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Every season, there is a new trend that catches my fancy and gives me new reason to forgo my self-promise to quit shopping.  This fall, it is the cap toe shoe.  The shiny metallic detail is almost a continuation of last season’s color-blocking trend but with a glam touch.  Here is the affordable Zara heel that had me once again, adding to my shoe collection. I loved it for its basic neutral colors and could see it working with my varied black and white outfits. (It also comes in crimson as shown below for $79.99).

If you prefer a softer, less dramatic palette, here are some pretty options from Louboutin, Zara and Louis Vuitton (left to right)

For the fashionista who prefers comfortable flats, here are some cute options. (top left to right Sigerson Morrison, Manolo Blahnik.  Bottom left to right: Sigerson Morrison, Dorothy Perkins).

And if you haven’t had enough, here are four more! (top left to right – Alice & Olivia, Louboutin.  bottom left to right – Elizabeth & James, Topshop)

What do you think?  Is this a trend on your must-have list this fall?


I am just in love with this photo.  It serves as a little fantasy escapism for me.  While I’m burnt from a long day of open houses, church and walking miles in my high heeled sneakers (yes I said high-heeled sneakers)..Kate Moss looks as if she’s burnt from a day of luxurious shopping, doesn’t she?  I want to come back to this room!  I’m loving all the baroque detailing, Victorian gold molding, chandelier, and boudoir feel.  And gees, can you imagine coming home with this much Chanel?!  Biotch.



I love my job.  And it’s days like today that remind me of why.  Yes, I put in another long, 10-hour day.  Yes I had to keep my energy high while skipping lunch and multi-tasking my way through all the chaos.  But I also stepped into a fun strategy meeting about launching a new cosmetics brand at our store and ended up painting my nails during the meeting.  Yes, I painted my nails during a work meeting and in fact was encouraged to do so in order to try on the product.  So I walked into the meeting with embarrassingly ugly, undone nails and walked out with hot pink, freshly manicured ones! Who would have thought that I could get away with this stuff?  It all started when my boss tried the nail polish and fell in love with it.  Watching her paint her nails inspired me to do the same and quickly, I had a fresh new manicure!  The best part was when my gay best friend/co-worker picked up the light pink bottle and proceeded to polish his hands…hilarious 🙂

Here are some of my favorite nail fashions, images all collected from my Pinterest account where you can follow me for all my latest inspirations!


Source: netvibes.com via Fab on Pinterest


If you haven’t already, there is still time to enter to win a necklace and matching earring set from Sweet Fashion Deals here!


I’m in love with Kate Spade.  I love their girly, fun fashions.  And they’re so on trend right now given everything is about the pop of color.  Check out my latest fab finds, videos from Kate Spade!  How cute are these?



At work, I’m surrounded by the latest trends so I’m constantly trying to resist the temptation to keep adding to my wardrobe.  But because I’m also required to style our models for all the fashion events, I have every excuse to shop around and fantasize about wearing everything.   For an in-store prom event targeting young teens, I styled our fashion models with some neon pops of color shown below and couldn’t help but get into the neon / vibrant color trend. What do you think of the below?

And now I’m really getting into neon jewelry!  Here are my latest Fab neon Finds!

Source: anntaylor.com via Fab on Pinterest


Source: anntaylor.com via Fab on Pinterest


Source: google.com via Fab on Pinterest

Source: net-a-porter.com via Fab on Pinterest


I love BHLDN the special occasion site affiliated with Anthropolgie of which I’m also a fan.  They have the most unique, vintage-inspired fashions and this video perfectly captured the brand’s quirky personality and fabulous fashions.  I could see myself wearing everything!  Who else here loves BHLDN?

Party-Ready, by BHLDN from BHLDN on Vimeo.

