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Juliet was psyched that daddy bought her a giant playhouse by Keter Kids. I however, was not thrilled with the selection. I was already eyeing beautiful custom teepees on Etsy that would work perfectly with our all-white and neutral living room decor. And he instantaneously squashed all my plans by having unboxed and assembled this gigantic eyesore, leaving Juliet to fall in love and me to desert my fantasies of a beautiful teepee taking its place. This Keter Kids Playhouse seemingly took over our precious living room space and suddenly seemed to take center stage as the new focal point of the room.  So I planned a home makeover.  First we disassembled the parts.  Here is Juliet totally devastated assuming the big bad wolf came by and blew her house down.

diy home makeover, keter kids

Once we reassured her that the house would be put back together soon, we discussed colors.  She screamed “red and yellow” to which I immediately vetoe-ed cuz the last thing I needed was Ronald McDonald’s house to replace this current version.  I replied, “how about black and white?” This time she veto-ed.  We finally decided on white and grey with a glitter sparkle roof.  Below is the before and after.

keter kids, how to makeover a kids playhouse

The after shot is taken during Halloween when we turned her beloved clubhouse into a haunted house.  And voila! She loved it!  (Phew!)


It only took us 12 cans of spray paint and hours of sweating under the summer sun!  Ugh, what a labor of love.  Thank you hubby, for helping me in this seemingly never-ending home makeover.  I do NOT recommend spray painting unless you have the special febreeze type nozzles for easier spraying.  Otherwise, you’ll end up like us unable to pick up a fork or brush your teeth afterwards because your fingers are so weak and shaky.


(She was so proud to help put up the Halloween decor with me).



Now she parks her car next to the house with pride.





Dining by Design is DIFFA’s marquee event showcasing designers, manufacturers and creative individuals who bring their vision and passion to the table.  It’s seriously my favorite ‘trade show’ and I feel so lucky to live in NYC and to have attended it for the past 5+ years.  Dining by Design runs March 17 – 20 in conjunction with the Architectural Digest Home Design Show and all event proceeds go toward DIFFA’s work to fight HIV/AIDS.  This year, I was invited to a special media sneak peak and personal tour through the space.  There were so many fabulous finds – too many to feature here so I’ll focus on sharing my favorite creative spaces that featured my favorite colors, black and white.
This all white room sponsored by Benjamin and Moore featured variations on their white paint options.  Each square art piece that hung on the wall for instance, was painted in one of their popular shades of white and noted (title style) with the exact paint chip color. What a beautiful way to showcase your whites!
DIFFA dining by design
The florals, chairs and tablescape were simply breathtaking, don’t you think?
benjamin moore, dining by design 2016
Another all-white room that had me gasping was one designed with Crate & Barrel products.  Look how they created that art installation on the wall with their plates and bowls!
crate and barrel, art installation, tablescape, diffa 2016
I now NEED to have those furry white chairs.  They’d look so fab next to my dining table.  And can’t you just see them at a vanity or office space too?  Also, can we talk for a minute about those cloche platters??  They make me want to move to a suburban house just to have the room to store these beautiful finds!
Moving onto the next space, this one featured a live grafitti artist who we were excited to see decorate the walls right before our very eyes. I couldn’t help but imagine how much fun my daughter would have had scribbling all over the walls and furniture in the same manner..
dining by design, art installation, home decor, tablescape trends
He was kind enough to pose for pictures and give me this amazing Pra-DUH sticker which I will treasure forever.  Hands off my sticker, Juliet!  This one is MOMMY’S!
grafitti art, fashion stickers, art diffa
Here is the finished room.
Imagine getting to dine with a zebra, and a fashionable one at that!  This room’s fusion between fashion, function, and furnishings was from Echo, a brand long known beautiful prints and patterns.  Many know of the brand from their famous scarves, but they have creatively branched out into wraps, bags, rugs, table linens, wall coverings, gloves, outerwear, beach ware and more!  At their booth you could see the brand on the hale bay bench fabrics, on their wallpaper and on the tenting.
Also interactive, they encouraged selfies with their polka-dotted zebra named Dot.  Who could resist?
diffa 2016, change your stripes
Kate Spade.  I just love everything about the brand.  To me it exudes happiness.  I love the bright pops of color against graphic black and white elements, the usage of stripes and polka dots and their quirky advertising.  So I was super psyched to see their table decor come to life at DIFFA.

diffa 2016, dining by design, kate spade dinnerware, kate spade table decorSAMSUNG CSC

kate spade diffa

Wouldn’t this be such a fun, girly place to have a girls’ brunch?  I would die.

