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I just learned that Kim Kardashian sells her unwanted, often unworn clothes on ebay AND she wears my shoe size (7)!   With 99.4% positive feedback and a collection of fabulous clothes and shoes from her overstuffed closet, she donates to the Dream Foundation which grants wishes to the terminally ill.

Here Kim takes you into her closet and discusses her most favorite finds.

Surprisingly she cites Gucci and H&M in the same sentence as two of her favorite brands.  Who knew Kim could be a frugal fashionista?


photo by Susan S. Choi

The grey hoodie dress  hid the hair but it sure wasn’t hiding her badunkadunk.  Though she stood at the opposite end of the room, I instantly recognized that famous bubble butt and knew the Kardashian knockout had arrived (late 35min. to her own Bebe show at that but she had ARRIVED!

photo by Susan S. Choi

“I’m wearing an outfit from our line. I think we just wanted stuff that was sexy and edgy and represented me Kourt and Khloé.” – Kim

Other celebrity sightings included fellow reality stars from “Housewives of NY”,  “The Jersey Shore”, Jay Manuel and the petite ninja warriors from America’s Next Top Model.

“I think the show went really well.  Everyone was so anticipating this line and you know it’s been a long morning of excitement.  It’s always a big rush backstage and I’m just so glad that I was able to sit in the front row and enjoy the show and just see how the pieces fit on the models and you know, when they’re walking, the flow of it and you know it was such a great feeling to sit in the front row and know that these are  my pieces that I’ve designed and um  it’s really really a  great feeling.” – Kim after the show

Here’s a video of Kim getting interviewed (it seems she’s not the best at using proper sentences). If you see the Asian girl wearing pink in front row, that’s me.


From the lack  of  attendance, it seemed the press wasn’t brave enough to scurry through the NY blizzard for Kim Kardashian’s Bebe fashion show.  Scary weather means lots of empty front row seats for me to “have” to fill!  Today, I sat opposite Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model and felt compelled to shoot him and his lovely Prada murse.

Here’s a video that features Jay getting interviewed (AND me and Susie sitting front row off to the right of the model’s entrance area!)

Here are some of the nicer  looks from the show.  Very Kim (i.e. short, tight-fitting, sexy and party – ready).  Perfect partnership.  Sitting across from Jay allowed me to capture both the fashions from a front-row view and Jay’s reactions to each and every look.

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fab mom


I’ve written about how to spot a fab mom on the playground here.  I’ve featured fab moms every Monday on my @fab_kids Instagram page. And I’ve expressed what being a fab mom means to me.  But to my husband and any other person off the street, the term ‘fab mom’ is simply synonomous with being an over-the-top fashion mom. In everyone else’s eyes it’s like we’re a whole different species, obsessed with fashion, turning back-to-school shopping into a science.

Well it’s time fab moms around the world unite.  Here are 6 reasons why:

  1.  It’s a way to normalize yourself.  Fab moms, if you wanna feel normal, (and we all know you’re not), you need to find others like you!  Remember that feeling in high school where all you wanted to do was be able to fit in and sometimes all it took was finding the right ‘clique?’  Guess what, motherhood is high school all over again.  Being a new mom shoves you into a whole new world where making new friends is a basic requirement to survive.  Finding others like you is the key to comfortably fitting in.  I remember this one time a mommy friend and I trekked all the way uptown with kids in tow for a very 2015- Insta meet…you know where you meet in person the fashionistas you’ve been stalking, err I mean talking to on Instagram.  Yea we’re modern moms like that.  And we were willing to travel to the other side of Manhattan to hunt for these other fab moms.  Except when we arrived at the selected playground, all we saw were Birkenstocks, mommy jeans and athletic sneakers.  We were momentarily horrified that we wasted the trekk and slightly defeated thinking we’d never really find our tribe.  Luckily we eventually all found each other by strategically spotting the other highly decorated toddlers (and their designer strollers).Odd Mom Out
  2.  You don’t want to be the only Mamarazzi around.  What’s a mamarazzi? We’re the outlandish mom who acts like her child’s personal paparazzi! With camera phone in one hand and a SLR draped around the neck, we stalk our mini muse’s every move making sure to capture each sashay and over-the-shoulder look.mamarazzi instagramIt’s nice to be around other Mamarazzis because fab moms see one another and give each other appreciative looks instead of the judgemental ones that we’re used to getting during our never-ending photo shoots.  Mamarazzis admire one another for the perseverance exhibited when trying to capture the perfect photo!  And they are the perfect bystander to ask a photo favor from.  “Do you mind taking a shot of us in our matching outfits?  The selfie can only capture so much…and we need a head-to-toe, full-outfit shot please.”  Who else would be able to respond with such a supportive, ‘YES, sure!’ and say it without a pinch of criticism or ridicule?mommy and me outfits
  3.  We don’t shy away from Instafame and never say no to an impromptu photo shoot so it’s a minor relief when we find other moms who share the same ideology.  It’s incomprehensible how one would have a Pinterest-worthy play date and NOT record it on social media (right?!?).  Other fab moms get that and even encourage those Instagram posts of the kids.  We’re not trying to raise miniature Kim Kardashians but we don’t mind living out and sharing our lives on social media.  It’s all in good fun and a fellow fab mom is always more than willing to help out, assist and style your photo shoot with you – who wouldn’t love that?!

