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It was a wintery, snowy morning in NY when a fellow mommy friend and I trekked out to Brooklyn on a Little Swappies treasure hunt.  I rarely venture out to the outer Manhattan boroughs but the draw of kids fashion and the opportunity to trade-in some of Juliet’s gently worn items for a good cause compelled me to go.


I’m so glad I did!  In addition to the sponsored goody bag filled with snacks and promotional discounts, I found 20 items (toys, books and fashion pieces) that were in great shape.  They must have increased the maximum take-home number because last time I went I only brought back 9 things.  Click here for that blog post which includes tips on what you should know before you go.


If you are familiar with my blog, you know that I love a good deal and enjoy mixing high and low brands.  Well the same goes for baby fashion.  Juliet’s closet is a mix of high-end designer, consignment/thrift/hand me downs, and everyday brands.  The below outfit is a prime example.


The designer, mini-melissa shoes which I bought during an online sample sale are mixed with the free tank top that I scored at Little Swappies and a Baby Masala bottom from their Little Swappies sponsor sample sale.   I mixed it in with accessories already in Juliet’s closet and boom, new summer outfit for just $5!


Also found at the same sample sale was this cute Baby Masala dress for $5 which I accessorized with a mustard scarf that I’m selling through my FB page, Fab kids and their stylish moms, Old Navy boots and a pair of sunglasses gifted from Love My Alannah whom I met at Kids Fashion Week.  (I wish I could remember the brand’s name so I could tag them here!)  The leather jacket is from Target’s sale and the rabbit, gifted from Kid Robot.


Thinking of the same leather jacket, I bought this Baby Masala dress for $5.  The brand is all organic by the way!  The boots are from Target, the book was gifted and the glasses are on sale at Fab kids and their stylish moms FB page. The flower crown is from H&M and altered to fit J.  If you see an elastic accessory outside of the kids section, remember that it can easily be altered to fit the little one!chanel baby

This Carter’s cardi was found at the Little Swappies event and styled with items already in Juliet’s closet, a black knit skirt, (fake) kids Chanel purse, shoes bought at a sample sale and head piece from Aldo.  So sophisticated, huh?spring dress

This sweet Laura Ashley dress caught my eye because I’m a sucker for Peter Pan collars and smocking detail.  I was psyched to find this at the Little Swappies event and styled it at home with Juliet’s Mini Melissa rhino boots (bought on sale), my cell phone cover and a flower crown from Forever outfit

Anyone that follows my Instagram account, @fabgabblog knows that I love dressing Juliet in androgynous looks.  I mix boys clothes and accessories with girly pieces for a cute mix of masculine/feminine.  The above is a prime example.  Tee was free from Little Swappies and the Carters romper and hat are from TJMaxx.  She’s a Maxxinista like me after all!  The purse is from Target and the sneakers are boys shoes from a second hand store that I bought for $2. cute baby clothes

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this classic, crisp white blouse at Little Swappies.  It was in perfect condition and featured the Peter Pan collar that I love so much!  It is such a versatile piece and I knew I could layer it and wear it a million different ways…oops I mean Juliet could.  I am living through her.  The mask is also a free find from there and it is paired with Baby Gap boots and raincoat along with a vintage short/bowtie set bought off of Etsy – one of my favorite sites for unique baby fashion.  Who says baby girls can’t wear bowties??how to style a tutu

This outfit would be so cute for a birthday party, wouldn’t it?  The hat is actually something Juliet wore on her first birthday.  Click here to find out how her birthday outfit inspired the entire party’s decor.

