November 2015

As you consider sending out your holiday cards, consider videography as a modern, more encapsulating way to send best wishes. The below videos were taken at my BOO-tiful Halloween Bash by the wonderfully talented, Jessa Flynn Productions, one of our event sponsors. She did a remarkable job of capturing and editing toddlers on the move within a super short span of time.  How she was able to piece together these clips with the tiny bits of excited, on-the-run, movements that costumed kids make, I have no idea!

As cute as Halloween pics are, these videos are pretty incomparable and allow you to remember and cherish all the details.  Who wouldn’t enjoy their own personalized music video?  You have to see her website here!

If she can work magic at an event filled with sugared-up toddlers, surely she can do wonders for you and your family!  Speaking of, here is ours from the event.  Juliet wanted to be a princess with this chosen costume, and we worked around that as a family.  Click below to see the new royal family.

For all the Halloween party details click here.





Every Monday on my @Fab_kids Instagram account, I feature mommy and me fashion photos with the hashtag #fab_mom.  Most often, the mother -offspring duo is matching in some manner.  Are matching outfits for mommy and daughter or mommy and son corny or cute?

Matching my daughter is something I shamelessly do consciously and unconsciously too.  Whether Juliet likes it or not she is my mini-me and oftentimes will dress like it too.  Here’s what I mean.9.13mini me IMG_0886crop IMG_1715

Sometimes we simply coordinate instead of being an exact match.

minime matching outfits instagram.com_2015-07-20_22-37-02

iphone up to 10.2.13 614mommy and me matching outfits


I find this is much easier to do since it’s rare to find brands that offer exact replicas for the mother and daughter.  Coordinating colors looks great for photos and gives you more flexibility in using what you already have.  Follow me on Instagram @fab_kids and @fabgabblog for more!  And leave me a comment on whether you think this is cute or corny!

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Getting to sleep in as a mom is a forever unfulfilled fantasy so when my husband offered this morning to get Juliet ready for school and do the drop off for me so I could (for once) sleep in and hopefully rid this cold, I thanked him as profusely as my fatigued body would allow and felt comforted in knowing I had already done most of the prep work by laying out Juliet’s school outfit the night before.  Fridays are easy for us.  All J has to do is get dressed and go ‘cuz (hooray!) the school feeds her breakfast.

I slept in like a baby only to greet her back at home at the end of her school day in complete horror.

Apparently, my baby lived everyone’s worst nightmare and spent the whole day WITHOUT PANTS ON!! In a New York minute, she went from an award-winning ‘best-dressed’ baby (thanks for the recognition, Gymboree!) to a ‘what was she thinking?’ fashion DON’T.  Totally embarrassed for her at the thought of her walking around all day without freakin’ pants on, I gave my well-meaning hubby a much – needed fashion lecture on the difference between tights and leggings.  “Tights are NOT pants… haven’t we had this discussion before?” I asked in disbelief as I recalled another day when he dressed her in tights and a top and then  pranced her all around Michigan Ave in Chicago. Below are the frightening pictures my husband happily texted me of J hanging out in the Disney store (notice again, no PANTS on, only TIGHTS).  This was the first regretful nap that I took which allowed my very sweet but clueless husband to dress J and take her out.

PicMonkey Collage

Realizing that I need to start a new hashtag, #tightsarenotpants similar to the viral #leggingsarenotpants, I stood still, shocked and confused as to how anyone could style such a horrid outfit.  Not only did she NOT have any skirt or pants on, she also clashed like chimes on a drum.  And wasn’t matching the most basic of styling goals?  What was he thinking?? I could understand if Juliet did not have much of a wardrobe to choose from but this is what he had to select from!

kids closet

He could have chosen a myriad of different options while veto-ing my knee-high sock selection (which he attributes to having sparked his on-the-spot, mini-makeover).

styling kids

This sparkly blue, pom pom sweater by H&M (that I found on sale for just $7) would have looked designer with the rainbow themed selections that I styled with it on the right.  On the left, it ended up looking like some thrift store find crumpled up haphazardly with random layers and colors.  Is he blind?!?  How did my baby end up looking like such a hot mess when I perfectly laid out an entirely coordinated outfit for her the night before?

Oddly enough, his reaction to my fashion inquisition was pride.  He was simply proud to have gotten her out the door on time and still to this day defends his selections.  “That outfit was fine,’ he stubbornly replies.  This defense and denial is what has left me no other choice but to blog about his ridiculous styling result.  Is this a #mommyfail or a #daddyfail??  Readers, please chime in!  For now, I’ve determined that I’m NEVER sleeping in AGAIN.







I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to sample many of Kidville’s class offerings.  They offer the cutest assortment of enriching classes with some of the most engaging and sweet teachers around!  Wiggle Giggle which is what Juliet has tried out this fall semester for instance offers a really fun environment for Juliet to explore, get creative, sing, and dance.  It’s their mixed age version of the run wiggle paint and giggle which is a pre-nursery program engaging toddlers through stories, ball play, manipulative toys, block exploration, art and sensory play.


