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Ok, so if you’ve been following my blog, you know I love pageants.  The glitz, the glamour, the eye candy and imagined cat fights backstage are all tantalizingly alluring to the girly girl in me.  I remember pageant nights were one of the only nights I, as a kid growing up in a small town in MI was able to stay up past bedtime.  My mom, dad and I would watch together and all debate on who should make the final round and of course later be crowned.

Those were the days when weight stats appeared alongside height and age.  Now the weight portion is omitted and replaced with silly random facts.  Miss Brazil I learned yesterday, “kisses her shoulders when nervous” and Miss Russia  “has a teddy bear collection”.   It was hard for me to fathom that any contestant would willingly want to be forever remembered by her famous teddy bear collection but to each her own.

This year’s contestants were gorgeous as expected but what I didn’t expect to see were so many lookalikes.  Was it just me or did Miss Hungary Agnes Konkoly resemble Rachel Bilson?

And what about Olivia Palermo resembling Olivia Culpo (Miss USA now crowned Miss Universe 2012)?

And did anyone else think Miss Venezuela 2012 Irene Sofia Esser Quintero reminded them of   Sofia Vergara?


Out of these two stunning pageant winners, can you guess which one was born a male?

Jenna Talackova, the blond beauty on the right, reins as Miss Canada but was born a male.  Explaining that she has known she was a female since she was four years old, she began hormone therapy at 14 and had sex reassignment surgery in 2010.

Looking at this picture above, I’m also left wondering about her race.  Does she look Asian to anyone else?  Standing next to Miss Korea, they look like Asian plastic surgery partners in crime.

Now that Donald Trump has casted his final judgement and allowed Jenna Talackova into the Miss Universe pageant, I’m even more excited to watch all the drama unfold.  Here is Jenna’s bathing suit photo.  What do you think?

Hot or not?

I’m  a big pageant fan and have been religiously watching them since I was little.   One of my favorite memories in recent years was getting to watch the Miss USA Pageant LIVE with some friends in Vegas.  Right before my wedding, my friend Ly invited me out for a girly weekend getaway, luring me in with these tickets and after party passes. 

How could I resist getting to watch the live pageant with a real-life pageant winner herself (she was Miss Wisconsin and also Miss Asian-America in her past)!

As you can imagine, pageant winners and their fans mobbed the area with a whirlwind of sequin, glitter and feathers.

Of course, we had to make our rounds and meet some of the pageant cuties ourselves.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much pink and glitter in one room!

This is who I was rooting for, Miss Alabama, pictured above.

My friend Tala (in purple) posed with one of the pageant contestants above but given she didn’t wear her badge, I forget who she was.

My pageant outfit consisted of bright colors, a shiny palaitte purse and bright yellow Louboutins.

All of us girls, must have been thinking along the same lines because together, we were sort of a rainbow explosion!

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Today was a great day.  No, today was fabulous.  I got a ton of stuff done at work thanks to my Red Bull high, and got to bask in my fashion and event planning obsession all day.  Then with my remaining Red Bull fuel, I trekked into New York city from Long Island where I work for a  fashion show at the Trump Tower where Kendall Jenner was hosting and modeling in Sherri Hill’s show.  By the time I sat down and had the chance to catch my breath, I realized, I was sitting across Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.  Right next to me was Miss Teen USA, Danielle Doty who I shared stories of attending the most recent Miss USA pageant with.  Then the most delightful surprise was when I learned that Kim and Kourtney were about 10 seats away from me to my left.   So for the sake of the blog, ok for the sake of the Kardashian-reality-show-watching-freak in me, I leaped off my front row seat like a professional paparazzi and made sure I was able to snap this shot before they took off post-show.  Note to self – never stand ahead of others when taking pictures because it makes my already large Korean head look even more distorted…

Damn they’re photogenic!  The girls’ skin looks amazing doesn’t it?  And why is it that their makeup is always so darn perfect?  Their sister, Kendall was awfully cute too.  She is surely doing her part to keep up with the Kardashians!  I couldn’t believe tonight was just Kendall’s 2nd runway debut.  And at age 15, it seems she has a long modeling career ahead of her.  Also walking in tonight’s show was Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella who I rooted on while watching the live pageant in Vegas this past June.  I thought that Miss USA and Kendall were the perfect representatives of  the formal wear line being that Sherri Hill is known for her high-end prom and pageant dresses.