For more video coverage of DIFFA 2016, follow me on Instagram @fabgabblog where I re-capped even more highlights!  And click here to see some DIFFA blog posts from past years!
Please leave a comment below with what your favorite vignette was. I’d love to hear!


mickey mouse party, minnie mouse party, disney kids party

Before even having visited Disney World, (which Juliet had done 2 Decembers ago), she loved Mickey and his entire gang.  We have watched the show, played with the dolls, figurines, and Disney toys and have watched her growing up saying, “Oh toodles!” So when it came to celebrating her 3rd birthday at home with family, I decided to bring out all her Clubhouse characters and throw a Mickey Minnie 3rd birthday party.

mickey mouse party, mickey birthday, minnie mouse party


The oversized “3” was just some cut up cardboard that I covered in 75cent gift wrap paper from Michael’s. I simply glued the paper onto the 3.  And used the remaining paper as: backdrop, dining table runner and dessert table decor.  Mickey and Minnie love black and white stripes and polka dots and so do I!

how to plan a kids birthday on a budget

minnie mouse party, mickey mouse party, mickey clubhouse, disney party

The dining room table was set with cheap paper plates, cups and straws from Target proving you don’t have to spend a lot to add a sophisticated level of decor to a kid’s party.  Just forgo the character plates and linens and opt for modern patterns and a coordinated look.  And much of this stuff was re-purposed party goods from past parties (i.e. the striped banner from my black and white party and halloween party, the mini party hats from our at-home new year’s bash).


Each place setting was unique in its own way, yet coordinated still.

how to throw a disney kids party  mickey mouse party

And instead of traditional cone-shaped kids’ birthday hats, I opted for mickey ears and glitter top hats.  Even grandma got into it!

mickey mouse party

kids disney birthday party

The dinner menu consisted of breaded pork chops, roasted potatoes, panko crusted cauliflower, mixed vegetables, rice and these skewered fruit.  I considered making a Mickey themed menu and had a whole Pinterest board devoted to such ideas but in the end scrapped the idea in favor of foods that I knew the family would favor (over a hot-diggity dog bar for instance).


At the last minute I was also able to have delivered these delectable Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse shaped cake pops from The Current Mood.  How cute are they??  I just stuck them into styrofoam rectangles. Easy peasy!

mickey and minnie desserts, disney desserts

My daughter loves cake and she loves lollipops.  These were the perfect mix!

minnie mouse cake pop(Notice her Minnie Mouse tights)?  I’m all about dressing in theme.

how to throw a minnie mouse kids birthday party

For fun, I posted Mickey’s face on a bare wall and asked the kids to pin Mickey’s smile after being twirled around with a blindfold on. Juliet since she was just 3 was given the distinct advantage of not being blindfolded.  Birthday girls get all the perks after all!


Even daddy got in on the action.

minnie mouse kids birthday party

Juliet loved opening all her presents and especially loved her new ride-on, an electronic white/black motorcycle – notice how its colors match the party decor?  Nice job, daddy!

disney cute kids birthday party disneyside

Other entertainment included Mickey / Minnie Mouse toys like the ones below.  “If fun and fashion are what you seek,” these toys would totally satisfy!

mickey and minnie mouse toys

What a joy it was planning this party!  Thanks for taking a peek inside our Mickey clubhouse!  Please leave a comment with what you liked most!  And special thanks to BSM Media & Disney for sending us the sponsored #disneyside party supplies seen here (Mickey pin the smile game, Mickey clubhouse character straw attachments for instance).


Stay tuned for birthday party #2 with all her school friends!



blogger bash

I firmly believe in women supporting other women and had this vision of gathering mommy bloggers who cover fashion in NYC together for an inspiring networking session.  The vision came to life last week when these beautiful women came dressed in black and white to match the event’s theme.


Upon arrival, guests delved deep into meaningful conversations with the icebreaking opening question, ‘what is your blog’s greatest highlight and challenge these days.”  We mixed and mingled and got to one another’s businesses.  I find that asking the right questions sparks the most interesting conversations.


nyc mom bloggers

All the food and decor was black and white which was easy for me because this is a favored theme of mine and I happen to own a ton of it already.  So I simply used old damask curtains as linens, lined my party platters with damask papers, bought black and white beverages and placed all the salads and light bites into black/white containers that I already owned.

nyc bloggers

IMG_9957 IMG_9984

Here’s a closer look at the f&b table.  The custom cake pops and #fab_mom cookies are by Angela from Sweet Fix, a NY based, fellow mompreneur. You’ll see that the sushi, black and white desserts and drinks continued the black and white theme.