For more inspiration on vintage weddings and events, click through to my pinterest account here or simply Follow Me on Pinterest



My mom still hangs our old Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantle -the ones that she made for me and my brother when we were in grade school.  I love them.  They’re hand-crafted with love and they carry with them years of stocking stuffer memories.  What’s hilarious about my brother’s is that when she embroidered his name Christopher, she ran out of room and his stocking for the longest time read “Christ.”  You know, as in the chosen one.   Figures.  So fitting given he was the spoiled baby of the family.  For heaven’s sake…

Now that Christmas is around the corner, many of you must be hunting around trying to cross everyone off your list.  Well if stocking stuffer ideas are what you need, here’s a holiday gift guide full of fab finds from FabGab and Forever 21! 

This adorable pearl clutch bag will be perfect for any special occasion and only runs $14.80.  The receiver will think you spent a fortune on it too!

Place either of these cutesy rings in a nice velvety ring box and instantly they’ll look like one-of-a-kind finds

If bunnies and bows aren’t your thing, how about this Chanel lookalike clutch? You can’t go wrong for just $10.80.

If you love nerds like I do, you’ll love this nerdy Forever 21 version of Domo.  He had me at hello.

Or how about this glam but affordable necklace?  Who can resist all this bling?   Can you believe it’s just $12.80?

Finally, make the everyday special with these key fobs.  They’re sure to brighten even the most mundane morning.  $6.80

And there you go!  Stocking stuffers at a steal!  Holiday gift-hunting doesn’t have to break the bank after all.


I love costume jewelry.  In fact the only “real” piece of jewelry I own and wear is the engagement ring on my left hand and sometimes the Mikimoto ring my husband bought as a souvenir on our trip to Japan.  I’m a fan of statement jewelry and recently, I’ve fallen in love with Fenton.  Check out these fab finds!

This tribal-inspired piece sort of reminds me of the necklace I wore here.  I want this and all of the below!

A more classic – looking option is this Chanel-inspired chain-link and pearl piece with lots of edge.  You know how I love anything reminiscent of Chanel!

This multi-pearl, chain, and gem necklace would work perfectly into my wardrobe.

This Fenton-designed necklace can by found at JCrew.  So feminine and pretty, right? Michelle Obama thought so,..

Fenton is simply fabulous, isn’t it?

“A/W 2010” directed by Sharif Hamza for Fenton from SWELL on Vimeo.


I admit.  I’m a girly girl.  And like any girly girl, I’m unabashedly attracted to shine, sparkle and bling.  That’s why Madeleine Vieira’s evening clutches caught my eye.  They’re nothing if not shiny, sparkly, and full of bling!

The “Swarovski elements” detailing is all by hand and therefore, the glam clutches are all that much more exquisite.  Take a look, ladies!  Are these fab finds, or what?

I see these as the perfect clutch for a blingy bride.  For the bride, wouldn’t the tiara one be great for a pink-themed wedding? And can’t you see a bride-to-be carrying the ring clutch for her engagement party?  Or wouldn’t it be great if a dream man were to insert a diamond jewelry piece into the diamond clutch, using the clutch as a jewelry box?

For the glam girl, well, any special occasion will do.  The Madeleine Vieira clutches are sure to be conversation starters and the envy of all.




At work, I’m running around all day dealing with all sorts of friends and family events and special promotions.   All at once, the following thoughts fight for my attention.  Is the DJ too loud?  How many appointments did we book for the facial events?  Does the bottle engraver need additional display units for her engraving and bottle painting station?  Are the jewelry trunk shows set up in time?  Does the photo booth vendor have all the load – in / out instructions and day-of contacts?  Have I received the latest invoices and contracts?  Are the linens lined up perfectly straight and to the floor?  This is mind of an event planner.

For all of you Saks Fifth Avenue fans, here is the friends and family coupon -so go shopping!

Given I just spent a bundle during my birthday week which happened to coincide with double employee discount, I was able to resist another round of Saks shopping.

However, when my friend posted a similar friends and family discount from Kate Spade’s, I couldn’t resist taking a look.  And needless to say, I fell in love.  Here are my fab finds.

They’re classic, tie in my bow obsession and are super feminine and pretty – totally my style.  THEN I ran into these fun fuschia pumps with black and white striped heel detail.  And my heart jumped a beat.

And with this 30% off coupon, I am SOOOO tempted!  argh!  What shall I do??  Buy or resist, ladies?

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