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My new mommy lifestyle has caused me to re-evaluate my wardrobe.  What was once perfect for my fashion career no longer seems relevant for my push-the-stroller-around-town days.  Take for instance my suits.  I have no occasions on my calendar for which I need to wear any of these anymore.  I decided I needed to add more casual pieces to tone down my mostly work-related pieces and I knew I could make  individual pieces from my closet still work and look more casual.  First on my list of shopping to dos was to find myself some stylish tees.  Cotton is great because it is so low-maintenance.  If baby drools or spits on it, I can simply throw it in the wash and forgo dry cleaning bills.

I then ran into Uniqlo’s new collaborative effort with MOMA where artists famous works were printed onto easy-to-wear tees.  I loved the 5th ave window displays and felt compelled to go in.  Wouldn’t you??


sprz uniqlo


The collection consists of 200 items inspired by artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  The Keith Haring tee with “New York” printed on it caught my eye and was one of the ones I came home with that day.  Below I styled it with a simple mini skirt from Daffy’s (a now defunct discount retailer in NYC) and booties from TJMaxx.


ootd 6.7

I have a bunch of pencil skirts that I needed to make more casual (this one has a damask pattern and texture which you can’t really see here) so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to pair it with a tee.  Below I styled it with a crystal necklace from Off 5th and a hat from TJ Maxx.   The shoes were bought at Saks while an employee there and therefore bought with my employee discount.ootd new york tee ootd new york tee1

And lastly, I created a super casual look with some Joe Fresh leggings that I found on clearance for $1.50 and an old newsboy cap from my closet.  The high-heeled sneakers were purchased from this great discount shoe site my husband of all people found called  ootd new york tee2

All outfits on this post were $100 or less (not including the Chanel purse of course) and go to show you that you don’t have to spend a lot to have a lot of variety in your outfits and achieve totally different looks.

I’ll try to post another time about the other tee I bought while at Uniqlo next!

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Here is the Forever 21 Model wearing the frugal and fab navy moto jacket that I fell in love with.

forever 21 moto jacket

I love how she rocks it casually with a pair of jeans and a tee.  Moto jackets are so on trend these days so I couldn’t help but add to my collection when I saw the sale on Forever 21.  Here I show you how I styled it with 3 different dresses.


For a preppy look, I wore my Sans Souci nautical dress with my Jcrew necklace and shoes.  Click  here to see the dress, originally bought at Marshalls for just $19.99 styled 5 other ways. And for more inspiration on how to style a striped dress like this one, click here.

forever 21 jacket

These Fergie shoes were worn with a Guess purse and American Rag Cie dress from Macy’s. I loved this dress when I was pregnant.  the high low bottom was so cute with a pregnant bump.

forever 21 jacket

I couldn’t believe how these new Forever 21 thong sandals matched this coral dress so perfectly.  The dress is by Crystal Candy (bought in Hong Kong) and the tote is Gucci.  The outfit without the bag costed me just under $60.  It’s so great for a mom on-the-go.  You can walk a mile around the city comfortably without anyone knowing you’ve stashed vomit-splattered baby clothes, diapers and formula on you.

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I refuse to pay much for maternity fashion.  On one of my maternity fashion hunts, I found this Old Navy non-maternity dress in the clearance rack for around $10 and knew I could rock it with my growing belly.  $10 can go a long way as you can see below and this dress will still look cute post-pregnancy!

In the above 24 week pregnant shot, I wore it with textured navy tights and a red velvet clutch purse.

I replaced the pearl necklace from the first outfit with a scarf, added a cardigan and a matching tote/boot set for a completely different look here.

Change out the cardigan and add springier white accessories, and I have a totally new nautical look!  What’s your favorite?


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After 2 days of non-stop packing (I’m moving back to Manhattan!), I had to treat myself with a little online shopping.  Zara was having its end of season sale and I had to fill my shopping cart with all the items still on my spring/summer wishlist.  I love Zara!

Below, you’ll find a Zara blazer worn over my Forever 21 yellow dress (also worn here). The accessories are a travel find from my trip to Thailand.