Check out these pictures from showing shots of Kendall from Sherri’s homepage.  Isn’t she a stunner?

And here is a clip from the show’s finale.  What do you think??

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Wanna add some unique pics to your Instagram feed while traveling through NY but don’t want to limit your travel shots to the same, traditional stuff that everyone else expects from New York?  Or have you already seen all the classic Christmas hot spots and are now looking for something new and cool?  Well either way, you’ve come to the right place because here is a list of the top 5 spots in NY you won’t want to miss!  Plus I’ve packed in all the insider info. you’ll need!

  1. Yankee Candle Pop-Up yankee candle, soho pop up, nyc pop up, instragmable nyc

    WHAT:  It’s a fragrant pop-up that allows you to personalize a candle with your own photo, shop their entire collection and take selfies at 4 photogenic areas.  WHERE:  503 Broadway between Broome and Spring across from Zara.  WHEN:  until January 3, 2018 from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. on Monday through Saturday and open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays.  TIP:  Study other people’s poses for the upside down room so you can best plan out your shot by researching the hashtag.  It’s a bit of a mind warp when you arrive and have just minutes to take the perfect shot and you’ll want to use your limited time wisely.  Click here for more info.  And make sure to have a high-res photo that you love and want to personalize your candle with on your phone.  They’ll ask you to email it to them and staffers on-site will walk you through the fun process of creating this cute gift idea for yourself or a loved one.  HASHTAG:  #candlepowernyc

  2. Google Pop – Up made by google, nyc most instagramable, nyc photo opps, ball pit

    What: a branded pop -up where you can play, shop and explore all things Google.  Highlights include a psychedelic photo station, virtual reality experience and an all-white ball pit pitched as a snowglobe that you get to play in!  WHERE: 110 5th Ave, (between 16th and 17th streets)   WHEN:  10am-8pm everyday  HASHTAG: #googlepopup  TIP:go after 6:30pm on a weekday to avoid the lines.  And if you have a furry friend, go this Saturday from 1-3pm for a photo of your special pet turned into custom gift wrap!  Click here for more details!

  3. Gingerbread House and Flatiron Art iconic nyc, iconic new york, flatiron building

    Within close walking distance to the Google Pop-up are two must-see stops in the neighborhood.  Take a picture with “Flatiron Reflection,” the shimmering, artsy tubes in front of the iconic FlatIron Building,  WHERE: North Flatiron Public Plaza at the intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street.  Nearby at Madison Square Park across the street, go find the Gingerbread House. WHAT:  a life sized, super-sweet gingerbread house featuring a real gummy bear wreath, a marshmallow snowman, and a gingerbread man (found on videotape (inside) all created by magazine, “Taste of Home.”  Being that it is set against the backdrop of a gorgeously lit Christmas tree and New York’s skyline, it makes for a stunning photo opp in the city.  WHEN:  Flatiron Reflection will be open to the public everyday through Jan 1 and the gingerbread house will be around through December 20.  If you want to go inside, the house is open 2-8 p.m. during the week and noon-8 p.m. on weekends through Dec. 20. HASHTAG:  #gingerbreadBLVD  TIP:  if it’s cold and there is a line, just opt to take pictures towards the back of the house and you won’t be missing much!gingerbread house, gingerbread house nyc, life sized gingerbread house

