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I will never forget the first time I bought my first Chanel.  I had just received my bonus check from work and decided it was time to treat myself.  I fell in love with the sparkly chain and buttery soft calfskin leather and with just one left in inventory, I knew I  had to have it.  And now it can be yours!

I’m taking best offers just leave me your offer as a comment here along with your email so that I can reach you.  Winning bidder can pay me through  I’m considering all offers for the next month or so!

The only wear that you’ll really notice is what you see here – the minor scuffs.

The CC logo pushes back to open up the purse.  And as you can see, the interior has a zippered pocket and original authenticity card.

It also has a convenient pocket for a cell phone.  And the interior is in great condition as you can see.

Chanel Chanel Chanel, ladies!  You’ve gotta love it!

Here’s the back and bottom of the purse!

It’s classic without being like everyone else’s Chanel.  And the size is perfect as an everyday bag.  Here it is on me so you can get a feel for proportion. It’s 12″ wide at the base and 8″ tall.

  And this is the purse with a work outfit (above) and a play outfit (below).   See how it can transition in both arenas?

I’m looking to sell the purse for around $1500 so let me know your best offer.

Thanks everyone and happy shopping!  Please forward this link to anyone you think might be interested.



chanel boyfriend, chanel boyfriend watch, chanel pop up nyc, chanel boyfriend pop upChanel created a Coco Club, an exclusive pop-up lounge inspired by their latest “boy-friend” watch by taking over the Wing and it was as fabulous as you’d expect.  Taking over and transforming the Wing which is an all-women’s workspace and social club in the chic Soho neighborhood of Manhattan was a smart move given they were building off the traditional men’s club idea -but for women.  And for Coco’s Club this had to include endless branded photo opps cuz that’s what Chanel fans in this day and age want!  Everywhere you looked there were black and white vignettes with classic Chanel timepieces, signature logos and pretty spots to pose at.  And befittingly, social media stars, fashionistas and Chanel crazed fans flocked in with their tweed, chain purses and CC logos…including US!  It was like we all knew we had to wear Coco’s fashion uniform in order to gain entrance into this premier club lol.  The people watching was insane.   Who brought and dressed their dogs in Chanel couture??  Yes people I am not kidding… see my IG story for evidence before it disappears!

Our club card instructed us that after checking in we should:  explore in the library, get glam in the locker room, linger in the cafe and unwind in the game room.  So we did!  Exploring the library consisted of browsing black folders all numbered in the signature Chanel style and then taking a seat and sketching, scribbling or writing notes on the branded papers and postcards.  You can bet I made sure to take home extras as souvenirs.  The Chanel stickers and Coco black pencils were our fav!

The Coco cafe was a sunlit room where I happily people-watched while eating a complimentary chicken sandwich and hourglass lemonade (which was a black drink made with activated charcoal and a branded, CC drink stirrer).How will regular lemonade ever compare now I nyc pop up, chanel nyc, chanel pop up eventSurrounding the room and all throughout the space you could find snarky quotes with a watch or men’s club sort of theme to them which helped focus the attention on the masculine-styled timepieces which were the real star of the event.  chanel boyfriend, chanel event, chanel nyc

After eating, you could get your lipstick touched up in the beauty room or call your favorite fashionable friend.Juliet said she wanted to meet Coco Chanel and I had to break it to her that she wasn’t going to be able to…  We did however end the night with a children’s bedtime book that my friend bought us all about the life of Gabrielle Chanel, AKA Coco Chanel!

Our Coco Card instructed us to “unwind in the game room.” And so we did.  We played ping pong with branded paddles, shopped the quilted display cases and even took turns being Chanel sharks at the pool table.


What an incredible day!  We will surely remember this fun mommy and me outing each time we carry our purses and wear anything reminiscent of Coco.  This pop-up was open to the public just one day only unfortunately.  I will try to blog about the last pop-up that we attended another time.

For ideas on how to dress your daughter in Chanel – inspired outfits, click here!


Here are 3 outfits inspired by Chanel, all for my minifashionista who just turned 2.  chanel baby outfits

tights- Old Navy, Cardigan and skirt- Lydia Jane (purchased at TJ Maxx), purse from an Instagram shop, shoes – Sstongnian (a Korean brand), crocheted Karl Lagerfeld – Cookie Chanel IMG_5644
dress – sold by me through Fab Kids, Coco Chanel doll –Cookie Chanel , chain headand – Aldo, studded shoes – QQ Girls, tights – Century 21
Cardigan- kavens nest, black tutu – hand me down from Once Upon a Child, black knee-highs – from one of Fab Kid’s wholesalers, shoes – Mini Melissa, mask – Little Swappies, headband and pearls, my own.

