I love Baroque style frames – especially white ones.


They’re just so girly and glam.

baroque white frames   And I especially love them when juxtaposed next to modern elements.  Philippe Starck does this well. frames1

So when I came across this seating list at my friend’s wedding I fell in love with the novel idea.  Instead of using the traditional tent cards to
guide guests to their seats, names were written on a mirror beautifully framed in a baroque style finishing.

Here I am with my dear friend, Janell who is also wearing a vibrant colored, asymmetrical evening gown.  Great minds think alike!

I wish I would have thought of this idea for my wedding!

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I  just finished a turquoise inspired event and will share photos of it soon but for now, here are some fabulous photos of turquoise-themed event details!







I love the classic black and white combination so much that I had considered it for my own wedding.  That is until I fell in love with the New York Palace  and that venue’s color theme did not work with it.  If I had gotten married say at the Oheka Castle, I might have gone with this sort of theme.


Damask, stripes, polka dots, black white and gold details!

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I haven’t posted anything from my own wedding yet.  I was debating whether or not to share something so personal which I know may sound ironic given how open I am on the blog with sharing everyday tidbits and things like daily outfits.  But revealing my wedding involved my special someone and he’s much more private so I wanted to respect that.   A good friend of mine asked me for information on brooch bouquets though so without revealing too much, here is a brooch bouquet wrap-up including the one from my wedding!

During my wedding planning, I craved uniqueness.  Being a seasoned event planner makes you a little jaded.  I felt I had seen everything and somehow even the most beautiful arrangements failed to wow me.  So when I saw photos of vintage brooch bouquets, I immediately fell in love.  They were such a fresh and new idea to the tried and true.  Check them out!


Do you have a favorite from the above options?  Is this something you would like?

My own wedding had a vintage twist in its regal theme.  The vintage feel was felt through the invites, the dress details, the ring setting, my earrings, tiara, flower girl gloves,  and dinner table linens.   I would have loved to have put our banner boy (nephew that walked the aisle), in a vintage page boy suit too but my hubby insisted on Ryan not looking like a “street urchin” so I reluctantly looked towards the brooches as my final vintage touch.

I got even more excited about the bouquet idea when I thought of the brilliant idea of asking my bridal shower attendees to each bring a vintage brooch of their choice for my bridal bouquet.  Hopefully, it made seeing me walk down the aisle, bouquet in hand all that much more special to see.  I know the bouquet was even more meaningful for me with all their contributions.  Plus while the flowers soon passed away, the brooches continued on as a fashionable keepsake!  It’s like I’m accessorizing with fond memories.

I had my talented florist, Andrew Scott Events pick up the brooches, use the ribbon that I hand-selected to match my dress, and create the below masterpiece.  What do you think?

I loved it but if I were to do it over, I would have liked even whiter flowers, (white peonies or something) and more brooches.  That is just the perfectionist in me…

 wedding photography by Guy Heart Photography

Check out my pinterest account for more bouquet inspiration.  Who here is getting married?

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Photo booths are fun.  And they’re easy to re-create on a budget.  Just pick a fun background that goes with your theme or color palette, buy or make some props , throw some drunk friends in the mix and voila, you’ve got a party!

Check these out for a little inspiration! And for further photo booth ideas, click here!  Maybe one day, I’ll even share the unique photo opp area that I had at my wedding 🙂


Source: via Fab on Pinterest


Source: via Fab on Pinterest


Source: via Fab on Pinterest


Source: Uploaded by user via Fab on Pinterest


Source: Uploaded by user via Fab on Pinterest

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As an event planner, I’m always searching for images that inspire me.  And now that I’ve found Pinterest, I can collect all the images I like and save them for future inspiration boards.  The site is like a healthy outlet for my hidden hoarding tendencies.

What do you think of my latest collage below?


If you’re a fan of brights, you’ll love this collage.  Check out all those fab shoes!  And who wouldn’t want that amazing chair/ottoman?  I put this together thinking about a fun, rainbow themed, summer wedding.  The bridesmaids would each wear a different colored dress with some of these rainbow bright shoes, carry one of those multi-colored bouquets and take pics in a photo booth with the rainbow striped background.