Right now is the season when Juliet’s social calendar gets crazy packed with birthday parties and I can totally imagine her bouncing around in this cute ensemble.  With this giant party hat though she might steal the spotlight…  Here, the monkey onesie was the freebie from LS and it is paired with a Zara cardigan also worn here, Joe Fresh tutu, scarf and socks that can be bought through me and my FB page. Shoes were from a sample sale and from a brand called Stella – gotta love that since that is my first name!catimini

The high-end Catimini fur vest and Tahari plum ruffled dress here is styled with a free flower crown from LS and Baby Gap boots.  The Harajuku – mini head is an applique from Etsy and the party animals are items I DIY-ed for Juliet’s upcoming party animal themed 2nd birthday.  Wait til you see the rest!

In addition to these fab fashion finds, I also picked up some books and a Mickey toy.  I think it’s safe to say that I SCORED!  Overall, it was a fun event and I even made some good contacts for my future party sponsor needs.  Did I tell you that I’m running sponsored kids events in Manhattan?  Like Fab Kids and their Stylish Moms on FB and follow @fab_kids on IG for invites and all the fun!

Thanks for reading!



petite parade celeb u tot“Who’s she wearing??” seemed to be the question of the night.  As if my baby were on the red carpet being interviewed by E!, I had to rattle off the name brands as quickly as I could remember.  To tell you the truth, she wore a mix of high and low – designer brands with everyday lines.   IMG_0849

At Petite Parade’s kids fashion week day 1 she wore a luxurious, black, shimmer,  fringe dress by Les Tout Petits.  I happened to find it for a steal at Century 21.  It was topped off with an equally fab leopard cape, an incredible find from The Children’s Place.  Who knew they made such high-fashion capes for babies right?  (Sorry but this was purchased almost 2 years ago)  The Chanel-inspired hair piece is an adult – sized wrap from Aldo, and shoes were found at a consignment store for $2. Perhaps the best part of her outfit, is the mini-Chanel cell phone cover that she clutched everywhere she went (including up and down the runway). front row at petite parade

The whole outfit head-to-toe was just $80 including the purse.  fab kids

Here she is sitting with her fab new friends.  Aren’t they just darling?  If you’re pictured here, please leave a comment with YOUR outfit details!  Who are YOU wearing??



On day 2 we went for a lighter look.  Here was Juliet’s street style.

new york minifashionista The shoes are by Stella, a Zulilly find.  The polka-dot tights are from Old Navy, the velvet dress is from Val Max and was another Century 21 designer deal.  I actually had her wear it backwards so that the front bow with pearls was hidden behind the back of her vest.  (It distracted from her vest and other jewelry that I wanted to add).  The fur vest is from Catimini (another Century 21 purchase) and the necklace is mine.

petite parade kids fashion

You won’t believe where her bracelets are from.

These leather chain straps actually came from a pair of my ballet shoes!  They were ankle straps that I wrapped twice around each wrist!  Think outside of the box when styling!  And the clip-on mini tulle crown is actually something I’m selling through my FB page.  (They come in various colors and are $15 shipped).


kids fashion week new york IMG_0944 IMG_0945

From left to right, here are @siddyinthesity_  @julyvogue and @uniquely_sisi from Instagram!  Please leave a comment with YOUR outfit details here!  Your admirers want to KNOW.

petite parade spring 2015Above is @scoutfashion from IG wearing a similar fur vest + crown look, but styled totally tomboy cool.

petite parade fashion

And here is Juliet’s new fashion friend, @jadamilan dressed in head – to – toe black, like a true New Yorker.


 This picture cracks me up because it looks like Juliet is b*tch slapping fellow fashionista, @stillsize2.  “Don’t try to copy MY look!”     IMG_0931Apparently “greige” and fur are IN.  It’s amazing how inspired you can be from seeing all these kids’ highly styled outfits, isn’t it?  Follow me @fab_kids for even more fashion inspiration.  And to see video clips of Petite Parade kids fashion week on IG follow @fabgabblog!






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This is a sexy asymmetrical dress that I actually returned because it was just that – too sexy.  I tried it on with some fringe suede boots, a couple bracelets and my Chanel chain purse.  And although I liked it with the boots (it covered a little more skin), I decided I simply didn’t have the lifestyle to warrant keeping the dress.  It’s not like I’m planning to go clubbing anytime soon.  I’m married.  Those days are over. ha

So who wants my purse??  Make me an offer and I’ll consider selling it to you.