If you’re looking to build your own Chanel-inspired wardrobe, look out for these details:

  • quilting
  • black and white
  • chain links with leather straps woven through
  • pearls
  • cardigans with black trim details

Follow @fabgabblog and @Fab_Kids on Instagram for daily outfit photos and more inspiration!

mommy and me chanel


Ok so I’m truly a fashion slave.  I’ve got a 6 day work week this week, and I just finished 2 back to back 12-hour days.  Here is what a fashion slave wears to work.

The trench is Sinclaire, the dress Calvin Klein, the shoes 9West with Aldo shoe clips and the purse and watch are Chanel.  TGIF tomorrow!


I bought a mink fur purse at Marshall’s over the summer.  Yes mink at Marshall’s. And yes, I purchased something as inappropriate as mink this past summer.  I love fur!  I find it adds a touch of glamour to anything.  Besides, the soft brown mink was screaming to be petted.  It all started with an innocent pet.  Next thing you know, I have another purse to add to my collection.

The purse, designed by Paolo Masi is made in Italy and has the most beautiful construction and quality.  I’ve never heard of the designer and can’t seem to find the designer’s website for the life of me but not being much of a brand whore (ok maybe I’m a little whore-ish when it comes to Chanel), I truly didn’t care.

This past week, now that the weather has finally cooled down, I let my little mink out of the closet.  It reminded me and everyone else of  my other “puppy purse” which you can see in my earlier blog post about work wear.

You can see from the accordian pleated wrinkles on my skirt that I wore this outfit to work where I sit at my desk 70%of the day.    What’s hard to tell from the pictures are the 3-D sort of appliques that make the tweed skirt so unique.  Here, I’ve paired the skirt (an amazing Daffy’s find), with my new BCBG top with detachable bow also worn here.

The 2nd time I carried the mink purse, I wore it with this cream Anne Klein dress which I bought on sale at Lord & Taylor last year.  I winterized the dress by adding some textured tights and brown accessories such as the Gucci belt, tweed vintage-inspired heels and jewels.  That’s 3 necklaces, all layered into one look by the way!   I totally got inspired watching Gossip Girl the other day.  Though I’m more of a Blair Waldorf than I am Serena, much in the same way, I’m more Charlotte than any of the other SATC girls, I had a major fashion epiphany watching Serena.   She wore 3 somewhat clashing necklaces, all different lengths, all at once!  Literally, the next day, here I am layering my necklaces resulting in a myriad of in-store compliments and questions regarding my accessories.

Can you tell that I’m totally into the top knot hairdo these days?  Here, I’m wearing Paolo Masi’s fur purse with my H&M polka dotted dress and chain-link cardigan.  I can’t believe how hot polka dots are these days.  They were all over the fall runways.  I’m actually ready to giveaway this dress because I’ve styled it about 10 different ways and am getting a bit bored over it.  So if you want it, you can have it for just $10 plus shipping.  Just leave me a comment with an email to contact you at.  It’s a size small.



As you know from a previous blog post, I was thrilled with Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2010 line of purses.  So I was fascinated to see the inspiration board that started the collection.

Everything from landscapes to paintings to roses and soft portraits seemed to inspire.  I asked Vogue blogger Emily Zak where she sourced these photos and I’ll let you know once confirmed.  Could they be from the desk of Karl?

I love the creativity behind inspiration boards, have several of them in my own home and have written a blog entry about some of my favorite collages that I’ve found online.   Here are a few others that are Chanel-inspired that caught my eye.

I just adore the idea of a Chanel – inspired wedding and dream about having this gorgeous quilted Chanel cake at my future reception.  The black and white motif is classic and elegant, anemones are the perfect flower to incorporate a black & white theme and don’t you love the unique #5 table number?

Again, another Chanel-inspired wedding inspiration board, this time including some pretty blush tones.  What do you think?  It’s from Parisianevents.

This pretty set came from Princess Foo Foo who confesses to becoming a Chanel addict at the tender 5th grader period in her life when she first received her very own Chanel purse as a birthday gift.  (wow! can someone say generous parent?)  I want those cage shoes and that bracelet watch!

The above collage came from BlackPatentStilettos.  I love how she incorporates my favorite Coco quote. and the sparkly bracelet is catching my eye.

Any Chanel fans out there?  What do you think about the above roundup?  Do tell!


Ok so the new Spring 2010 Chanel purse collection is out and it is to die for.  Plus it’s right in line with two important trends:  chain link purses and khaki / soft pastel colors.

She looks like a widowed bride who is seeking solace in her Chanel purse collection lol

More favorites from this season’s collection…

Who else here loves Chanel??