  4. Festival of Life david zwirner gallery, david zwirner, yayoi, japanese artist, instagramable ny

    WHAT:  Modern artist Yayoi Kusama from Japan has brought her famously colorful modern art to Chelsea and has been received with 2-4 hour long lines it is so popular! People are even creating custom clothes to match her art to optimize the Instagram-able opportunity! You’ll see sixty-six paintings from her iconic My Eternal Soul series, new large-scale flower sculptures, a polka-dotted environment, and two Infinity Mirror Rooms.  WHEN: only open until the 16th until 6pm everyday.  WHERE:  525 AND 533 W 19th st. (2 gallery spaces at David Zwirner Galleries)  HASHTAG:  #festivaloflife  TIP: expect to wait  2 – 4 hours to enter into the exhibition. If the wait time exceeds 2 hours, they will post an update with the estimated wait time on @davidzwirner Twitter and Instagram Stories.  When wait times are 4 hours or longer, the line closures may occur as early as 2PM.  Flash photography, video cameras, tripods, and selfie sticks are strictly prohibited. Visitors may take photographs without flash.  Note that the gallery does not have public restrooms!  For more info click here.

  5. Louis Vuitton’s Volez, Voguez, Voyagez louis vuitton exhibit

    WHAT: If you like fashion, or enjoy history, this Monogrammed exhibit is not to be missed!  It retraces the brand’s heritage and follows its founders giving you a deeper appreciation of the iconic luxury brand while sending you down a fashionable path prompting endless poses.   WHERE:   86 Trinity Pl, in the Financial District  WHEN:  until January 7th, 10am-8pm Mon-Sat. 11am-7pm Sundays, limited hours on Christmas Eve, NYE and New Year’s day (check website for details).   TIP:  Book Reservations to minimize entry wait time.  Check website for guided tour times.  Audio tours are also available in English,s most Spanish and Chinese. Visitors with tickets will be given priority over ‘Walk-ins’

So which one of these Instagram-able options most interests YOU?  And if you’ve already been to one of these, what is YOUR best tip? I’d love to know – leave a comment below!


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There’s no better place to find your new favorite ice cream than NYC.  And surprisingly (or not), the most trendy ones today happen to be Asian-owned!  I know, you may not equate Asians with ice cream at first, but we Asians love taking photos so when it comes to picturesque treats, it’s no wonder the cutest, and most Instagram-able ones are Asian-owned!  We’ve done the taste-testing, and have rounded up the top 5 that NYC has to offer.  New summer bucket list, anyone??

nyc ice cream, ice cream, ice cream shops ,



Store: Justin Tea

nyc ice cream, nyc desserts, where to eat in nyc, best ice cream, cute ice cream

Location: 69 Mulberry (Chinatown)

Trains:  J, N, Q, Z to Canal

Open: 10am-12am, yes people, you can have your late night ice cream binge here at midnight!

Most Instagram-able must trys:  There are tons of creative desserts to try including liquid nitrogen ice cream (watch them make this from scratch and feel like a scientist eating your smokin’ cold scoop), mango tower drinks, pop rocks toppings etc. but we opted for the cutesy teddy bear waffle cone and my little one was NOT disappointed!


Store: Soft Swerve NYC


ice cream, soft swerve, soft serve, where to eat nyc


Location: 85B Allen St (lower east side)

Trains:  B, D to Grand st.

Open: 12pm – 12am everyday except Sunday 12pm -11pm (gotta love these Asian-owned places for staying open late!)

Most Instagram-able must trys:  What’s special about this place are the exotic flavors such as black sesame, matcha, or the ube (purple yam) will beg you for a try! If your kid is like mine and loves the color purple, ube will be the best pick, (get it with the red cone for an extra vibrant pic) and watch as your kid’s tongue and mouth turns Barney-purple!  I took this shot right outside the store in front of a grafitti covered love wall.  They do a cute job with the mochi sprinkles by adding a ring around the base of the ice cream, making for a super cute cone – next time I’d get that too!



Store: Milk & Cream Cereal Bar


ice cream, soft serve, nyc ice cream, sprinkles


Location:  159 Mott St (border of Little Italy and Chinatown)

Trains: J to Bowery, B,D to Grand, 4,6 to Spring St.

