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I never thought I had all that much in common with Kate Middleton’s style – her regal wedding theme perhaps, but not her personal style.  I’d like to think that my style varies a bit more.  I can be girly, with bows and ruffles one day, and then rock leather and spikes on another day.  I crave preppiness one day and go trendy another day.  Thanks to many bloggers who dedicate themselves to tracking Kate’s style, we see Kate’s every style choice and therefore can compare her every choice to our own.  If you check any of these sites out, you’ll see that she doesn’t take fashion risks.  She stays true to her classic conservative style and is always, well…safe.

I was delighted to see that Kate’s BAFTA outfit looked so similar to my own outfit, worn recently at a friend’s wedding this past May.

While Kate’s Alexander McQueen dress costed thousands, My Calvin Klein dress was bought for about $40 at TJMaxx, a true steal of a deal, I know!

As you can see, both dresses are flowy, pleated, have cap sleeves and a sparkly belt.  I’ve paired my dress with a silver Prada purse, artful heels and a vintage stretch belt.  I’ve never worn this dress or these pieces together until this past Memorial Day weekend, pictured here.  And the stretchy shiny belt just seemed to add the right amount of sparkle and glam for the beach-side wedding.  I thought the blue color and airiness of the dress was also perfect for the venue.  What do you think?





Once upon a time, in a land far far away was a beautiful princess-to-be with a fairly boring but passable fashion sense.  And during the 5month engagement the world was abuzz with predictions, speculations and designer drawings of what the princess bride would wear.  My personal prediction was that she would play it safe with something traditional and classic.  And knowing the grand cathedral that she was to be wed in, I envisioned her in something grand, something with covered shoulders, something with a little lace and definitely something with a long train.  I just prayed it wouldn’t be as ridiculously long as Princess Diana’s train.

So when I got to work this morning, the first thing I did was to anxiously play the video of Kate Middleton taking that famous ride towards Westminster Abbey.  No I wasn’t one of the millions of Americans who set their alarms at 5am or stayed up all night partying at a viewing event.  A girl has got to work!  Excitedly though, I was happy to have been right about the wedding dress predictions and stunned to see the similarities between Kate Middleton’s dress and Grace Kelly.  It immediately brought me back to the day my best friend emailed me that same Grace Kelly photo that has been floating around the web .  She actually suggested to me that I wear something similar to Grace Kelly’s dress for my very own wedding!  What timing!  For it seems Kate already stole the idea with the help of Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen.

For a full slideshow of Kate’s dress click here

Did anyone else find the dress a bit anti-climatic?


I find that the biggest test of a fashionista’s style  is during her pregnant period.  After all, when you have an ever- growing belly to dress and larger body to deal with, dressing yourself may not only seem like a daunting task, but a depressing one too.  Suddenly, nothing fits, you feel fat and all you want is to seek comfort.  Lately, all the pregnancy style attention has turned to Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton.  But today, I want to turn your attention to Dasha Zhukova who has recently been named one of Vanity Fair’s elite, “best dressed.”

I love this gallery owner and philanthropist’s daily style and commend her even more for never giving up on fashion during her pregnant months.  Check out these cute outfits!

dasha zhukova

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If you can look this fab while pregnant, you truly are a style star!


Who wears short shorts?  Um, apparently I do.  Here’s a pair of polka-dot, navy pleated shorts from Charlotte Russe – a total deal at around $15.  Whenever showing so much leg, I like to stay more covered up on top.

Above, I’ve paired the shorts with a lacy navy H&M blouse also worn here.   And below, I’ve paired the same pair of shorts with a light sweater that I found at Marshall’s for around $20. 

Who can resist a little sparkle?  For more on the sneakers, click here.

Can you believe summer is almost over?



I get tons of compliments on this navy lace blouse by H&M.  It was a classic cut, somewhat inspired by Kate Middleton’s dress shown here.

Here I wore the top over the summer with a Calvin Klein pencil skirt and studded red flats from Zara.