What better way to celebrate Lunar New Year than to take my half Chinese daughter to an edible exhibit all about Chinese food at the Museum of Food and Drink!  I’ve never been to a museum that offered a sniff and taste test so I was excited to trek to Brooklyn and check it out.   .


Juliet is always game for a mommy and me adventure and is no stranger to museums.  And she liked the sound of getting to eat her way through this one!


The most spectacular sight there was an interactive curtain of Chinese take out boxes.  Each box symbolized 7 of the 50,000 Chinese restaurants in the US!

chinese food, food and drink museum, food museum It was impossible to resist walking through the curtains.chinese art, chinese food, chow, museum of food and drink

Juliet did this at least 100 times!IMG_0872

At this limited-time-only exhibit, we were reminded of Chinese immigration history, learned about the secrets behind “velveting,” (a cooking technique I’m going to have to incorporate now) and tested our senses.  Apparently Juliet is not a fan of the smell of coffee!


The most scent-sational exhibit for us however, was the tantalizing fortune-cookie-making machine which continuously offered treats to all the visiting guests and filled the entire museum with its sweet, baked scent.

Each colorful fortune was thoughtfully created by the public who were invited to invent their own fortunes via social media or through the interactive station found at the museum.  How cool is this??

museum of food and drink

Another tasty treat was found at the cooking demonstration where we watched as a friendly chef replicated Chef Irene Li from Mei Mei Restaurant / Mei Mei Street Kitchen’s Kung Pao chicken.

chinese cooking, chinese restaurant

Too bad he in full performance mode, flipped the chicken so high in the air that it splattered and fell all over my Chanel purse haha!

I learned so much about the evolution of the Chinese American restaurant’s 170 year history in the form of menu timelines, first dish originations, ingredient and sauce formations and secret cooking techniques i.e. “velveting.”

As “New York City’s first food museum, MOFAD seeks to advance the public understanding of the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food and drink. Our exhibition allow(s) students to see, smell, touch, and explore while learning about different cuisines. Our multi-sensory approach to learning uses food as a lens to understand our world.”  It was such a fun, educational, and memorable way to celebrate Lunar New Year!

Check it out before the end of February.  (tofu and crab sauce is served at their culinary studio in February).


  • review the hours, they are not the usual museum hours and start at 12noon on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays!
  • same-day tickets cannot be bought after 4pm.
  • Use code Groups10 at checkout for groups of 10 or more to receive $1 off each entry.
  • Lyft, Via and Uber can all take Manhattanites there (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
  • If you want to subway it there, MOFAD is still 8blocks away from the nearest (L) train.
  • There is a complimentary (unsecured) coat and stroller storage area
62 Bayard Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 387-2845 



It was a wintery, snowy morning in NY when a fellow mommy friend and I trekked out to Brooklyn on a Little Swappies treasure hunt.  I rarely venture out to the outer Manhattan boroughs but the draw of kids fashion and the opportunity to trade-in some of Juliet’s gently worn items for a good cause compelled me to go.


I’m so glad I did!  In addition to the sponsored goody bag filled with snacks and promotional discounts, I found 20 items (toys, books and fashion pieces) that were in great shape.  They must have increased the maximum take-home number because last time I went I only brought back 9 things.  Click here for that blog post which includes tips on what you should know before you go.


If you are familiar with my blog, you know that I love a good deal and enjoy mixing high and low brands.  Well the same goes for baby fashion.  Juliet’s closet is a mix of high-end designer, consignment/thrift/hand me downs, and everyday brands.  The below outfit is a prime example.


The designer, mini-melissa shoes which I bought during an online sample sale are mixed with the free tank top that I scored at Little Swappies and a Baby Masala bottom from their Little Swappies sponsor sample sale.   I mixed it in with accessories already in Juliet’s closet and boom, new summer outfit for just $5!


Also found at the same sample sale was this cute Baby Masala dress for $5 which I accessorized with a mustard scarf that I’m selling through my FB page, Fab kids and their stylish moms, Old Navy boots and a pair of sunglasses gifted from Love My Alannah whom I met at Kids Fashion Week.  (I wish I could remember the brand’s name so I could tag them here!)  The leather jacket is from Target’s sale and the rabbit, gifted from Kid Robot.


