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If you see yourself here, please comment with your outfit details!  This is part 3 to my New York Fashionista-round-up from New York fashion week. So if you don’t see yourself here, and you know I shot ya, check out post 1, and post 2 before you get mad.

“Who wears short shorts?” As the Nair commercial sings, who wears short shorts, this girl screams that she does with her bright orange pair.  I like that she balanced out the shortness of her bottom with a longer sleeved, classic white blouse.

This fashionista had the same idea pairing her short shorts with a white longer-sleeved blouse.  Aren’t you loving the shoes and the Chanel?

Running along the same shorts and white blouse theme, Alexa Winner, a NY stylist, stuck out from the crowd even across the way when I spotted her at one of the fashion shows.  She told me her blouse was from Thailand when I asked if it was vintage.  I love how she modernized and Westernized it with the jean cut-offs and leopard pumps.

This fashionista had a cool French accent.  I loved her blazer and thought her oxfords were so unique!

Lace is a big fall trend this year.  This fashionista proves that lace doesn’t have to look traditional or “grandma.”  She balanced out its frilliness with a modern black blazer, added sparkly shoes and fun ethnic earrings which gave the whole look a quirky new spin.  I love it.  For  more inspiration on how to wear white lace and see how others wear their white lace dresses, check out my earlier blog post.

Oh my gosh, I just realized that I shot this blonde fashionista twice on two separate days.  I guess I really do like her style! haha, she is the one wearing that fab lace blouse in this post above!  Ok so which outfit / look do you like more on her?

This woman’s sleek and minimalist look really interested me.  I found her so chic. What do you think?  I would love to know how long this Canadian stylist lasted in those fab heels.  Those look like the 2-3hour type.  Fashion week is hard on your feet, ladies!  I know I planned out each day’s outfit by examining the shows’ locations, how far I’d have to walk combined with the estimated time in line that I’d have to stand + how many hours I could teeter in each potential pair of shoes.  It’s a complicated fashion equation.

This woman was wearing so many of this season’s trends -and wearing them right!  Check out her cute cropped pants, the cross-body purse and her take on “geek chic!”  I love geek chic and wrote about it when it first came out here.

Speaking of cross-body purses, check out this fashionista’s simple but graceful look.  I loved that it looked vintage-inspired and featured the cute bow with a little bit of sparkle.  It looked totally like something I might wear.


Whose outfit struck your fancy?

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Come back and check out my next fashionista round-up of baby fashionistas found at New York Fashion Week!







As part II to my earlier Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week fashionistas post, this post will feature fashionistas caught by my FabCam.  For those of you who don’t already know, I shoot fellow fashionistas whose style I admire and take interest in.  There’s no fashion bashing here.  It’s all love!

Below is a lovely blonde who was wearing what looked like a vintage-styled blouse with Fall’s trendy snakeskin and the Valentino shoes that I’ve been dying for.

The blonde pictured above is a fellow blogger.  What caught my eye about her (besides her striking beauty) was that striking leather jacket.  But I love how she paired it with a swingy, simple dress, cute booties and a clutch that offered a bright pop of color.

Okay, so there are a lot of blonde beauties walking the tents of New York Fashion Week.  This one was a bit of a risk taker.  Check out those shoes!  They’re what I’d imagine an ultra-fabulous astronaut might rock.  I thought her outfit was super fun in that stunning color with the polka dots peeking out – polka dots are super trendy this fall.

I’m looking at this one and I’m thinking, model?  She certainly had the height and skinniness down and like much of whom you saw within the tents was some amazing eye candy.  Don’t you love her mustard colored Prada?  Mustard is a trend color this fall and this girl included it with professional ease.  The little fitted jacket looks great with the printed dress (is that Missoni?) and paired with those funky boots.

If you’re a regular reader, you know how I love Chanel purses and the black and white color theme so it’s no wonder this fashionista’s outfit caught my eye.  In Rachel Zoe’s words, those booties are “!”  Readers, you should know that I’m up for selling my Chanel, calf-skin, chain-link purse.  just click here to check it out!

Since I’m on a roll with the blondes, I figured I’d make it the running theme of this FabCam post.  This lovely blonde reminded me of me.  She made a boo boo under her left knee!  I wore a band-aid like this for weeks after falling in my heels.  I blame the uneven concrete sidewalk.  (should have sued lol)  But ok back to the fashion.  Do you not love the mix of rough and casual (i.e. the military jacket) next to the elegant silk sheath and sparkly necklace?  Talk about casual cool.

