About Me

I spent 17 years developing my expertise for event marketing and PR for world-renowned corporations such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Samsung, Toys R Us and Moroccanoil.  Having directed international events for those brands as well as all the brands housed within the Saks stores has refined my taste level and honed my perfectionistic ways.  Now that I’m a stay at home mom, I use this blog as my creative outlet because at heart, I’m still the same fashion-obsessed event planner that I once was.  And I’m still on the go, networking and searching for the latest and greatest.  For instance, I’ve attended Fashion Week for the past 16 years in NYC, LA and Dubai fashion week.  Now, I also add Kids Fashion Week (NY) to that roster.  And instead of styling Saks Fifth Avenue models on a weekly basis, I’m now styling an adorable toddler that calls me momma.  Check out @fabgabblog on Instagram, for my minifashionista’s daily outfits and our daily fashionable adventures.   And follow @fabgabblog on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter too for  more fabulous inspiration and girly glam style.



Also, if you want a daily dose of cuteness and/or are a parent, follow @fab_kids on Instagram.  You won’t believe the minifashionistas that I find and curate for you!  Lastly, I host the most fashion-forward special events, themed playdates and styled photo shoots in NYC and YOU, my readers are invited through the Fab Kids organization – just follow Fab Kids on Facebook for all the details !

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I’m open to sponsorships, collaborations and partnerships!  Just email me at fabgabblog@gmail.com

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