Open: 12pm – 10pm everyday except Fri & Sat (open til 11pm)

Most Instagram-able must trys: With 4.5 Yelp stars and almost 200 reviews, you know you can’t really go wrong here.  Specialties include birthday cake and matcha flavored cones plus an endless selection of all the nostalgic cereals from your childhood.  Pick your favorites and they’ll crush and mix it into your ice cream!   Also, the store is so cute, you’ll wanna stay and take shots of your tasty cone from all angles!


Store: Taiyaki NYC


taiyaki nyc, taiyaki, soft serve ice cream, soft serve, green tea ice cream


Location: 119 Baxter St

Trains: J, N, Q, Z, 4,6,N,R to Canal

Open: M – Th 12pm – 10pm, Fri 12pm -11pm, Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm  (so confusing by changing it up so much..)

Most Instagram-able must trys: Let’s start by mentioning the over 1050 reviews and 4.5 stars..that is a mighty feat!  It’s a tiny store with hardly any space to sit and enjoy so plan on taking your shot by the quote wall or out in the city for a cool street shot.  Beautiful presentation includes a unicorn option (not pictured here).  The fish cone with red bean inside is served warm making for a tasty contrast to your soft serve of choice!


Store: Cafe Bene’ (don]’t let the French- sounding name fool ya, this is truly a Korean that we frequent both in K-town and beyond)


Trains: so many locations to choose from.. K-Town, Tribeca, Brooklyn, East Village, Union Sq, Times Sq. etc

Open: see website Most Instagram-able must trys: This all – in – one coffee/gelato/bubble tea/ waffle/sandwich/ice cream shop is a must-stop for anyone who loves a shaved ice (with ice cream).  Our favorite is the matcha one with green tea ice cream, matcha sauce, almonds and whipped cream but the cutest one for pictures is the choco devil.


So there you go!  It’s National Ice Cream Day today.  Time to start checking off that list!  Leave a comment to let me know which one takes top priority for you to visit or if you see that I missed something, please let me know!

Here’s to summer!


For tips on how to get those coveted Instagram-able photos, click here! 

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Juliet is just 3.5 but being the NYC minifashionista that she is, she has already seen over 20 fashion shows with me. The girl has seen a lot of runways.  And she has in turn made NY her runway.  Watch out world, she is taking the city streets by storm! So when we were invited to see the BKLYN ROCKS kids’ fashion show at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn November 9th, we knew we had to be there (if only to get to wear this outrageous outfit).

Janie And Jack shoes (bought 2nd hand), The Children’s Place socks, Gap tweed dress (bought 2nd hand), Cat and Jack for Target cape, (free) Hawaiian lei turned into a flower crown

Plus BKLYN ROCKS promised to be jam-packed with celebrities like Derek Jeter, Teresa Giudice (housewives of NJ), and Nigel Barker whose kids walked the runway in Haddad Brands clothes by Nike, Jordan, Levi’s and Converse.

haddad brands, foot locker, fashion show, kids fashion show

The show opened with Fabolous giving a shout out to his Brooklyn roots and namesake non-profit organization A Fabolous Way, which helps New York communities in need. 

City Point, Kids Foot Locker, And Haddad Brands Present BKLYN Rocks - Backstage and Front RowFrom having attended a Haddad Brands fashion show in the past, we knew we were in for some serious entertainment.

bklyn rocks

Similar to what Haddad Brands did at NY Fashion Week,they again featured additional entertainment in between shows with performers like Street Justice Crew and Bobbi Chambers of Broadway’s School of Rock as well as DJ Little Club Heads spinning live throughout the event.

kids fashion, fashion show, foot locker

There was a lot of action coming down this runway – even from the models themselves.   You didn’t just see your usual sashays..

haddad brands, foot locker, bklyn rocks

Of all the kids’ fashion shows that we’ve seen, Haddad Brands definitely has the most swagger.