Ok so who is your favorite?

If you were featured here, please leave a comment and tell us who you’re wearing and how much you paid for each item!  Adoring fans want to know!


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Every fashion week, I spot well-dressed fashionistas with my FabCam and post here for my lovely readers.  Here is this year’s round-up of the best dressed fashion friends!  If you’re one of the lucky fashionistas featured, please leave a comment with your outfit description.  We wanna know who you’re wearing, how much you bought it for and any other details you care to share.

Leave it to two Asian fashionistas (spotted at the Concept Korea event that I wrote about) to rock designers purses.

These lovely ladies wore matching shoes and updos -gotta love that!  They were super sweet and I was loving their looks.

This twosome was adorable.  I loved the bow blouse and Chanel vintage purse on the lady in the left of this picture.  And I loved the shoes, bow dress and nerd glasses on the other fashionista – so geek chic!

Ok, if you guessed that these skinny giants were not mere mortals but rather models, you guessed right!  They were straight out of the Tribune fashion presentation which I will write about tomorrow.  Their personal style was cool, carefree and effortless.

Check back for my next FabCam entries on baby fashionistas spotted at NY fashion week as well as fashionistas, spotted on their own! So much eye candy!




As part 3 to my roundup of favorite fashionistas spotted during NY Fashion Week, I present to you the following unique and colorful looks:

If you were one of the fashion-forward ladies featured here, it’s because I liked your style.  Please share with us your outfit selection details, prices and brands!

If you’d like to see mini-fashionista kids from New York Fashion Week click here.

If you’d like to see fashionistas fiercely decked out in animal prints here.

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It’s not just the adults from fashion week that have heads turning.  If you look closely, you’ll see some very cute mini-me’s dressed to the nines!  How these kids snagged coveted fashion week tickets when adults can’t even sometimes figure their way in, I have no idea but check out what they’re wearing!

Isn’t she just a doll?  And look at those perfectly curled locks!  She left me wondering how I could achieve such perfection. hmmph.  Jealous!

I love the clash of menswear pieces with girly frocks.  This little one got it SO right.  Tutu + tie necklace + vest = fashionista!

This mini-fashionista fit right in with her carefree locks and well-planned outfit.  See how the tights, shirt and skirt are so well matched?  I love the casual cool blazer and the little charm shoes too.

What girl can resist a little sparkle? This little one rocked her gold sparkly slippers with a girly pink dress.  I wish I had asked her to take her coat off for the shot so we could see more.

It was a fashion week first for this lucky girl who scored her very first ticket through her dad (who worked with the designer).  I loved her headband and couldn’t resist the fact that she chose her own outfit that day.  Too cute, huh?

And quite possibly my favorite mini-fashionista of all time was Alexander Wang’s niece.  Who says you can be too young for fur and Chanel? Photo from

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Part of the fun of fashion week is simply admiring what everyone else is wearing.   And you can bet that my FabCam was out in full force to document all the fabulous fashions as it has in the past.  Usually, I blog about them according to some sort of theme.  Fashionistas, if you see yourself here, it’s because I enjoyed your outfit and liked your look.  Please leave a comment here with your outfit details and a little information about yourself.  What / who were you wearing?  How would you describe your look and what do you do in the fashion industry? For those of you who had your picture taken but don’t see yourself here, don’t fret.  It’s only ‘cuz you weren’t wearing animal print.  But if I shot you, you have  my fabulous seal of approval!  Check back soon because I’ll be posting more pics of fashion week fashionistas in my upcoming posts.

Here’s a roundup of some of the animal prints that I saw everywhere.

Which outfit was your favorite? And what do you think of the popularity of animal prints?

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If you like eye candy, then you will love the scene outside of NYC’s fashion week at Lincoln Center this year.  There are so many beautiful fashionistas walking their own catwalk right outside the tents.  If you haven’t made it out there or don’t live in the NY area, don’t fret ‘cuz FabGab has got her FabCam!

I caught these two leather-clad ladies on their way into the tents.  Leather is paired with everything this fall – dresses, skirts, jeans, winter shorts…

I love how this fashionista paired masculine with feminine pieces.  Her boyfriend blazer contradicts the girliness of her floral mini-dress and compliments her booties.  Note how she lets her ankle socks peek out of her booties – socks are a key focal point this fall.