The faux fur coat is Express.  The camel vest, Club Monoco.  The skirt is Tahari, the polka dot, tie-front blouse is by Lord & Taylor and the heels are Dolce Vita from Saks.   I’m thinking about selling the Chanel purse you see here because I fell in love with another one so message me if you want to make an offer! It’s in mint condition.

It’s been a long, long work week.  It’s been 10-12 hours /day in fact since I’m working on about 40 events at once and being that I have 21 events just this month to plan, invoice, execute and recap ( on top of handling the PR, local business development and helping to drive retail sales for the store).  It is times like these that I start to fantasize about an early retirement.  But I can’t complain ‘cuz once I do force myself out of bed, finish my (up to 1hr) commute and step foot into the store, I’m somehow energized.  Perhaps it’s the fashion that surrounds me.  Perhaps, it’s the people there that I love.  Or perhaps it’s simply because we’re all required to smile and be happy in this service culture. ha whatever it is, Saks Fifth Avenue always brings a smile to  my face. 




What an amazing weekend it was!  The weather was 70-80 degrees, I got to catch up on some much needed rest, productively finished up a bunch of errands, AND I caught up with friends.  Here is what I wore one of those days.


I’ts a Forever 21 cap-sleeved, heart-printed mini-dress, H&M turquoise, fitted blazer (also worn here), H&M ballet flats, a Topshop chain-link purse and some old accessories that I got from Mango and Target.  Similar to the Chanel purse that I have on sale, I’m selling the dress and blazer for only $12 each including shipping.  Just leave me a comment here to let me know what you want and remember to leave your email so I can contact you for your ship to address.

Here’s a close-up of the dress’s cute heart print.

The cap sleeves can be seen here.

The dress looks great as a relaxed straight-cut dress, belted, or layered under a skirt and worn as a blouse, or layered under a cardigan or blazer. Let me know if you want it!


I’m cleaning out my closet ladies so keep checking back for more fashion for sale!



As part II to my earlier Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week fashionistas post, this post will feature fashionistas caught by my FabCam.  For those of you who don’t already know, I shoot fellow fashionistas whose style I admire and take interest in.  There’s no fashion bashing here.  It’s all love!

Below is a lovely blonde who was wearing what looked like a vintage-styled blouse with Fall’s trendy snakeskin and the Valentino shoes that I’ve been dying for.

The blonde pictured above is a fellow blogger.  What caught my eye about her (besides her striking beauty) was that striking leather jacket.  But I love how she paired it with a swingy, simple dress, cute booties and a clutch that offered a bright pop of color.

Okay, so there are a lot of blonde beauties walking the tents of New York Fashion Week.  This one was a bit of a risk taker.  Check out those shoes!  They’re what I’d imagine an ultra-fabulous astronaut might rock.  I thought her outfit was super fun in that stunning color with the polka dots peeking out – polka dots are super trendy this fall.

I’m looking at this one and I’m thinking, model?  She certainly had the height and skinniness down and like much of whom you saw within the tents was some amazing eye candy.  Don’t you love her mustard colored Prada?  Mustard is a trend color this fall and this girl included it with professional ease.  The little fitted jacket looks great with the printed dress (is that Missoni?) and paired with those funky boots.

If you’re a regular reader, you know how I love Chanel purses and the black and white color theme so it’s no wonder this fashionista’s outfit caught my eye.  In Rachel Zoe’s words, those booties are “!”  Readers, you should know that I’m up for selling my Chanel, calf-skin, chain-link purse.  just click here to check it out!