The snakeskin tote was a freebie from NY Fashion Week, and the snakeskin heels, I’ve had forever. This outfit was one of the last outfits that I wore to work at Saks.  I’ve left the company to pursue another great opportunity and also to deal with this move.  Currently, I’m living in work out gear now that all my fashions have been packed away.  I crave the day when I can unpack, organize my new closet and dress up for work again!


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I love balancing sweet with sexy when styling outfits.  This outfit is a perfect example.  I’m wearing a Forever 21 sweet lace skirt (which gets tons of compliments at only $19.99 with my sexier, harder, Ann Taylor, leather jacket.

The polka dot purse is Aldo and my ballerina flats that I wear when I know I’m going to be running around the store handling events is Kelsi Dagger.  The whole outfit costs about $200 making it Frugal and Fab!   


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Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  I spent it visiting the Cloisters (for the first time ever), watching the Dictator movie and walking around Manhattan with my hubby.  What a beautiful day it was!

Here, I’m wearing a strapless dress from H&M, an army green jacket and necklace from Forever 21, bow headband and some funky wedges.  I think the entire outfit only costed around $100!

I heart NY!

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Every time I wear this blazer, I get compliments.  And each time, I can’t help but think how $30 at H&M goes such a long way.

Forever 21 lacy tank, Express bracelets, necklace from Jasmine (boutique in MA), and I don’t remember the skirt, shoes / purse brands

Here’s another outfit with the same blazer, this time with a Zara black blouse, Victoria’s Secret pants & Rebecca Minkoff purse – I wore this to work.

Below is another work outfit.  This time, I wore it with a polka Dot Lord & Taylor bow-tie blouse, a Bebe pencil skirt that has leather strips down the sides that you can’t see, Jcrew heels and bracelets and a pair of Chanel sunglasses.

Here is another fellow fashion blogger who wore it with glitter and lace and then again with military cargo pants. Isn’t she cute?

And here is yet another blogger wearing MY blazer 🙂   boy, is it popular!

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In one of my earlier style diary posts, I wrote about how Olivia Palermo’s outfit inspired mine that day. 

And it all started with this H&M cheap and chic find from the sale rack for only $15.  In the above picture, I’ve winterized the classically cut sheath with tights, booties, a hat, cardigan and belt.  (For outfit details see earlier post).

As you know I try to never wear an outfit the same way twice.  It’s my somewhat ineffective way to keep myself from getting bored of my clothes.  How do you keep from getting bored of your fashions?

I constantly need to edit and update my wardrobe.  Perhaps it is a side effect of working in retail.  After all, there is constant temptation by the latest, newest and more fashionable items.  You’re constantly in want of what’s new and suddenly the old clothes sitting in your perfectly fine closet at home just don’t seem good enough or enough period.  But really, before I worked in retail, my personal obsession has always been fashion.  I’ve always struggled with being satisfied with the overflowing closet already at home.  It’s so easy to tire of what’s in your closet, isn’t it?  Aren’t you always craving the next new thing?  I never understood how people could stand to wear the same thing over and over, year after year.  My husband wears out his clothes until he bores holes through them and even then, he’ll practically throw a fit if you try to convince him to stop wearing it.  I. do. not. understand.

To keep my budget in check and to keep the inevitable boredom from setting in, the personal styling challenge helps keep things interesting!  Here are a couple more ways that I’ve worn the same dress throughout the past year.

For work, I’ve paired the dress with my black blazer as well as my more summery white blazer (also from H&M).  It’s pictured here.

I got these crazy white/black heels while on a trip to Shanghai, the black biker cuff was from Claire’s of all places, and the purse was a gift that I’ve since given away.

For the summer, I took the same dress and color palette as the first outfit except I switched out the winter accessories for bare legs, sexy stilettos, a BCBG suede belt and then ditched the cardigan.