Plus we had VROU, our water sponsor offering tastings of all their enriched water flavors.


vrou waterI couldn’t have set this all up without the help of my friend and special speaker of the night, Hope McGrath who came in a couple hours early to help setup and greet guests.

event production

The two of us have started working side by side, once a week on similar business strategies and in doing so have worked out an in-trade partnership where we trade hours working and helping one another on each other’s special events.  It is this sort of creative collaboration that I’m hoping would inspire others to do the same at this event and beyond.


hope mcgrath

Hope, who is now a transformational life coach, (doesn’t her name sound like she was born to do this??)  led a helpful exercise which required everyone to reconsider and practice their elevator pitch.

nyc event

The goody bags had further information on how to follow-up and further refine that pitch.


Throughout the event, new connections and friends were made, requests on how we could support each other were verbalized, and we all left feeling a little more rejuvenated and motivated.

nyc mom bloggers IMG_0078 IMG_0107

And thanks to Tricia from Roden + Fields we received some pampering and oohed and ahhed at all the amazing before/after photos of people who have used her products.

tricia demas anderson IMG_9976

At the end of the event, Hope randomly pulled 5 winning names for the raffles.  A special thanks goes out to the following raffle sponsors:  Cosabella, Roden + Fields, Soul Cycle, and Kidville Fidi.


NY stock exchange

Special thanks to goody bag sponsors:

And thanks to all my #fab_mom friends!  Remember to tag #fab_mom on your mommy and me pics on Instagram, follow @fab_kids and @fabgabblog and enter for your chance at a feature!



Congrats to Delilah who won the deluxe NYFW goody bag for being our very first guest to arrive!

goody bag

And special thanks goes out to the event photographer for the night, Regi Brown!

Go check him out for his photography and videography services!

starck park


Post-princess party, I couldn’t bare to take down the decor right away even if I had lived with pieces of it for 2 weeks leading up to it during the planning and setup stages.  So I re-used it for Valentine’s by taking down the Sophia The First #disneyside elements and keeping the fuschia pink fabric on the foam core board.  Juliet’s boyfriend (yes she’s not yet two and has a Valentine already), gave her the sweetest Hello Kitty card which I posted as the centerpiece to our Valentine’s backdrop.


Before this was up though, I gave Juliet a little pre-Valentine’s breakfast treat – heart shaped pancakes.  She helped me mix the batter and loved getting to add the red sprinkles on top.

dessert table backdrop

I know this is a late Valentine’s post but I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s!

IMG_2063 IMG_2072

On Valentine’s day, we made Valentine’s themed art and played at Kidville’s awesome new gym in the Financial District of NYC.

valentine's outfit

Below are some videos from Kidville’s Valentine party, Citibabes where she’s riding a horse, and a baby photo shoot with her friend.  As you can see, it was a fun-filled Valentine’s weekend for little Juliet!

IMG_2138I can’t get enough of matching outifts in photo shoots, so here’s another one!  Thanks for this pic, Suzanne (from Gotham Love photography)!




I can finally see the finish line.  We’ve been living in our new apartment, surrounded by boxes for over a year in anticipation for the almost full, gut-renovation of our NYC apartment to end.  For months, I dreamt of the day, our permits would be approved, then for months I waited patiently for the construction crew to do their thing, and I was delighted when CA closets came in to give me my dream closets.  After being out of town for most of the construction phase, I’m happy to be back and thrilled to finally start organizing things out of their boxes.

Pinterest was my home renovation salvation. It kept me sane through this year long process.  It allowed me to dream about the new nursery’s decor, gather organizational and DIY tips, and escape the dust-filled construction site that was my home.

One of the inspirational themes that I have pinned is the concept of featuring a gallery wall.  As you can see, this not only helps to fill up a bare space, but also allows you to highlight some of your favorite photography and/or art.  Here are some of my favorites from around the web!
gallery wall







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I love Pinterest.  It’s a great way for me to collect inspiration for all sorts of things from fashion wants to gift ideas to home decor inspiration and party planning pieces.  Before I knew the sex of my baby, I couldn’t help but start dreaming of the baby shower.  I’m an event planner by trade so how could I not help but get ahead of myself a little here?

Here were some ideas of my collected ideas for a baby boy shower, themed “My Little Man” starting with a party printable set from TomKat Studios.

If you ever need to throw a party, I suggest you check out TomKatStudios for inspiration and printable help.  The stylist is so talented and has an amazing selection of themes and designs.  Here are some of the images from a party that actually used the above.  Makes you want to throw a little boy’s party, doesn’t it?

This breakfast buffet is great because everything is baby-bite sized.  You have the unique doughnut tower, baby cinnamon buns, and mini yogurt parfaits for instance, a nice twist to your typical dessert bar buffet table.