I wore the top to work again with a pair of khaki slacks (not pictured here) and again today with a navy pleated skirt and rasbery colored tights.

Can you believe my outfit only costed $120 dollars?  The colored tights were $1 at the dollar store haah  The Juicy purse was a present that I’d be willing to sell for the right price.  Let me know if you want to make an offer!



Within minutes of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress being revealed, designers worldwide were scrambling to make copies and/or dresses “inspired” by the Alexander McQueen gown.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this article showcasing a Chinese bride who wore a knockoff dress just 36hours after the royal wedding.

“The Muyi Wedding Dress Company, located in Suzhou, China, made this dress, which sells for about $320. Suzhou is known as “Wedding Dress City” because it boasts more than 1,200 wedding gown factories”.

I warn you that I personally got burned from one of these Chinese knockoff e-tailers.  I found chinese-shop2009 on ebay and trusted them to deliver on my one-shoulder, Maggie Sottero knock-off dress.  They were responsive with my q&a, had a wide variety of fabrics/colors to choose from (more than Maggie offered), and had almost perfect feedback scores. For only $158 I decided why not take the risk.  After all, I needed a 2nd wedding gown for my 2nd reception (1week prior to the “real” wedding) and loved the idea of wearing a different gown with simpler train instead of having to reveal the gorgeous Kenneth Pool gown that I bought at Saks for the main reception.

Time flew by before I noticed 3months had passed since the original order which is when I checked in and the seller promised it would ship soon.  When it finally arrived, it came to me the wrong color (I ordered ivory and received gold), the dress had prominent pin holes throughout the entire dress, and stunningly the cut and drape were even all wrong!  And to top it off, the zipper broke on the first try!

This is what I expected (shown here is the authentic Maggie Sottero Fiorella dress on a model and then on me to show the back). Beautiful, right?

But instead, I got a poorly made replica in the wrong color with the wrong back  with holes all over and a broken zipper.  As soon as I have a full-length photo of me in it, I’ll have to post.  But for now, here are the close-up shots (which do not accurately reflect the gold color due to the camera flash).

Even from these pictures you can see all the large holes on EACH pleat.

The draping was the most modern, and unique element of the original gown’s design but unfortunately, chinese-shop2009 got it all wrong.

To top it off the bra cups had been sewn in too close together making what looked like a monoboob.  Ugh.

After a few emails back and forth where Chinese-shop2009 asked for the photos and then completely ignored me, I searched ebay for buyer protection help.  When reading the fine print though, I learned that their offer expires after 90 days and then you’re basically on your own!  So beware to all wedding dress buyers on ebay because most if not all wedding dress makers will require 90days to produce and ship to you. A special warning goes out to anyone considering shopping with chinese-shop2009.  Do not on any circumstance trust or buy from them.  They did not respond to my numerous emails with listed complaints and photo evidence and have not offered to resolve the issue in any way.  It’s unfortunate, because, they are tarnishing the reputation of foreign ebay sellers and adding to buyers’ hesitation in shopping with ebay. Hopefully, none of you will have to learn the hard way as I did with ebay buyer protection rules.

In case chinese-shop2009 ever changes their ebay seller name, their associated email was and the shipment came in from

Jiang Rong from Hangzhou whole sale city trading co.

B Room, 21 floor no 428

arch of triumph building

Shanghai China 200070

Buyers beware!


As a continuation to my previous post on pretty pastel inspiration boards, here’s part 2. I’m on a roll..  Right now, I’m dreaming of a vintage princess themed wedding.  Not all of us can be Kate Middleton but we can dream, right?

Here’s a vintage glam inspiration board featuring the interior of the New York Palace Hotel, my dream wedding venue.

Also along the pretty pastel vintage princess theme is the below inspiration board.  I’m especially loving the cake’s pale pastel colors, feathery details and shimmery blue damask details below.  What do you think?

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