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David Tutera, a celebrity event planner who I’ve had the pleasure of working with, announced Oheka Castle as America’s best wedding venue.  Given he has seen the best from around the world, I’d trust his word on it.  Recently I had the chance to visit the venue again and re-live why I (and I bet David too), can’t stop the princess wedding fantasy from overtaking me as I gaze upon the grandeur that is Oheka Castle .  It’s America’s 2nd largest mansion and sits between Manhattan and the Hamptons and in one word it is simply glamorous.

Check out these venue shots also featuring my fashionista friend, Sarah.  Isn’t she a doll?

Some of you may remember that Oheka Castle is where one of  the Jonas brothers got married.

Perhaps the most stunning part of the venue is the perfectly manicured garden shown above.  So French.  So chic!

I was just there for an event planner and bridal event where I got to ooh and aah at all the vendor creations.  Here are some of my favorites from the day!

If you loved the mansion, you will love the replica in cake form!  Isn’t this amazing?

Below are my favorite floral centerpieces from the day.  I love floral balls and chandelier elements.The Chef was quite talented as you can see from the above cakes.  The cakes were so pretty I forgot to even care whether they tasted any good.  My favorite is pictured below -the metallic bow cake takes the cake!

If you look closely, the cake above actually has encrusted jewels which are appliques.  Talk about glam!

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I love the classic black and white combination so much that I had considered it for my own wedding.  That is until I fell in love with the New York Palace  and that venue’s color theme did not work with it.  If I had gotten married say at the Oheka Castle, I might have gone with this sort of theme.


Damask, stripes, polka dots, black white and gold details!

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