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So peaceful.  So pretty.

This is my collage for a vintage themed, neutral-colored wedding.  I love the mix of textures, and the bits of sparkle and shine mixed in with my usual favorites like damask detail.   Notice the pillow with the frothy white ruffles, the 3D almost antiqued linens and glam sequin pillow in the table setting?   The table goes so well with the vintage, crystal and lace dress, family photo framed wall and escort card table.  I’m loving it all.

I’ve been playing with the idea of helping a friend plan her wedding.  I’m so tempted!  After all, I’m still borderline wedding obsessed.  I diligently watch all episodes of “Four Weddings,” “Say Yes To The Dress” and yearn for the days that my cable gave me access to the Wedding Channel 24-7.  (Yes there is such a thing!)  Planning my own wedding was so much fun, that I almost never wanted it to end.  So this opportunity to be someone else’s wedding planner seemed the perfect excuse to keep the wedding planning momentum going.  All weekend, I seriously toyed with the idea.  But in the end, I had to take a hard look at (my lack of) free time.  With fall’s packed work schedule, a 3rd wedding reception of my own to deal with, a honeymoon to plan and a Bahamas birthday celebration this month alone, I knew I wouldn’t be able to give my dear friend the attention she deserved.


As a follow-up to my previous inspiration board entry, I wanted to show you my inspirations for my wedding.  I was going back and forth between pale, romantic colors and this blue / gold theme and surprisingly really struggled with the color theme of my wedding.  In the end, I chose the blue/gold because it matched my venues best, and also because it incorporated my hubby’s favorite color – blue.

Being that we got engaged in a German castle, and being that this was the year of the royal wedding, it seemed right to have a regal themed wedding.  I love the above collage not only for its incorporation of the light blue and golds but also because it had a definite regal feel to it, Victorian ornate touches and the damask that I love.

The crown motif actually ended up being one of our wedding icons and was carried throughout the paper products.  Plus the venue actually had the crown as their own logo – how perfect!

I knew I wanted a vintage, royal feel so these collage creations seemed just right.

What do you think?


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Brides are emotional.  Brides cry.  Brides need something absorbent to wipe their tears away.  So I guess the thought of making a toilet paper wedding dress makes sense….. right? ….

Cheap Chic Weddings runs an annual contest asking contestants to design and create wedding dresses out of toilet paper, tape glue, and/or needle/thread.  Perhaps some of you know the rules having been faced with the daunting task at a friend’s bridal shower.  Having never been faced with the real-life challenge myself, I wouldn’t even know how to begin.  It seems like a daunting task!

One of my friends attended a bridal shower and shared these pics.

How cute are they?  I love all the details like the peplum skirt (so trendy right now!), the flower details (how much toilet paper did they use, I wonder?) and asymmetrical straps (you see that pleated crumb catcher front?).  Clearly, there were some true fashionistas at this shower.

There’s the scissor and toilet paper roll in the background to prove this is the real deal!  If you ask me, that’s some pretty talented taping!  I was thoroughly impressed!

That is, until I saw the winners of the cheap chic weddings toilet paper wedding dress contest.   O.  M.  G


These girls deserve honorary F.I.T degrees though I wouldn’t be surprised if they already graduated with honors.  Vera Wang, here are your new hires!

Personally, I think miss 3rd place should have won the $1000 grand prize -what about you? Here she is having just taped up 20 rolls of toilet paper.

Using only 4 rolls of toilet paper, here is the toilet paper wedding dress contest winner, Susan Brennan

In my next post, I’ll share some photos and ideas from my very own bridal shower!

coming soon

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As a follow-up to my earlier post which featured pretty pale collages, here is another similar round-up of collage creations that I made while surfing the net for inspiration.  These are a little more event oriented and would be perfect for the bride to be who is planning a romantic, airy color palette of pale pinks and blues.

I was loving all the chandeliers, feathers, damasks and Victorian details.  These photo collages almost became part of my very own wedding’s inspiration board.  Almost.  I’ll post up my final wedding inspiration boards in my next entry.


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