They expertly executed all my dessert bar tips which you can review here.  It’s got balance, a background that pops and enough layers to keep your eye interested.  Click here to buy the matching party supplies also from TomKat Studios

Don’t forget the gift box table.  Why not add this cute mustache and tie banner from Etsy shop owner, DreamPartyPaperie.

How fun would it be to have a photo opp area with matching props?

If you love this color scheme, continue it in the nursery!  What a great tie in from the baby shower to your baby’s new home.  For more on this nursery, click here

Add this cute, growth chart to continue the theme!

Or this bedding set found here!

Or here!



  • here for more fab fete inspiration
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  • here for more photo booth ideas!

And don’t forget to leave a comment below to let me know what you think!  Then enter to win this fab freebie goody bag giveaway!

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I just visited my first pumpkin patch and was enraptured at all the possibilities – the colors, the shapes, the textures the sizes!

how to decorate pumpkins

Are any of you readers planning to buy a pumpkin this Halloween?  If so, what are your decoration plans?  Below are my fab decor suggestions for pumpkin decoration!  Let me know what your favorite(s) are!

fashionable pumpkins

Make your pumpkin work double-duty!  Slide a vase into the cut opening and add flowers.  Have a party theme?  Mine this year, is BOO-tiful Halloween Bash, so I”m writing ‘BOO’ with a black sharpie.  What would your message be?  6a013483ab2426970c013483ab3428970c-800wi

Show off your brand loyalty with some creative carving.  This is not for the novice pumpkin carver!6243903509_869b0a6ba6

If you’re on the artsy side, whip out some puffy paint and create ornate designs transforming your everyday pumpkin into Pinterest-worthy art!picture-1614

If you’re less artsy but still want the unique look, stick on some jewel stickers and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!picture-6008

If minimalism is more your style, buy a white pumpkin and let the inner orange shine through.  picture-8058

Have an old pair of lacy pantyhose?  Simply slip one on to your pumpkin for a sexy, sultry look!DSC_1243

This one is easy enough for a toddler to try.  Simply glue and stick!pumpkin42

If you’re a crafty girl, get the modge podge out and apply anything from magazine scraps to lace for a designer look.

pumpkin fashion

If carving is not your thing, consider applying washi tape or ribbon to your pumpkins.  Mix the patterns of ribbon and keep the placement standard like the picture above for a cute, curated look!6243879741_ee8da32e97

If bling is more your thing, stick-on crystals will make your pumpkins shine!glitterpumpkins

Spray adhesive and glitter can do wonders for adding glamour to your Halloween!

pumpkin decorating

You could also paint a dollar store pumpkin white, search for wallpaper images online, print them on regular paper and decoupage them onto your pumpkin.  It’s kind of like wallpapering your pumpkin!

Lastly, what’s better than an Anna and Karl pumpkin duo?  Think outside of the box, and add accessories to your pumpkins to really make them come to life!

anna wintour karl lagerfeld

How fabulously festive!  What’s your favorite?


My clothes are in boxes.  Nothing is more frustrating to a fashionista than to have her entire wardrobe locked up in cardboard cages.  With this new move, the lack of closets and the impending renovation, my clothes need to be protected in this manner.  So every day, I look through 7 wardrobe boxes and a handful of regular boxes to dress and accessorize.  I admit, it’s hard to feel inspired.

But then I see photos like the ones below.  And I see hope.  California Closets, here I come!  For more on inspirational closets, click here.





Source: via Fab Gab Blog on Pinterest



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This is every renter’s dream.  Pick a pattern.  Stick on.  Peel off later.  And never get in trouble!  Here’s to temporary wallpaper! (images below are from Tempaper)


If only I knew of this invention earlier, I might have obsessively plastered each room with a shot of wallpaper.  It’s like when I first discovered the glue gun.  All I wanted to do was search for my next glue gun project and like a mad crafter, I glue gunned my way through my home.  When that wasn’t satisfying enough, I asked friends if they needed any DIY help!

Without the messy plaster and paste, and without the commitment needed for regular wallpaper, Tempaper offers, fashionable temporary printed solutions for your home!  For more design options, click here for MuralsYourWay which offers what they call, moveable murals!  Temporary wallpaper is a great option for commitment – phobes who can’t seem to commit to one design or color for very long and also is great for families who are planning to transition rooms from say a guest room to a future nursury.  Think creatively too!  The papers could be used to cover everything from headboards to books, to storage boxes! And with Murals Your Way, you can even use your own image to create customized wallpaper, limited only by your own imagination!

Who here is ready to wallpaper?


To view my favorite wallpaper designs, click my pinterest account, here!


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