I find this dress to be so versatile and am happy to report that I’m not quite done with it yet.  I can do so much with the black and white graphic print.  Add a pop of color with the accessories, purse, shoes or cardigan and you have a bolder overall look.  Layer a shirt on top of the dress and convert it into what looks like a graphic skirt – in fact I think that will be my next fashion move.  This $15 investment is going a long way!




This post is about one dress and one purse, both frugal and fab.

I noticed after purchasing my work tote at a Korean boutique that it was a replica of a Balenciaga tote that Olivia Palermo carries.  The Balenciaga bag looks like this.

I love Olivia Palermo’s style so it’s not surprising I was drawn to a similar bag.  Below are my outfit posts with a replica bag that I didn’t even realize was a replica.

In the above picture I’m wearing:

  • dress and blazer – H&M (about $50)
  • belt – vintage ($20)
  • shoes – Aldo ($60)
  • purse – from a Korean boutique (about $80)
  • necklace – from a Korean boutique (about $20)

  • dress – H&M ($50?)
  • hat ($30)
  • belt ($20)
  • shoes – Aldo ($30)
  • tote – bought from a Korean boutique

I loved how this polka dotted dress had such a vintage feel.  I saw it on a mannequin at H&M, immediately did a bee-line towards the dress and charged the $50 faster than you could say “frugal and fab.”  I was so excited to start styling it that I styled the two outfits pictured above as soon as I returned home.  I can imagine also wearing it with brown boots and belt.  It’s a great transition dress that works at the workplace as well as outside of it.  What do you think?


I may be giving away all my secrets here but anyone who knows me or has been reading my blog knows that I’m a big believer that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like one.  I love deals.  And with a trained eye, a love of sales, and a skill for styling, it’s easy to pull of a frugal find as a fab look.  Once a season, I pop my head into H&M, my dirty little secret, in search of cheap trendy finds.  I bought this mermaid palette dress this week for only around $50.

I loved the simple graphic and textural treatment which looked like leather attachments.  I made it work double-time by pairing it with a more more casual and conservative tie-front cardigan – I work in fashion so I can get away with a little more flamboyant work wear.  And later in the evening, I was able to take it off for a NYC showroom cocktail event with Vince (the brand).  The sweater (shown below) with ruffle detail is also from this week’s H&M stop.  And I’m looking forward to wearing it with many of  my dresses, jeans and pants.  It will be a wardrobe staple and lessen the duty of my other black, more traditional cardigan.

The above outfit cost $150 without the purse.

Speaking of H&M, I also pulled from my closet a pair of H&M pants that I once purchased during a fashion crisis where I had stained my pants and had to quickly run to buy a new pair.  After having just viewed the Vince women’s contemporary collection where they rolled up the khaki pants, I was inspired to roll up my own pants for a fresh new look.

I made capris out of what were originally long, skinny pants.  From there, I took a swingy, striped A-line tank with bow detail (Necessary Objects $14.99), studded black heels and accessories and my favorite go-to Chanel purse which perfectly fits my everyday needs.  For a fraction of the price, I pulled off a very Sinclaire 10 look.

I love that for $14.99 I got such a special tank with exposed zipper back (very on trend), large bow and interesting cut.

When I wear feminine items like bows or florals, I always like to toughen them up with a contrasting detail or two.  Here I pair the look with a chain, biker-inspired cuff.  The above outfit cost less than $100 without the purse.

Below, I’m wearing the same suede BCBG heels from one of the above outfits (bought on sale for $60).  But this time, I’ve got on a Tahari skirt (bought at TJ Maxx), a H&M blazer and black cami.  The skirt has a cool 2layer look that can only be appreciated in person.

The necklace is Banana Republic (gift) and purse is Chanel (gift).  I put the belt on to cinch in the blazer even more.

What made me fall in love with the blazer was its puff shoulders.  Shoulder focus was all the rage last season (which is when I bought this cheap H&M find).  The above outfit was less than $150 without the purse.

If you’d like to be featured in my blog’s next “Style Stalker” feature, leave me a comment here with your url of outfit postings and if I like your style, you could be my next featured fashionista!

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