Thinking of the same leather jacket, I bought this Baby Masala dress for $5.  The brand is all organic by the way!  The boots are from Target, the book was gifted and the glasses are on sale at Fab kids and their stylish moms FB page. The flower crown is from H&M and altered to fit J.  If you see an elastic accessory outside of the kids section, remember that it can easily be altered to fit the little one!chanel baby

This Carter’s cardi was found at the Little Swappies event and styled with items already in Juliet’s closet, a black knit skirt, (fake) kids Chanel purse, shoes bought at a sample sale and head piece from Aldo.  So sophisticated, huh?spring dress

This sweet Laura Ashley dress caught my eye because I’m a sucker for Peter Pan collars and smocking detail.  I was psyched to find this at the Little Swappies event and styled it at home with Juliet’s Mini Melissa rhino boots (bought on sale), my cell phone cover and a flower crown from Forever outfit

Anyone that follows my Instagram account, @fabgabblog knows that I love dressing Juliet in androgynous looks.  I mix boys clothes and accessories with girly pieces for a cute mix of masculine/feminine.  The above is a prime example.  Tee was free from Little Swappies and the Carters romper and hat are from TJMaxx.  She’s a Maxxinista like me after all!  The purse is from Target and the sneakers are boys shoes from a second hand store that I bought for $2. cute baby clothes

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this classic, crisp white blouse at Little Swappies.  It was in perfect condition and featured the Peter Pan collar that I love so much!  It is such a versatile piece and I knew I could layer it and wear it a million different ways…oops I mean Juliet could.  I am living through her.  The mask is also a free find from there and it is paired with Baby Gap boots and raincoat along with a vintage short/bowtie set bought off of Etsy – one of my favorite sites for unique baby fashion.  Who says baby girls can’t wear bowties??how to style a tutu

This outfit would be so cute for a birthday party, wouldn’t it?  The hat is actually something Juliet wore on her first birthday.  Click here to find out how her birthday outfit inspired the entire party’s decor.

Right now is the season when Juliet’s social calendar gets crazy packed with birthday parties and I can totally imagine her bouncing around in this cute ensemble.  With this giant party hat though she might steal the spotlight…  Here, the monkey onesie was the freebie from LS and it is paired with a Zara cardigan also worn here, Joe Fresh tutu, scarf and socks that can be bought through me and my FB page. Shoes were from a sample sale and from a brand called Stella – gotta love that since that is my first name!catimini

The high-end Catimini fur vest and Tahari plum ruffled dress here is styled with a free flower crown from LS and Baby Gap boots.  The Harajuku – mini head is an applique from Etsy and the party animals are items I DIY-ed for Juliet’s upcoming party animal themed 2nd birthday.  Wait til you see the rest!

In addition to these fab fashion finds, I also picked up some books and a Mickey toy.  I think it’s safe to say that I SCORED!  Overall, it was a fun event and I even made some good contacts for my future party sponsor needs.  Did I tell you that I’m running sponsored kids events in Manhattan?  Like Fab Kids and their Stylish Moms on FB and follow @fab_kids on IG for invites and all the fun!

Thanks for reading!



My new mommy lifestyle has caused me to re-evaluate my wardrobe.  What was once perfect for my fashion career no longer seems relevant for my push-the-stroller-around-town days.  Take for instance my suits.  I have no occasions on my calendar for which I need to wear any of these anymore.  I decided I needed to add more casual pieces to tone down my mostly work-related pieces and I knew I could make  individual pieces from my closet still work and look more casual.  First on my list of shopping to dos was to find myself some stylish tees.  Cotton is great because it is so low-maintenance.  If baby drools or spits on it, I can simply throw it in the wash and forgo dry cleaning bills.

I then ran into Uniqlo’s new collaborative effort with MOMA where artists famous works were printed onto easy-to-wear tees.  I loved the 5th ave window displays and felt compelled to go in.  Wouldn’t you??


sprz uniqlo


The collection consists of 200 items inspired by artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  The Keith Haring tee with “New York” printed on it caught my eye and was one of the ones I came home with that day.  Below I styled it with a simple mini skirt from Daffy’s (a now defunct discount retailer in NYC) and booties from TJMaxx.


ootd 6.7

I have a bunch of pencil skirts that I needed to make more casual (this one has a damask pattern and texture which you can’t really see here) so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to pair it with a tee.  Below I styled it with a crystal necklace from Off 5th and a hat from TJ Maxx.   The shoes were bought at Saks while an employee there and therefore bought with my employee discount.ootd new york tee ootd new york tee1

And lastly, I created a super casual look with some Joe Fresh leggings that I found on clearance for $1.50 and an old newsboy cap from my closet.  The high-heeled sneakers were purchased from this great discount shoe site my husband of all people found called  ootd new york tee2

All outfits on this post were $100 or less (not including the Chanel purse of course) and go to show you that you don’t have to spend a lot to have a lot of variety in your outfits and achieve totally different looks.

I’ll try to post another time about the other tee I bought while at Uniqlo next!

Thanks for reading!  And follow @fabgabblog on Instagram and Facebook if you aren’t already.
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