  Using gift wrap for your dessert table backdrops and/or blank walls is such a fun, cheap way to change things up!  See my instagram account for pictures on this area decorated for fourth of July!

play doh

Thanks to my hoarding ways when it comes to my party decor, I was able to re-use the Oh Joy for Target pieces that I first used during my new year’s party and toddler tea party. See hubby, I DO end up using all this stuff!


summer party

And I had enough gift wrap and an extra Oh Joy for Target banner to cover the cake stands and even J’s playhouse door!



It was so nice to catch up with the AC on, and have the kids play together without worry that they’d fall off some playground ledge or hurt themselves tumbling down some slide.   And luckily J was gracious with sharing her toys.

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