This lady’s gorgeous mane caught my eye and that’s when I noticed her cute bow-cinched dress.  You’ve got to love a classic black/white pairing. I write about it all the time in my blog.

Though the fashionista pictured below is wearing neutrals, she still manages to stand out with her stylish military jacket, edgy chain accessories and frilly lace skirt.  love her shoes..

Elin Nordergren, Tiger Wood’s scorned wife seems to have a lookalike at fashion week.  This much more fashionable blonde rocks out in a jumper and bootie and shows she’s confident when taking fashion risks.

Speaking of lookalikes, check out this Blake Lively lookalike, spotted outside Lincoln Center.  Do those gorgeous blond wavy locks , oval face shape and smile not remind you of the Gossip Girl cutie? People say all Asians look alike.  Hm I’m beginning to wonder if I could say something similar here. haha

She’s wearing the latest craze in cargo pants -skinny military green versions.  If you have ever wondered what to wear with them, here’s your inspiration.

I tend to gravitate towards being matchy matchy with my purse and shoes.  But I see fashionistas like the leather and lace one pictured below and am reminded that you can rock a look without having the matching purse and shoe.

I almost bought a pair of booties like the black leather cutout ones shown on the below fashion week guest.  She must be a New York-er, just look at all that black 🙂

As always, if you’re one of the fashionistas featured here, do us a favor and comment with details on  your outfit.  What /who were you wearing?  How would you describe your look and what do you do for a living?  Please note which picture (by simply listing the order # that it was found in this entry) so that we can easily reference.

Thanks and hope to hear from those of you who were caught on camera!  If you would post a link of this blog entry into your FB or twitter I’d be forever grateful.

Don’t see yourself here but know you were photographed?  Check out the other fashion week FabCam entries!

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Fashion Week is filled with fashionistas with fab personal style.  This FabCam round-up features fashionistas inside the tents.  If you’re one of the fashionistas featured here, please leave a comment leaving a little detail on what you wore, the look you were going for and a little about yourself!  I hope to hear from you all.  Also, if you would post a link of this blog entry into your FB or twitter I’d so appreciate it!

I loved this fashionista’s mix of masculine and feminine.  The outfit wouldn’t have been the same without the handsome hat.

With flower in hair, ruffles on shirt and killer nude heels, this fashionista works her best model scowl.

Shorts are in.  This girl shows how to dress them up.

Military goes upscale thanks to this lovely blonde inside the tents.

I love how this fashionista effortlessly pairs a lacy black cardi with her nude dress, combining a couple key trends.

I love pairing leather jackets with dresses.   This fashionista does it right by pairing a tight-fitting leather jacket (very on trend) with a cool modern strapless dress and great leather accessories.

This outfit would be perfect for work.  elegant dress, lady bag + statement necklace.  Love it!

This monochromatic look works because of the variation in texture and luxe accessories.  Kudos to this fashionista for being both glamorous and age-appropriate.

Only a model could get away with such a short, choppy boy’s hairdo.  It was the dress though that really caught my eye – so much so that I didn’t even notice that I was photographing the famous Veronica Webb until after I shot her!

Stay tuned for more FabCam updates through the rest of the week!


The fashionistas were out in full force.  New venue, great weather, Spring 2011 fashion week..what else would you expect?

See below for some of my favorite groupings.   If you’re one of the lucky fashionistas featured here, please share with the world the details of your outfit and a little bit about yourself.  And please post this blog entry link into your blog, FB and/or twitter.

I thought the young twosome below was adorable.  I wish I was this strikingly put together and stylish at their ripe young age!

These hipsters look like they came straight from the Lower East Side .

I imagine that the below threesome work together at a top fashion magazine.  They are all so supremely stylish.  Mental note to self, aim to look this good when I reach the age of the woman in the middle!

The two lovely ladies below are NYC stylists

The above girls perfectly exemplify the “greige” trend that I wrote about earlier.

The above group had gotten stopped in their tracks so many times by photographers that by the time they got to me, they were visibly perturbed.  Thankfully, they still stopped for a quick photo.  Oh, the perils of being so striking.

The above photo was taken post-fashion show at the Time Warner Building where Jose Duran showed his line at the Samsung Experience.  I found their look so interesting, head-to-toe.

Have any favorites?  Is anyone else as inspired as I am?

My next FabCam posting will be a round-up of NY fashionistas from fashion week standing solo so standby!


Fashionistas from Japan Fashion Week in NYC (Soho Feb 18, 2010)

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