fashionable kids

The above screenshot is of my @fab_kids Instagram account that features the most stylish minifashionistas from around the world.  If you aren’t already folowing, why NOT??

Here’s little J getting some Insta love at the recent Chanel pop-up store during New York Fashion Week.  Notice how she’s so used to the cameras that all this attention didn’t even phase her.

4.  Your kids need to socialize with other fashion kids.   You don’t want your child wondering to themselves, why they’re the only freaks dressed to the nines .  Insert another over-accessorized child or two and suddenly your child doesn’t seem so out of place!

fashionable kids IMG_0050

5 Your husband isn’t likely to understand your overwhelming need to find the perfect holiday themed outfit and neither are the rest of the PTA members.  But your fab mom friend will and she will not only share your enthusiasm for the search but be able to rattle off the top 5 places to get the best deal and most unique fashions!  She may even offer to help organize that closet, let you borrow her fab finds and suggest you shop together! Finally, someone who shares your unbridled passion for fashion!


6 Zagat won’t be able to help you but we will!  As a new mom, finding the perfect kid-friendly places to see and be seen is like trying to find a Vogue Italia at Yale University.  No one around you cares or has a clue as to what you’re talking about.  Your typical event sites and local directories won’t point you into a  glam girl section.  No, you need your fellow fab mom as a resource! “Have you heard about the adorable Eloise shop at the Plaza?”  “There’s no occasion but wanna join me for a brunch at American Girl?”  “I hear Laduree has a beautiful garden in SoHo – tea anyone?”  “Can you get me into NYFW?  How about Kids Fashion Week?”  These are all commonly heard sayings amongst fab moms who are desperately looking for reasons to break out their new wardrobe and break in some new shoes (kids’ and moms’ both!).  Kids need reasons to dress-up too!


That’s why I’ve hosted posh play dates and hosted dress-up kids’ parties in Manhattan through my organization, Fab kidsWhite party for toddlers anyone??  I’m on a personal mission to connect these lost and poorly understood souls.   We all want a mommy meetup that we can actually look forward to and look fab for, right?  Fab moms unite and if you’re in Manhattan, let’s meet up!  I’ve got a fashionable crew of fab moms who want to meet you.

If you know of any fab moms, please share this post with them and encourage them to join our (self-deprecating) tribe on FB!



I find that the biggest test of a fashionista’s style  is during her pregnant period.  After all, when you have an ever- growing belly to dress and larger body to deal with, dressing yourself may not only seem like a daunting task, but a depressing one too.  Suddenly, nothing fits, you feel fat and all you want is to seek comfort.  Lately, all the pregnancy style attention has turned to Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton.  But today, I want to turn your attention to Dasha Zhukova who has recently been named one of Vanity Fair’s elite, “best dressed.”

I love this gallery owner and philanthropist’s daily style and commend her even more for never giving up on fashion during her pregnant months.  Check out these cute outfits!

dasha zhukova

blog 7.31 blog 7

If you can look this fab while pregnant, you truly are a style star!


Wondering what you’ll be this Halloween?  Here are some fabulous flapper fashions to inspire you in case you are into vintage looks.  With the upcoming Great Gatsby movie on its way, you’ll also be setting future trends, for sure!


