The fashionistas were out in full force.  New venue, great weather, Spring 2011 fashion week..what else would you expect?

See below for some of my favorite groupings.   If you’re one of the lucky fashionistas featured here, please share with the world the details of your outfit and a little bit about yourself.  And please post this blog entry link into your blog, FB and/or twitter.

I thought the young twosome below was adorable.  I wish I was this strikingly put together and stylish at their ripe young age!

These hipsters look like they came straight from the Lower East Side .

I imagine that the below threesome work together at a top fashion magazine.  They are all so supremely stylish.  Mental note to self, aim to look this good when I reach the age of the woman in the middle!

The two lovely ladies below are NYC stylists

The above girls perfectly exemplify the “greige” trend that I wrote about earlier.

The above group had gotten stopped in their tracks so many times by photographers that by the time they got to me, they were visibly perturbed.  Thankfully, they still stopped for a quick photo.  Oh, the perils of being so striking.

The above photo was taken post-fashion show at the Time Warner Building where Jose Duran showed his line at the Samsung Experience.  I found their look so interesting, head-to-toe.

Have any favorites?  Is anyone else as inspired as I am?

My next FabCam posting will be a round-up of NY fashionistas from fashion week standing solo so standby!


I’ve been neglecting the blog due to a recent vacation, move and preparation for a new job.  But I do have some amazing photos to share from my trip to Japan where the harajuku fashions were as fascinating and eye-popping as I had hoped.  It was crazy.  You walk down this one area of Tokyo and all of a sudden, you’d swear it was Halloween – only it isn’t.  It’s simply a bunch of Japanese teens rebelling from their routine school uniforms and prancing about in the most outlandish fashions.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and I could not get enough.  Check this out.

And if you think the above was wild, check out the two guys I spotted.

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There were lots of fun events to attend the past couple days.  There was the David Stark Pop-Up Store Event, The Vera Wang 20th anniversary celebration at Bloomies and tonight’s M.A.C. Pro Party.  I would have loved to attend all 3 but in the interest of time, only attended the Vera Wang and M.A.C events.   More details on both soon.  For now, I have some lovely shots to show you of the party people at M.A.C Cosmetic’s event.

As always, if you are one of the fashionistas shot by the Fabcam, it simply means I loved your look.  PLEASE let the world know the details of your outfit!  Please identify everything you wore from the accessories and shoes to the clothes on your back, and tell us a little bit about yourself.  Occupation?  How you’d describe your style or anything you’d like to share would be great!

I’ll start off by identifying the first fashionista caught on camera by the Fabcam.  Below is the beautiful and well-spoken TV host of one of my favorite makeover shows “How Do I Look,”  (Jeannie Mai). I can’t wait to hear all about the details of her look below.  I wish you could all see her sparkly new glasses which had these black rhinestones embedded in the frame.  Fab!  Jeannie, please do tell all…

Don’t you love the tuxedo jacket, graphic tee and layered necklace combo on the beauty below?

I love a girl who is unafraid to stand out in a hat.  And those sparkly shoes are catching my eye.  Where did you get those?

I didn’t think there was anyone who loved Chanel more than me.  That was until I met this girl….

Only a true fashionista could pull off leopard tights.  Love it.

Short skirts are in!  But if you’re going to show a lot of leg, do what the below fashionista did and cover a little more on top.

I should have shot everyone against this blue backdrop.  It really makes the colors pop doesn’t it?  I’m featuring this fashionista because she did a great job including vintage pieces (her hat and purse) into creating her standout look.

Ignore the naked yellow woman (more on that later!)  New Yorkers love black.  I like how this fashionista added visual interest with her ornate silver hairband and printed shoes.

Red tights are both daring and fabulous.  Wasn’t it perfect staging her by the zany red doll?

If you can’t wait to read and see more from this party which included tons of painted naked people in ‘fros and an outrageously perverted performance art piece, stay tuned.  More pics and details soon!


This weekend, I took my out-of-town friend to see the famed, Topshop in NYC’s cobble-stoned Soho neighborhood.   It’s one of my favorite NY stores with its trendy and sometimes over-the-top details.

I love the chairs from their shoe department (could do without the rug though)

Luckily, I had my camera on me because fashionistas flock to Topshop.  Here’s what my FabCam spotted:

If you were one of the spotted fashionistas pictured here, please comment on your outfit details (item description, price, brand, how you’d describe your style).


Here are some of the NY fashionistas that were out shopping and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather in April.

Spotted at Bergdorf Goodman (NYC)

Spotted on 5th Ave.

Spotted at H&M

Spotted at Forever 21

If you’re one of the lucky fashionistas featured here, please comment with your outfit descriptions (item detail, price, and how you’d describe your look!)


Fashionistas from Japan Fashion Week in NYC (Soho Feb 18, 2010)


Fashionistas flock to NY fashion week and use the Bryant Park tent walkways as their own personal runway.  Here is just a glimpse of the glamour inside.

Annamaria Chen

Rachel Fabra

Rachel Wang

Crystal Renn

Leckie Roberts

Annie Lee


Fur fabulousness inside the Bryant Park tents 2.17.10

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