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I’m totally obsessed about the idea of having a white floor throughout my new apartment.  I love the shiny, white glossy finish and can just see myself gliding across the hallway in glee.  Check out these shots!






My husband and I are currently debating whether or not to go for it at our newly bought Manhattan apartment.  What do you think?


I’m obsessed with this turquoise white and black color combination.  Not surprising given my blog’s design, right?



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As you can see from my blog design, I love black and white with a pop of color like Tiffany Blue or turquoise.  So when I ran across the below image in Pinterest, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my blog colors.  This seems to fit right in!  What do you think?


 I love Baroque style frames – especially white ones.


They’re just so girly and glam.

baroque white frames   And I especially love them when juxtaposed next to modern elements.  Philippe Starck does this well. frames1

So when I came across this seating list at my friend’s wedding I fell in love with the novel idea.  Instead of using the traditional tent cards to
guide guests to their seats, names were written on a mirror beautifully framed in a baroque style finishing.

Here I am with my dear friend, Janell who is also wearing a vibrant colored, asymmetrical evening gown.  Great minds think alike!

I wish I would have thought of this idea for my wedding!

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My pinterest followers and regular readers of FabGabBlog know I’m a fan of modern baroque decor. Here’s my latest round-up of fab decor inspirational images, all within a grey / silver theme!

Source: lcdqla.com via Fab on Pinterest


Source: Uploaded by user via Fab on Pinterest


Who here is doing a little spring cleaning or trying to pump themselves up to do so? I just spent my 1 day off running around the house like a madwoman trying to finish up all mine.  And with every spring cleaning, comes a little closet cleaning.  To help start you out, here are a few inspirational images from celeb closets to help motivate you (or depress you depending on which way you look at it…)

(Paula Abdoul’s closet above and Jessica Alba’s closet is below)

Source: weheartit.com via Fab on Pinterest

For more celeb closets view this link


So how do you like my new website design?  It’s going through its last remaining tweaks now and when it’s finally finished, I’m going to be giving away a fab goody bag with contents straight from NY fashion week so check back later!


For now, I wanted to leave you with some newly found wallpaper selections for your next fab decor project, all found here.

This black and white wallpaper find would be perfect for the shoe obsessed, a fashionista’s office or for anyone’s dressing area.

Source: lisabengtsson.se via Fab on Pinterest

Source: lisabengtsson.se via Fab on Pinterest

I especially love this one!!

Source: lisabengtsson.se via Fab on Pinterest

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Isn’t this shoe closet amazing?  It’s Christina Aguilera’s.  Besides the fuschia, black white combo, what also caught my eye were the chandeliers and houndstooth.  I’m loving houndstooth these days.  Not knowing there was such a word to describe the pattern, my husband once described this print as the computerized digital print.  Haha he is so NOT into fashion.  Here’s my outfit which was inspired by the room above.

Here, I’m wearing a H&M dress with an exposed zipper in the back which you can’t see, a tuxedo blazer from Bebe’s clearance rack and heels by Zara.   The purse was cheap so I think the whole outfit only costed about $150.

Now if only I could replicate these nails…



Call it damask.  Call it brocade.  I love it all.   It was my go to print for when I decorated my old apartment bedroom.  It was what caught my eye during my wedding planning.  And I adore it when it comes to fashion and stationary even!  I’m about to take off on a flight to Thailand and am expecting a long 15 day blogging hiatus so before leaving, I thought I’d leave you all with some of my favorite fab decor shots featuring damask and brocade wallpapers.  Tell me what you think!

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I’m on the lookout for a new duvet set and ran into the below bedroom set from Horschow.  Isn’t it fit for a princess?

The Victorian molding in this room and soft pale colors are so sweet, aren’t they? This is a great bedroom set for a lucky girl which brings me to this post’s focus on girly pink boudoirs.  Fabulous!

I love this headboard and matching vanity!

This boudoir shot is so vintage glam.  And it shows you just how easy it could be to transform any ugly table into a vanity by adding some linen and a mirror topper.

Any of you regular readers know how much I adore chandeliers.  It makes this room!  Notice how the pink is repeated in the chaise, the chair cushion, candlesticks, stationary and rug.  The repeated color helps with the flow of the room and helps create the polished look.

Speaking of chandeliers, check this grand dame out!  I love the dramatic statement!  And oh how I would love something like this as my dressing room!


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