Kim Kardashian rocked this look in 2008.  What do you think of her Halloween outfit?

kim kardashian flapper

What’s so great about this Halloween outfit pick is that you don’t have to rely on those one-size-fits-all, cheesy, pre-packaged options. You can go dress hunting in regular stores simply by looking for drop waist dresses or ornate 20s style sequined pieces that you can likely wear again. Here are some 20’s flapper style dresses straight off the runway as proof!


flapper fashion


gatsby fashion ffffff


If you’re not into the idea of investing in a designer dress for Halloween though, keep in mind that you can probably convert something from your current closet into a flapper outfit with a few key accessories.  Think gloves, fur boas and shawls, strings of pearls, t-strap heels and feathers in the hair.

For  my friend’s Flapper-themed bachelorette party, this is exactly what we did.  My friend and I actually just DIY-ed our own headpieces by choosing a ribbon (you can choose a more elaborate trim too) and then bobby pinning a feather to it in our hair.

Here are some of the party pics!

Here’s a close-up of my outfit details (Sue Wong dress, Aldo shoes).

So do you know how you’re dressing, come October 31st?




Today was a great day.  No, today was fabulous.  I got a ton of stuff done at work thanks to my Red Bull high, and got to bask in my fashion and event planning obsession all day.  Then with my remaining Red Bull fuel, I trekked into New York city from Long Island where I work for a  fashion show at the Trump Tower where Kendall Jenner was hosting and modeling in Sherri Hill’s show.  By the time I sat down and had the chance to catch my breath, I realized, I was sitting across Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.  Right next to me was Miss Teen USA, Danielle Doty who I shared stories of attending the most recent Miss USA pageant with.  Then the most delightful surprise was when I learned that Kim and Kourtney were about 10 seats away from me to my left.   So for the sake of the blog, ok for the sake of the Kardashian-reality-show-watching-freak in me, I leaped off my front row seat like a professional paparazzi and made sure I was able to snap this shot before they took off post-show.  Note to self – never stand ahead of others when taking pictures because it makes my already large Korean head look even more distorted…

Damn they’re photogenic!  The girls’ skin looks amazing doesn’t it?  And why is it that their makeup is always so darn perfect?  Their sister, Kendall was awfully cute too.  She is surely doing her part to keep up with the Kardashians!  I couldn’t believe tonight was just Kendall’s 2nd runway debut.  And at age 15, it seems she has a long modeling career ahead of her.  Also walking in tonight’s show was Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella who I rooted on while watching the live pageant in Vegas this past June.  I thought that Miss USA and Kendall were the perfect representatives of  the formal wear line being that Sherri Hill is known for her high-end prom and pageant dresses.

Check out these pictures from showing shots of Kendall from Sherri’s homepage.  Isn’t she a stunner?

And here is a clip from the show’s finale.  What do you think??

For more on Kim Kardashian, click here.




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I gasped when I heard Kim Kardashian list H&M along with Gucci as 2 of her favorite shops.  “Me too!” I smiled.

Ponyhair Purse: Emanuel Ungaro, Shoes: Pour La Victoire

H&M is a great place to shop when you’re aching too add some trendy pieces to add to your wardrobe.  It doesn’t hurt your bank account and you can wear it for (just) a couple seasons guilt-free.  I’m into the blushing gre-ige color trend this spring that I talked about in my Oscar blog entry.  So to bring in the new season, I put together a couple outfits using dresses bought from H&M to achieve this new look.

dress – an obvious knockoff from the Chanel pictured in this ad

Write me and give me some ideas on how I should style the two above dresses next!

Here are a couple more shots from the collection:


Bebe goody bag contents:

  • black tote bag ( I must have collected a hundred of these totes through the 10years of fashion weeks that I’ve attended)
  • Bebe perfume (uh can you say “re-gift?”)
  • sample of Kim Kardashian’s new perfume (smells great, sort of reminiscent of Tom Ford’s men’s cologne though)
  • Tigi Volumizing hair spray (awesome.  I could use new hairspray)
  • coupon for Toni & Guy (in Hoboken NJ? yea right..)
  • heart shaped candies (couldn’t be cuter)
  • Pop chips (I’m so addicted to these, I went out and bought a big bag for me to munch on at home!)  Brand managers, take note:  product insertions into goody bags really DO work 🙂

Mimkho goody bag contents:

  1. Russian chocolate bar and candies
  2. after party invite (not attending)
  3. buttons that I’ll never wear

(basically a very big bag for a whole ‘lotta nothing)

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