BROOKLYN, NY - NOVEMBER 09: A model walks the runway at BKLYN Rocks presented by City Point, Kids Foot Locker, and Haddad Brands at City Point on November 9, 2016 in Brooklyn City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for City Point)

Not to mention some of the best music!

BROOKLYN, NY - NOVEMBER 09: A model walks the runway at BKLYN Rocks presented by City Point, Kids Foot Locker, and Haddad Brands at City Point on November 9, 2016 in Brooklyn City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for City Point)

Look at little Juliet on the left taking in all the fashions!  She gets so into it!  She actually gets upset if she finds out that I went to a fashion show without her.

BROOKLYN, NY - NOVEMBER 09: Models walk the runway at BKLYN Rocks presented by City Point, Kids Foot Locker, and Haddad Brands at City Point on November 9, 2016 in Brooklyn City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for City Point)

Such cute kids!!

BROOKLYN, NY - NOVEMBER 09: A model walks the runway at BKLYN Rocks presented by City Point, Kids Foot Locker, and Haddad Brands at City Point on November 9, 2016 in Brooklyn City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for City Point)

Check out our Instagram feed for more video coverage of this great fashion show!

citypoint, kids fashion, minifashionista

It’s where you can see more of this minifashionista’s OOTDs, stylish play dates and NYC adventures!

SAMSUNG CSC What are you wearing for the runway of your life?


 The event furthers A Fabolous Way’s mission to empower and inspire a culture of achievement for New York City communities where opportunities are few and far between. As part of the event donation, the show will launch City Point’s BKLYN BORN collection, a tribute to borough pride, which will be sold with 40 percent of proceeds benefiting A Fabolous Way. Shop the looks now on








Brides are emotional.  Brides cry.  Brides need something absorbent to wipe their tears away.  So I guess the thought of making a toilet paper wedding dress makes sense….. right? ….

Cheap Chic Weddings runs an annual contest asking contestants to design and create wedding dresses out of toilet paper, tape glue, and/or needle/thread.  Perhaps some of you know the rules having been faced with the daunting task at a friend’s bridal shower.  Having never been faced with the real-life challenge myself, I wouldn’t even know how to begin.  It seems like a daunting task!

One of my friends attended a bridal shower and shared these pics.

How cute are they?  I love all the details like the peplum skirt (so trendy right now!), the flower details (how much toilet paper did they use, I wonder?) and asymmetrical straps (you see that pleated crumb catcher front?).  Clearly, there were some true fashionistas at this shower.

There’s the scissor and toilet paper roll in the background to prove this is the real deal!  If you ask me, that’s some pretty talented taping!  I was thoroughly impressed!

That is, until I saw the winners of the cheap chic weddings toilet paper wedding dress contest.   O.  M.  G


These girls deserve honorary F.I.T degrees though I wouldn’t be surprised if they already graduated with honors.  Vera Wang, here are your new hires!

Personally, I think miss 3rd place should have won the $1000 grand prize -what about you? Here she is having just taped up 20 rolls of toilet paper.

Using only 4 rolls of toilet paper, here is the toilet paper wedding dress contest winner, Susan Brennan

In my next post, I’ll share some photos and ideas from my very own bridal shower!

coming soon

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I remember switching from the bare-legged look (remember when it was “IN” to wear heels without hosiery even in the middle of winter?) to the opaque tight look.  And now that my drawers are full of black opaque tights of all varying textures, it’s time for a (much-needed) change.   In come patterned tights.  Hearts, stripes, zig zags, lace – they’re all welcome and were all over the runways at Balenciaga, Tony Cohen, Moschino, Milly and more!

photo from Susan S. Choi

I’ve been noticing them a lot in the street style sites that I follow as well.  Here are some of my favorite looks from real people all over the world.  I love how just adding the pattern on your legs adds that special, unique touch while totally transforming an otherwise bland look.

photo from Kangah

photo from black sugar

photo from calivintage

photo from fashionshesays

And here’s my humble submission to the list of bloggers above

Now, I’m wondering when this leggings craze will end.

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