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Here’s my latest, girly glam inspiration for a fab fete!

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For a chic take on the traditional Christmas party, why not go with a black, white and gold color palette?  The combo is oh so elegant and glam.  Check out the inspirational collages that I made below!

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I’m obsessed with this turquoise white and black color combination.  Not surprising given my blog’s design, right?



Click here for more turquoise decor!

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I love the classic black and white combination so much that I had considered it for my own wedding.  That is until I fell in love with the New York Palace  and that venue’s color theme did not work with it.  If I had gotten married say at the Oheka Castle, I might have gone with this sort of theme.


Damask, stripes, polka dots, black white and gold details!

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Anyone who reads my blog knows I love black and white.  Add damask, and my heart starts pumping like it does when I near Chanel.

Here’s my latest fab fete collage.


I just bought myself my very first pre-loved bag through Avelle, otherwise known as Bag Borrow or Steal.  It’s a bold, black and white striped Chanel bag with the iconic chain strap.  And I absolutely adore it!

Here, I’m wearing a Forever 21 blouse, puff-sleeve black cardigan from H&M, Aldo shoes and a skirt from a Korean boutique.  I love the black and white top.  It’s very Chanel-inspired.

Trench coat shown below is by Sinclaire, an exclusive designer to Saks.

I love pairing black and white. Here’s another recent outfit.

dress and blazer – H&M, shoes –  Vivayou  ,purse – ChanelCan you believe I bought this dress for only $15?

Pictured above is an outfit I wore this past spring (weekend brunch):

  • striped blazer – H&M
  • lace tank – Forever 21
  • ruffled skirt – SP (bought at Daffy’s)
  • patent leather purse – Express
  • wedges – Temptation


I’ve been collecting images ever since starting this blog – images that inspire me, images that indulge me and images that ARE me.

Every so often, I browse through my little online library and collect them into thematic collages.  Here’s my latest.  I’m calling it the black and white wedding.  For those of us who love damasks, this is a perfect way to bring black, white and a flash of pink into a damask black and white wedding.  Every black and white decor needs another accent color, else the classic black white pairing risks looking bland and cold.

Adding a printed fabric to the stem of a wedding bouquet is a thoughtful way to bring in a wedding theme while also creating a standout bouquet.  I’d like to see this one outlined with black ostrich feathers for an even more dramatic look.   I love how the elegant black and white cake has layers of different sizes, patterns and a simple modern ball like structure as the cake topper – very graphic.    And every event planner should experiment with adding logos, themes and patterns to their ice bar.  It immediately creates a memorable visual focus and helps tie any event decor together.  And don’t you love the unexpected flower girl dress?  Instead of coming out in all white, why not use a printed girly ruffle dress in the theme of your wedding?  I’d love to see this girl walk down the aisle carrying a pink teddy bear in a black basket with a pink flower in her hair.  I can see it now….


I haven’t done a FabFinds entry in a while so here is a roundup of some home decor fabfinds within the black and white color scheme!

All you princess wannabes out there will want to rest your pretty little heads on this royal pillow. For $39 you can have the tiara on your head that you deserve! This hand-tufted wool pillow is 14″H x 18″W and comes in a crown version for your prince of a boyfriend or husband.

Along the princess theme, here’s a throne chair (that my friend thinks darth vadar belongs in) hmm not sure about that visual but Bergdorf Goodman has similar chairs in a light blue thanks to my favorite designer, Kelly Wearstler.

I have memories of my mom being so happy when my dad finally let her have a sheep chair.  Yea, I said sheep. chair.  The ottoman was a furry replica of a baby sheep and I guess my mom really really wanted to have a soft place to rest her legs?!.  When it came home, my brother and I treated it like our new pet (while making fun of my overgrown kid of a mom).  Now I see this modern version and am falling in love!

I guess I got the same ridiculous gene ‘cuz I’m loving these sheep by Sam Brown.

Have you seen those pictures of people who have bravely transformed their wall into a chalkboard wall with some chalkboard paint?  it’s a fun way to add a little interactivity to a room.  Some use it for daily reminders, others use it for conversation pieces and a party focus.  Here’s a more glam chalkboard for $36 from one of my favorite sites,

If you don’t have a fireplace but love the charming look, here’s a black shelf that Oprah (and I) love.

And that’s it for my black and white home decor FabFinds roundup.  Tell me what you think!

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As a continuation to my last post concerning my undying love for black and white combos, this post pays tribute to black and white stripes.  The big bold striped look always catches my eye whether it’s in event decor, home decor or fashion.  It’s such a fun fabric to use and compliment with other black/white patterns and solid colors.  Check out the cute event decor below.

And wouldn’t this cake catch your eye?

I love when big bold stripes are incorporated into home decor like in this picture from Mary McDonald’s fashionable office.

Or how about the narrower stripes in this bathroom (photo credit:  Elle Decor) and living room? (photo found at

It’s easy to incorporate the striped look into your home with elements below.

How about the striped pillow cover below which can be bought from Etsy?

Or what do you think of the above 4’11” x 2’11” Ikea rug runs only $12.99

The above 19.7” Flor tile can be mixed and matched with other pieces and conveniently can get replaced for $13.95 if stained.

Or if you’re willing to invest more, you could buy an investment piece like the sitting chair pictured from California Home and Design.

Or if you prefer to wear your stripes, you could copy me and buy the black and white striped blazer from H&M!

Leave me your comments!

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Chanel loves black and white color combinations and so do I! I’m sort of obsessed with the color combo actually.  I just find the combination so classic, stunning and dramatic.

Currently, I’m loving these pictures from La Vie Photography that focus on black /white fashions.

Because of my black/white color obsession, I subscribe to a newsletter by Black and White Delight.   Each day, they email me interesting black and white color-themed items relating to home decor.    Here are some of their fab finds.

  • throw pillows
  • Kate Spade dinnerware

Does anyone else share my love of the black /white combo?

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