Since I’m on a roll with the blondes, I figured I’d make it the running theme of this FabCam post.  This lovely blonde reminded me of me.  She made a boo boo under her left knee!  I wore a band-aid like this for weeks after falling in my heels.  I blame the uneven concrete sidewalk.  (should have sued lol)  But ok back to the fashion.  Do you not love the mix of rough and casual (i.e. the military jacket) next to the elegant silk sheath and sparkly necklace?  Talk about casual cool.

Ok so who is your favorite?

If you were featured here, please leave a comment and tell us who you’re wearing and how much you paid for each item!  Adoring fans want to know!


Click here if you’d like to win a goody bag from New York Fashion Week!





Inside the New York Fashion Week tents, my favorite booth was the Unicef area where you could play with props and take a silly photo with smilebooth.


I’ve seen these props on etsy and think they’re so cute!

I’m giving away the red vintage peplum dress shown here through the blog.  Click here for more details!

This last outfit is H&M (except for the belt and purse).  I bought the wool heart-printed shorts for $5bucks.  Don’t you heart them?  See the Chanel calfskin chain-link purse in the last two shots?  I’m selling that so make me your best offer and leave your email for me to return your message!

For more on my favorite photo booths and photo opp areas click here.

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If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I’m a fan of fashion juxtapositions.  I love mixing vintage with modern, girly with masculine and sweet with tough.  Here’s yet another example and it has to do with studs.  Back in the ’80s when studs were hugely popular (remember Madonna and her studded black leather jackets?), I never ventured into that rock ‘n roll territory.  I was too much of a goody two shoes to adorn myself in such tough leather and studs.  It would have felt too costume-y for me.

But I’ve since learned that I can incorporate the rocker look in small doses and in doing so can up the “cool” quotient of any of my more feminine pieces (and Lord knows I have a ton of them!)

This entry is about mixing studs, and spikes with sweet pieces like lace, skirts and dresses.  The first outfit is something I wore to work today.  It all started with my new H&M find, this navy lace top which I found for about $30.  I brought it home thinking, I could easily wear it now this summer, and transition it into fall because of the darker color.

I paired it with this red skirt which is actually half of a Calvin Klein suit (always think about your suits as being separates for increased wearability!)  and being that I was wearing red, it seemed perfect to pull out these studded red ballerina flats to match.

The Zara flats have this cute Chanel-like chained ankle strap that makes everyone take a second look.  I had 2 co-workers today try to figure out whether I was wearing ankle bracelets or whether the strap was part of my shoe.

Do you see what I mean though about balancing out the girly lace with the edgier studs?  It gives the outfit a little more interest than say, if I were to wear a pair of red pumps; don’t you think?

That necklace is my mom’s btw.  I make a point to steal something from her closet every time I visit 🙂

Okay and now to the 2nd sweet studded outfit.  This one was also something that I wore to work (last week).  And this time I mixed a vintage lace sheath with a more modern Patrizia Pepe black blazer while again contrasting the girly lace with spiked belt and shoes.

Sorry the photo is a bit grainy due to the bad lighting but you get the picture (pun intended).  Below, you’ll see a close-up of my spiked accessories. Hopefully, if you didn’t think you could do the punk look, you’ll agree that it is highly do-able in small doses.

You wouldn’t normally think to wear spikes with lace but I think these pictures prove that the contrast works!

By the way, I’ve been thinking about selling this Chanel leather purse.  So if you want it, make me an offer I can’t refuse!  It’s in great shape!

By the way, if you’re noticing what looks like Scotch tape on one of my eyebrows, that is surgical tape.  Instead of getting stitches, you can sometimes use this new surgical, breathable, waterproof tape to adhere two parts of cut-open skin.  Thank God for it because I’m a huge crybaby when it comes to pain and needles!  Okay, so you’re wondering what happened to me… I’m sorely embarrassed to say that I was retarded enough to walk straight into a street sign.   Yea, and as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I now have to repeatedly re-tell the stupid story of how I was so fixated on the going out of business -last day sale that I walked myself straight into a pole.  (blush)

I truly am a fashion victim.

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