The beginning of the class begins with a welcome song and free play with a different rotation of toys every week.  Being such the expert at sorting boxes that Juliet is, I like to challenge her by asking her to follow a series of specific instructions.  “Can you find and put all the stars in first?”  “Can you count and find all the circles?”  “Now find all the blue shapes and put them in.”  Since she can count, identify all the shapes and listen to directions really well this is my way of keeping her stimulated.

kidville IMG_0457

Next came the nubby balls – who knew they could have so many uses!  The Kidville teachers encouraged rolling, bouncing, tapping on the head, balancing on them and sharing while discussing its texture, color and quantity.  In doing so, the teachers really end up teaching the other grown-ups how to take an ordinary object and get the most educational value out of it!    IMG_0460 IMG_0462

Next came puzzles, scarves and painting.  Juliet tried her hand at the puzzles and paints.IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0466  I always try to incorporate art into her every day and Kidville helps me do that!  IMG_0468

The blocks are a popular hit amongst all the kids.  And they’re one of those toys that grows with your child as he/she develops.  Juliet shows so much more dexterity when handling these than she did as an infant.  And oddly enough she just loves cleaning these up!IMG_0469 IMG_0470

The obstacle course is really where you get to see your child’s physicality develop.  I’m still so in awe when I see my baby jumping and running so well.  Wasn’t it just yesterday when she could barely balance her head on her shoulders? IMG_0472

For more pics and video of Juliet enjoying Kidville, check out my Instagram and follow me @fabgabblog as well as @fab_kids! 

Enter below for a chance to win free tickets for you and 1 child to a future Kidville FIDI special event.  They’re having a great one on November 20th!

kidville fidi

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Good luck!


Hello Kitty brings smiles to everyone.  And Juliet happens to have been gifted a lot of Hello Kitty dolls, coloring books, stickers and play sets.  So when HP asked me to participate in their HP Social Media Snapshots Sampling program I jumped at the excuse to throw a Hello Kitty themed play date for Juliet and some of our closest girlfriends!  To really make the most of their latest HP Envy printer and new sticky back photo paper, I organized a styled photo shoot with my photographer friend Suzanne from Gotham Love (also mom of one of Juliet’s besties,  Harper (pictured on the right below).  Together, we were able to get some great shots and print outs to memorialize this fun time.

hp social media snapshots




photo credit – Gotham Love

I found all the soft, fuzzy Hello Kitty sweaters at H&M and had each momma style their child’s own look.  Aren’t they all just adorable?


SAMSUNG CSC photo credit Gotham Love

hello kitty princess

It was like Hello Kitty and Sanrio took over my living room and dining area!  Wouldn’t walking into this room make any girl giddy?



SAMSUNG CSC I simply decorated with what we had:  tutus, banners and lanterns from the Target Oh Joy collection, Sanrio dolls and themed activities for the little girls.


hello kitty party




The glitter coloring book and polishes were a favorite for my daughter.

toddler activities

And the Japanese treats and Hello Kitty themed desserts were a hit amongst all the sweet tooths.

hello kitty treats

SAMSUNG CSC Juliet and I spent the afternoon baking these cupcakes together! SAMSUNG CSC Because I always like to try and add in an interactive game or ice breaker to my parties (see the princess themed truth game I created for my Princess in Training event here).  I created a short, Hello Kitty quiz and challenged the moms to compete for a Hello Kitty goody bag.

hello kitty game

Question 1)  Name as many Sanrio characters / Hello Kitty friends that you can

Question 2) List all the ways you can say ‘hello’ in as many languages as you can

Question 3)List as many kinds of cats as you can

One point was given for each answer and there was a mad (almost futile) rush to brainstorm answers with tired mommy’s brain.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the thought that this might have been the most challenging mental excercise they’ve had all week haha


play date nyc

Everyone also went home with a Hello Kitty treat bag a nerdy glasses necklace and print outs from the super fun Snapshots (found exclusively at Staples) “Small gift, big smile” after all is the Sanrio motto!

hello kitty treats

These 4×5 inch photo sheets are like the modern-day Polaroid print out.   Print directly from your smartphone or tablet using photos from your camera or different social media sites and they’re ready to stick anywhere – in your scrapbook, on the wall, within a greeting card, within a locker, on a dorm room wall…the possibilities are endless.   The best part is that HP Social Media Snapshots won’t damage your walls and they’re reapplicable!

 myprintly social media snapshotsI’m definitely planning to incorporate these fun print outs to my future @fab_kids events and my daughter’s birthday next year!  It’s such a fun and easy way to create your own DIY photo booth!

Now through November 30th, HP Social Media Snapshots are Buy One Get One Free when you use the following link and click “redeem now.”


To see all the pictures from my other past special events, themed play dates and styled photo shoots check out the newly created photo share site! And like fab kids on Facebook and Instagram!

Finally, to see how easy it is to wirelessly print photos on an HP Envy 5660 printer like mine, see below.

Disclosure: This is a paid post. I received a HP Envy printer, ink, and Snapshots paper in exchange for writing this post and hosting this play date.   All opinions are 100% my own.




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